Fix Netflix Error Code m7353-5101

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Netflix is definitely the world's best streaming service and a pioneer among similar services. However, that should not mean that the service is free from issues and errors. You are likely to come across several Netflix not working error codes, and fixing them can indeed be a huge issue in itself. One such common issue can be the Netflix error code M7353-5101. Want to know how to fix Netflix error code M7353-5101? Let us try finding a few solutions that can help you get rid of the issues.

What Causes Error Code M7353-5101?

The Netflix Error code M7353-5101 may primarily be due to an extension on your browser. You might have installed an extension on your browser, and this extension may be conflicting with the streaming service.

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Error Code M7353-5101

A few other reasons can also include using an outdated browser or having a third-party add-on. A VPN Proxy may also be one of the reasons that can cause Netflix Error code M7353-5101.

How to fix Netflix Error code M7353-5101?

You can make use of a wide range of options and fixes to address the Netflix Error code M7353-5101. Based on exactly what can be the cause of your device's error, you can apply different fixes and solutions.

Let us analyze the best fixes for the Netflix Error code M7353-5101.

Fix 1: Turn off all the Browser extensions

Since one of the primary reasons that can cause the Netflix error code M7353-5101, it would be advisable to turn off all the browser extensions and check if it resolves the issue for you. The steps in how to turn off browser extensions would be dependent on the browser you are using.

On Chrome, you can reach the extensions page by typing in chrome://extensions/ in the address bar. Then, click on the Toggle to turn off the extensions one by one.

Error code M7353-5101

You may even delete an extension if you find that one is the culprit.

Fix 2: Clear the Browser Cookies

Clearing the cookies on your browser can be yet another good option to fix the Netflix error code M7353-5101. However, once again, how to clear the cookies on the individual browsers can be different and dependent on which browser you are using.

On Chrome, you can go to Settings and then locate the option for Clearing the cookies through the More Settings option. You can then choose the items that you want to clear.

Browser Cookies

It may be enough to clear the cookies alone and leave the other settings unaffected. You may also specifically clear the site data for Netflix alone.

Fix 3: Turn off the Antivirus software

The third-party antivirus software can be yet another reason that can result in the Netflix error code M7353-5101. Check the options in your system tray and disable the antivirus software.

Your antivirus may also have a few specific options for disabling the specific features. You can temporarily turn off a few of the features that may be creating issues with your Netflix service. Finally, you can disable the antivirus entirely and check if that resolves the issue for you.

Fix 4: Update Chrome’s Widevine Content Decryption Module

The Widevine Content Decryption Module can be out of date and updating it can be helpful in letting you fix the Netflix error code M7353-5101. You can simply update it from the Chrome Settings.

Decryption Module

You can simply type in chrome://components/ in your address bar and press ENTER. You should find the option for Widevine Content Decryption Module if you are using the official version of Chrome Browser. Click on Check for Update option therein and you should be able to update your module.

Fix 5:  Update Windows

An outdated version of Windows operating system can be one of the prime reasons that can result in Netflix error code M7353-5101. Updating the operating system should rather be quite simple and easy to go with.

Update Windows

The steps involved in updating your software are extremely easy and simple. Go to Settings -> Update and Security and then check for the updates.

The Final Thoughts

Well, Netflix error code M7353-5101 can result from a wide range of reasons. The fixes outlined in this discussion should definitely help you find the best options for providing you a resolution. Check which options assist you in getting access to a proper fix to the Netflix error code M7353-5101. Wondering how to watch Netflix in an error-free way? Learn How to Rip Movies from Netflix.