A significant number of users seem unaware of how to use Netflix codes. Being a user after confirming your subscription payment, you must know how to use Netflix codes. Codes are nothing but the genre title you want to watch. Netflix specifies codes for different category shows to find out from your homepage title list quickly.

In this article you will get the information regarding:

  • How to use Netflix Codes

  • Reason to introduce Codes on Netflix

  • List of Codes of different Genre

  • Netflix codes enable devices

  • Netflix Country Code

  • Netflix to MP3

  • FAQ

Let's start with how to use Netflix codes to find out your favorite show on Netflix.

How to use Netflix codes, the steps to follow

You can use the Netflix codes through web browsing. That is why it is applicable with smartphones, Tablet, PC or laptops; cannot use the codes in cable TV connections like Apple TV, etc.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open the web browsing app on the device you want to watch Netflix.

Step 2: On the web browser, enter the code: http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/code. It looks like: http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/10702( spy action and adventure movie code). Do not make any gap between netflix.com and genre code. Insert the numbers with the URL.

Step 3: Click on the enter button, and you will get the specific genre movie list on your screen.

Step 4: Select the show you want to watch, click on the play button and enjoy.

Special tips: By the default settings of Netflix, at the top of the page, the preview video will show a featured movie or show, and the sub-genre comes under the primary genre below. Recommendation shows or films will show at the bottom row while the film in your Netflix list will show at the upper row.

Additional Information: Once you open the Netflix code screen, click on the grid icon under the user profile. It will provide you the entire genre-specific movie/show list with the year and release date or alphabetically visible on the screen.

Netflix codes help users to find out the specific genre among the millions of shows and movies. Sometimes it isn't easy to find out your preferred movie from the long list. But if you start searching through the code, you can view the specific genre on your screen.

Confused? Let us unclutter your confusion!

Why has Netflix introduced the Codes?

Let us give you around so that you can understand the reason why Netflix started using codes.

The reasons are simple, and it proves how Netflix systematically manages its vast content library worldwide. Netflix codes also help to maintain the content distribution in the countries Netflix gets the broadcast rights.

  • Codes dedicated to a specific genre

  • It gives a precise search of the specification of the movie or show

  • It helps users to find out their preferred show from the long content list

  • Codes save the time of the users, and Netflix can manage their massive content library list through the codes

  • Codes help Netflix algorithm to arrange the show and movie list to run the system inside

Spot on the reasons. Hopefully, you now understand why Netflix introduced the codes and how to use the codes to specify the genre you are looking for while roaming on Netflix.

List of some popular Genre viewers prefer to watch

Move on; the following will list out the genre codes. Save some popular Netflix codes that viewers randomly search on Netflix based on their content and genre preferences. Next time when you open your Netflix account, typing on a web browser to explore the genre you want to watch.

Here is the code list:

Science -Fiction Fantasy (1492)

  • Alien science fiction- 3327

  • sci-Fi adventure- 6926

  • sci-Fi Horror Movies- 1694

  • sci-Fi Drama- 3916

  • Fantasy Movies- 9744

Thriller ( 8933)

  • Crime Thriller- 10499

  • Action Thriller- 43048

  • Mysteries- 9994

  • Supernatural Thriller- 11140

  • Psychological Thriller- 5505

Horror Movie ( 8711)

  • Creature Features- 6895

  • Supernatural Horror movies- 42023

  • Zombie Horror movie- 75405

  • Foreign Horror movie- 8654

  • Werewolf Horror movies- 75930

Foreign Movies( 7462)

  • Foreign Dramas- 2150

  • Korean Movies- 5685

  • Greek Movies- 61115

  • Dutch Movies- 10606

  • Irish Movies- 58750

Comedies ( 6548)

  • Dark Comedies- 869

  • Sports Comedies- 5286

  • Teen Comedies- 3519

  • Satire- 4922

  • Political Comedies- 2700

Action & Adventure ( 1365)

  • Action Thriller-43048

  • Martial Art movies- 8985

  • Action Thriller- 43048

  • Action Comedies- 43040

  • Superhero and Comic book movie- 10118

Anime ( 7424)

