How to Get a Peacock Premium Free Trial

By Kaya

Getting Peacock Premium free trial is not really a big deal; however, Peacock offers a completely free plan, which makes most people ignore the premium plans - since they could enjoy streaming a lot of content for free, on the free plan. Peacock is a streaming service available in the US, and some parts of Europe.

To get started, it is best to start with the free plan, explore all the features available on the free plan, then you can decide if you need to upgrade and pay for the premium packages. To download Peacock videos, you need to be on the Peacock Plus.

Peacock TV Streaming

Peacock TV is a streaming service owned and managed by NBC Universal. It is freely available for US residents - people living in US regions - while for European users, they’d need to connect to their NowTV account or Sky to access the service. For interested users living outside the US and UK, the only possible way to access the service is by using a VPN to mask your IP.

There are lots of content to stream on the Peacock TV network; the service offers 40,000+ hours of on-demand titles, TV shows, and documentaries. The country also offers 50+ always-on channels, live sports and events (including Sunday Night Football, Premier League, and WWE), and next-day access to current NBC hits.

However, not all of these are available on the free plan. But the truth remains that Peacock TV is inarguably a solid competitor to big names such as Netflix, YouTube Premium, and the likes.

How to Get a Peacock Premium Free Trial

Peacock Premium free trial lasts for seven (7) days. At the expiration of the free trial, your card would be charged for the exact plan you selected during sign-up. During the free trial, you would access all the features and content available to the plan you chose during the signup process.

Well, most people cancel their free trial before it expires, and then switch to the completely free account to stream 40,000+ hours. The premium plans of Peacock TV actually offer 60,000+ hours of streaming. Also, some people try to try the system; so, they use different emails to sign up for different accounts - at the end of the free trial on a particular account, they'd switch to the next one.

However, instead of going through such stress to continuously stream your favorite shows on Peacock TV, you could get a video downloader and download the shows, instead. That way, you can watch the show over and again, on any of your devices. Interestingly, premium streaming video downloaders like MyStream Downloader can download all episodes of a series at a go.

Hereunder are the highlight steps on how to get Peacock Premium free trial that lasts for 7 days.

First Step:

Visit the official Peacock TV streaming website and click on the “Sign Up” button.

Second Step:

Choose a plan: Peacock Premium or Peacock Premium Plus. The Premium plan goes for approximately $5 per month (ad-supported), while the Premium Plus plan goes for approximately $10.00 per month (no commercials).

Third Step:

Your free trial starts immediately after you verify your email address. Hence, you should ensure that you used a valid email during the registration.

There's another way to get Peacock Premium free trial, but that requires buying a specific device or internet plan. For example, if you purchase an Xfinity internet plan, it grants you access to the Peacock Premium package. The same applies when you purchase a plan from COX.

Now, these are the two possible ways to get Peacock TV Premium package free trial or access the plan for free (with your provider's plan). Hereunder, we have explained how you can download movies and TV shows from the Peacock TV streaming service.

How To Download Peacock TV Shows

With MyStream Peacock TV Downloader, it is pretty much easy to download save live TV shows and classic on-demand titles from the Peacock TV network. The procedure is straightforward, and the downloader’s interface is simply intuitive.


To get started, you need to download and install MyStream Peacock TV Downloader on your Windows PC. Then, launch the program and follow the steps hereunder.

First Step:

On the main interface, click on “VIP Services.” Look out for Peacock TV from the cards of supported service. Double-click on the Peacock TV card - when you find it - and sign in to your account (optional).

Second Step:

Search for the content you wish to download to your PC and click the Play button. As the movie or show starts playing, a download button would pop up at the top-left corner, click on the button to add the "Playing" show/movie to your "Download Queue."

Third Step:

As the first video starts downloading, you can proceed to download other videos you like by playing them and clicking the download button to add them to the queue. Notwithstanding, MyStream Peacock TV Downloader can detect all episodes of a series and download all of them at once.

To view the download progress, navigate to the “Downloading” tab from the left pane. You can pause and resume ongoing downloads at any time.


You can download any movie or TV show you find on the Peacock TV streaming network; all you need is to install the MyStream Downloader on your PC and get started. Hopefully, this article answers your search query. Have a great day ahead.