Download Videos from Netflix Offline - Most Comprehensive Guide in 2022

By SahilSharma

Netflix is one of the highly preferred options for providing you access to an enhanced experience in terms of the best streaming service ever. While the service primarily focuses on live streaming of the content, you can also use it for downloading a wide range of content that can prove to be quite handy enough in providing you a fair degree of experience. The growth and content strategy of Netflix has definitely made it a great option ever for almost all your expectations.


Can you download Netflix Movies offline?

Under ideal conditions, streaming services do not let you download the content on their platform. This can be due to the fact that downloaded content does not fetch any revenue for the streaming service. However, Netflix does let you download the content – although with a few limitations.

1. Netflix Official Download options

Netflix does let you download the content from its servers for offline viewing. The exact location where you can get access to the download options would be dependent on the version of the Netflix app you are on.

The steps ideally will be here as follows –

  • Go to Netflix and locate the Downloads tab.

  • Ensure that the option for Smart Downloads is enabled. If not, you can enable it at the top of the screen.

  • Tap on Find Something to Download

  • You should also find the option for Available for Download option.

  • Once you locate the show you want to download, you should find a download icon on the details page. The downward arrow represents the download icon.

  • Click on the option, and the content will be downloaded onto your device.

Though that may be an easy-to-use option, the official Netflix download option comes with a few limitations. It may be worth checking out a few limitations that you may come across.

To begin with, not every show on Netflix is available for download. The networks that own the titles may prohibit the download options for them. You would also come with a restriction on the number of times that you can download a title. The exact limitations will be dependent on the actual title and the arrangement between Netflix and the content provider.

You will need to watch the downloaded content within one month, after which the content will expire, and you will need to download it once again if you are permitted to download it again. Moreover, once you begin watching the downloaded content, you will have to finish watching it within 48 hours.

2. Choose a Third-party Downloader

Using a third-party downloader can be one of the excellent options for achieving a far better performance in terms of enjoying your favorite Netflix content offline. In fact, there are a huge number of options available that have been proved to be much effective in helping you download the content without hassles.

Noteburner is one of the excellent options for providing you access to a far enhanced experience in terms of how to download Netflix videos with easy, simple steps. A few other great options that have been proved to be effective can include Any Video Converter and FreeGrabApp.

3. Screen Recording software

The Screen Recording Software or Screen capture tool are a few of the great options that can prove to be a great way to help you save the Netflix videos for offline watching.

The screen capturing tools can prove to be a great option for recording every kind of content that is playing on your screen. One of the best parts of the screen capturing tools lies in the fact that it does let you save the content on your screen in a high-quality video format.

Third-Party Netflix Video Downloader – A Perfect Pick for the best Netflix Downloader

No.1 Y2Mate Netflix Downloader: An Outstanding Netflix Offline Solution

The Y2Mate Netflix Downloader is one of the exciting choices to download Netflix offline if you are looking forward to a complete and full-fledged Netflix Video download functionality. A one-stop solution for downloading the content from Netflix and other streaming services, it should be what would provide you access to a very high degree of experience.

y2mate netflix downloader

Features of Y2Mate Netflix Downloader:

  • A faster Download option – Y2Mate Netflix Downloader is your best bet for downloading the Netflix content real faster. It can be practical to download the content in just under five minutes. The concise design offered by Y2Mate should further make it a great choice.

  • High-Quality Download options  - The downloader provides you access to an effective, high-quality download. As long as your original video is in 4K, 8K, or 1080p, you can be assured of the same high-quality download.

  • Customized Subtitle options – Y2Mate Netflix Downloader does provide you access to customized subtitle options. You can either download the subtitles as an SRT file separately or decide to embed the subtitles into your video.

  • Get access to a huge range of video metadata – Y2mate Netflix Downloader does let you download your videos with a lot of additional information. The wide range of video information and metadata can include movie name, cast, genre, plot, and storyline. These details can be helpful in getting access to a better degree of organization of your videos and video library.

  • Batch Download functionality – Y2Mate Netflix Downloader provides you access to a batch download option. Unlike most of the other downloaders, Y2Mate Netflix Downloader lets you download multiple titles in one go. In fact, it can even detect if the title is a part of a series. If it is a part of a series, the software lets you download all the episodes of the series.

  • Auto Download the Episodes – Y2Mate can be one of the excellent options for downloading the new episodes of a series in one go. In fact, it will be able to download the new episodes of a series as and when they are available.

How to Download from Netflix using Y2Mate Netflix Downloader?

Downloading the Netflix content using Y2Mate Video Downloader is rather easy and simple to go with. The simple and easy to follow steps would include

Step 1 – Install Y2Mate Downloader

Visit the official website and download the Y2Mate Netflix Downloader. If you do not get the Y2Mate Netflix Downloader directly, you can look for it from the official website.

Y2Mate Downloader

Step 2 – Pick a video to download.

Pick the video you want to download. You can either search for the video if you are aware of the name or browse through the website from within the built-in browser on Y2Mate Downloader.

Pick a video to download

Step 3 – Pick the Audio and Subtitle, then Download the Video.

You can select the options for your video download properties as per your preferences. You can select the subtitles and other details as per your preferences.

No.2 KeepStreams for Netflix 

KeepStreams for Netflix is also a good way to go with Netflix download offline solution. If you are looking for stable software, besides Y2mate, you can also choose for FreeGrabApp for downloading Netflix videos and movies.

freegrabapp netflix downloader

How to download Netflix videos with FreeGrabAPP?

1. Copy a video link from your browser to the clipboard

2. Paste a link to the application by clicking the “Paste” button.

3. Click the “Download” button.

Then, you can wait for the process to be complete, and to enjoy the video later.

How to Batch Download a Whole Series?

The batch download option offered by Y2Mate Netflix Downloader is one of the strongest factors in its favor. The Batch Download functionality provides you access to a stable and high-performance downloading service.

whole series

The Batch Download feature lets you download multiple episodes or movies. You will also be able to get access to the download options for the entire season together. On the download screen that you would get, you can get access to an option to download the entire series if the title you are trying to download happens to be a part of the series.

download a whole series

The high-speed download offered by Y2Mate Netflix Downloader is yet another premium option you would find rather impressive. Your downloads should be ready within a short span, and most of the time, an entire movie should be downloaded within 10 to 20 minutes flat.

Can you download from other streaming services as well?

Third-party Netflix Video Downloader like Playon, Y2mate, and StreamFab does work as both an online and software-based solution. The online service provides you access to downloading the varied content from non-DRM video sharing services such as YouTube, Facebook, and a host of them. The online version of the tool does support over 1000 different streaming and video sharing services.

As for the Y2Mate Netflix Downloader, you will get access to a host of streaming services as well. Apart from Netflix, you will find the downloader supporting a good number of DRM-enabled streaming services that include Disney+, HBO Max, Prime Video, Paramount+, U-Next, Hulu, Apple TV+, and Abema TV. That would mean the downloader service is your best bet for Disney Plus download or even for your Hulu downloader.

Y2Mate can be your one-stop solution for downloading movies, TV shows, and series on a wide range of streaming services. The high-end download options offered by the streaming service should definitely make it one of the high-end services ever.

You can make use of the downloading service for getting access to downloading HBO Go shows, and it even goes on to assist you in downloading the Amazon Prime videos.

The Final Wrap Up

Y2Mate Next Downloader is one of the excellent options for your needs in terms of an enhanced and exciting experience. The ease of use, customizable subtitles, high-end video download options, and a huge number of other options for your needs in an enhanced experience for your needs.

Apart from Netflix, you will get access to downloading the content from a wide range of streaming services that would include HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and a wide range of other services.