  • Anime Dramas- 452

  • Anime Actions- 2653

  • Anime Sci-Fi- 2729

  • Anime Series- 6721

  • Anime Horror- 10695

Dramas ( 5763)

  • Biographical Dramas- 3179

  • Political Drama- 6616

  • Sports Dramas- 7243

  • Crime Dramas- 6889

  • Romantic Dramas- 1255

Documentaries ( 6839)

  • Biographical Documentaries- 3652

  • Historical Documentaries- 5349

  • Science & Nature Documentaries- 2595

  • Travel & Adventure Documentaries- 1159

  • Social & Cultural Documentaries- 3675

Check out these popular Netflix codes to get the specific genre, and it will help you find out your preferred titles without wasting time on the search.

Netflix Code enables device lists.

As the Netflix codes specify the genre and the user has to go through the web browsing, the cable-connected television devices cannot access the codes. Web browsing supportive devices like PC or laptop, Smartphone, Game Console, Xbox, etc., can give you access to Netflix codes to reach your desired show or movie within a short time.

Netflix country Codes

Netflix country codes define the overall score of the titles Netflix showing in some particular countries. However, Netflix broadcasts limited content for a few countries. But in overall performance, Netflix country codes indicate outstanding ratings of the award-winning shows, megahit TV series, blockbuster movies, etc. Netflix country codes also help the Netflix content library to manage and distribute the titles globally.

Netflix country or region codes also indicate the title ratings broadcast by Netflix. The output survey is based on IMDB ratings, Metacritic score, and award-winning movies and shows catalog reveal the data.

Based on the data, the following countries have the titles; check them out.

United States: Maximum numbers of the title - 5879( 1844 TV series & 4035 Movies)

Canada: The most extensive movie catalog - 4043 movies

South Korea: Cover 109 Oscar-winning movies from the catalog

Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia: Highest numbers of Emmy-winning titles

Georgia: The minor titles on Netflix 2116

Canada & United States: Have the lowest IMDB score 6.95

Here is one Netflix secret code full list:

Netflix secret code

Is the Netflix code free to use?

All the Netflix codes are available with the Netflix paid subscribers. Netflix stopped free trial options. Now users have to pay to get access to the Netflix content from anywhere on this earth. However, Netflix provides you the flexibility of plan changes. Users can switch their plans anytime based on their watch preferences. 

Are you a music freak? If your answer is yes, we have a good suggestion for you.

Netflix to MP3

Netflix users can convert their favorite playback song into MP3 using an mp3 cutter or any other instrument to listen to the songs. You can enjoy the theme song of 'The Sweet Girl,' a news release on Netflix. Netflix to MP3 converter gives you the liberty to convert any playback song and play during your road trip or relaxing at the cozy corner of your home.

Still, if you have doubts, let us clear them here through a helpful FAQ to answer all your queries. Learn more in this article: Download Videos from Netflix Offline - Most Comprehensive Guide in 2021.

FAQ, your question, our answer

1. Without using the code, will I watch my show on Netflix?

Yes, You can. Netflix codes are optional, and only web browsing supportive devices can access the codes. You can directly open the Netflix app and browse your favorite show on the search bar typing the titles.

2. Do all the genres have Netflix codes?

Yes. Netflix maintains and organizes the codes for all genres. You can select the codes based on your preferred genre and type on the web browser: http://netflix.com/browse/genre/code.

3. What are the criteria set by Netflix to use Netflix codes?

There are two criteria: First, you have the web browsing supportive devices. Second, you must be a paid subscriber to avail of the facility.

4. Is there any code changes country-wise?

No. Netflix codes are the same for all the 190 countries currently accessing Netflix. However, every country maintains it’s content catalog.

Extension: What is Netflix Error Code?

Users must know how to use Netflix codes as it's a facility Netflix provides you to make your search specific. Once you find out the genre, the show or movie selection process gets easier. Furthermore, you can have access to the entire content list along with release dates. Systematic technique makes your efforts easy. Learn the process and implement how to use Netflix codes to make your search specified.

Here are some  similar Netflix not working error codes, if you are experiencing problems when watching Netflix, plz check the following solutions: