Top 15 Netflix Downloaders Review [2022 Latest]

By SahilSharma

Streaming your favorite and most loved Netflix movies and shows is all fun for sure, but what if you can download all your desired Netflix content so you can watch them totally offline?

Yes, that’s totally possible, if that’s what you’re wondering.

Major streaming services, such as Netflix itself, require an active internet connection for users to access and watch its content. But, with downloading software, you will be able to download pretty much any of your desired videos on Netflix, and then watch them without having to worry about the internet.

With so many downloaders out there, deciding which one to choose can be incredibly challenging.

But, we are here to help narrow down the choices for you, as we are going to list the top 15 Netflix downloaders in this article. 

Top 15 Netflix Downloader Reviews [2022 Latest]

Here are the top 15 Netflix Downloaders and its respective review, you can see the pros and cons of each software clearly below. For unlimited Netflix download service, read How to Download Netflix Videos without Netflix Download Limit.

1. Y2Mate DRM Downloader

Y2Mate DRM Downloader is an incredibly helpful downloading software that you can use to download your favorite movies, shows, and pretty much any other video on major streaming platforms. 

It has a clean user interface and is pretty easy and convenient to use. Also, you will benefit from the high-quality videos, as well as customizable subtitles and batch mode feature that lets you download several episodes of your favorite Netflix television show in one go.

 How to use Y2Mate DRM Downloader: 

1.    ​​Visit the official Y2Mate Downloader page to install this software

2.    When installation and download is completed, launch this software

3.    Head over to the Netflix streaming platform, sign in with your credentials and choose any video you wish to download

4.    Click on Download Now

2. KeepStreams Netflix Downloader

KeepStream is yet another helpful downloading tool that Netflix subscribers can use to download all their favorite Netflix content. 

This downloading software is easy and straightforward to use, and lets users enjoy the highest quality videos. 

The best part is, KeepStream Netflix Downloader also includes a batch mode feature that lets its users download sets of episodes at once, saving an ample amount of time and energy. 

There is no restriction on the number of downloads either. The best part? This downloading software is totally free to use.

How to use Keep Stream Downloader:

1.    Download and install KeepStream onto your computer and then launch it

2.    Hover over to Netflix streaming service, and browse and select any Netflix video you want to download

3.    Click on the “Ready to Download” button

3. MyStream Downloader

MyStream Downloader is another useful Netflix downloader that lets its users download their favorite shows and films on Netflix with ease. 

You can download your favorite Netflix shows and movies in high quality, up to 1080p with AAC audio quality as well. The final downloaded files are also downloaded in MP4 format, which is highly compatible with every device. 

Also, MyStream Downloader includes subtitles and metadata in all of the videos that are downloaded. But, these subtitles aren’t really customizable, so you will have a hard time enjoying your desired Netflix content in any other foriegn language, or your own native language if you’re watching foriegn content.

 How to use MyStream Downloader: 

1.    Install MyStream Downloader

2.    Launch this downloading software

3.    Head over to the Netflix streaming platform

4.    Search and select any Netflix show, movie, or documentary you want to watch, and click on Download Now

4. IceStream Netflix Downloader

IceStream ranks number 4 on our list of best Netflix Downloaders 2022. It is an all-inclusive downloading solution fit for all your downloading needs. 

All you need is an iceStream Netflix Downloader, and you’re all set to download all your favorite Netflix content for offline viewing.  

IceStream is a high-speed downloader with superspeed downloading that will finish all your downloads within no time. Also, the final downloaded quality is impressive- 1080p being the standard, and going up to 4k and even 8k. 

Users can also use its batch download feature to download numerous Netflix episodes in one go, as well as enjoy customizable subtitles.

How to use IceStream Downloader:

1.    Download and install IceStream on your laptop or PC

2.    Launch IceStream when it has finished downloading

3.    Go to Netflix, and download any show or film you want to download

5. BBFly

BBFly is one of our favorite Netflix downloaders. This is mainly because it enables you to download all your required videos from over 100 websites, Netflix included. 

The user interface is quite simple, and this software is incredibly straightforward and simple to use. You will enjoy the high-quality downloaded videos, which are up to 1080p, as well as its impressive downloading speed. Let's also not forget the subtitles and dubbing that you yourself get to choose.

How to use BBFly:

1.    Install BBFly on your laptop or PC

2.    Select Netflix streaming service

3.    Choose any episode, film, documentary you want to download

6. StreamFab

StreamFab is yet another powerful Netflix downloader you must download on your PC or laptop to start downloading all your desired Netflix content for offline viewing. 

The final video quality is quite impressive, as StreamFab is able to download high-quality videos for its users. 

Also, the batch mode feature and fast mode feature are incredibly helpful, as they both save quite a lot of time and energy for us. 

Another aspect we really liked about KeepStream was that there are no set limitations or restrictions on the number of downloads.

How to use StreamFab:

1.    Download KeepStream onto your computer and then launch it

2.    Hover over to Netflix

3.    Search for any Netflix video you’d wish to download

4.    When you click on play, press on the  “Ready to Download” button 

 7. FlixPal

You must definitely consider FlixPal Netflix Downloader as well in your Netflix downloads. 

This single downloader offers its users an easy and convenient option to download pretty much any of their favorite Netflix shows and movies for offline viewing. 

There’s literally no limitation or restriction on whatever you want to download, and all your files will be downloaded in Mp4 format, which is highly compatible with every device you can think of. 

You get to choose the subtitles and dubbing of your choice and save them as external SRT files. Even the downloading speed is unmatched- your 2-hour long movie will finish downloading within 10 minutes!

How to use FlixPal:

1.    Install FlixPal and then launch it

2.    Head over to Netflix

3.    Browse any movie or content on Netflix you wish to download

4.    Select Audio and Subtitle, then Download the Video

8. Audials

Audials is a must-have downloader if you are willing to download Netflix content for offline viewing. This is basically a high-quality recorder, which records any video you want, and downloads them in the highest quality possible.

This software is easy to use and is able to record pretty much any of your desired Netflix videos in HD. 

With Audials, you can even increase the downloading x2 times, and even make use of the Batch mode feature. 

With its GPU encoding feature, you can get the maximum of your graphics card's performance. You also don’t need to fret over the movie tags such as title and genre, as Audials is going to search them automatically. 

How to use Audials:

1.    Head over to Netflix, and select any Netflix title you want to record and download in Audials 

2.    Choose a browser to screen record Netflix

3.    After altering the settings, click on record now 

9. TunePat

What we love about Tunepat is that it is super user-friendly and pretty simple to use. The best part is, you aren’t even required to install this software. 

There are numerous customizable features to make your downloading process even more convenient and personalizable-  countless audio settings, language, video quality, and audio quality are to name a few.

However, there are some other helpful features missing from his downloader, such as the batch mode feature. This means you won’t be able to download several episodes of your favorite Netflix TV show in one go.

How to use TunePat:

1.    Open up any Netflix video you want to download, and copy its URL

2.    Head over to TunePat official website

3.    Paste the URL here

10. PlayOn Netflix Downloader

Here’s another impressive and helpful downloader you can add to your Netflix downloaders list. 

The best thing about PlayOn Netflix Downloader is that it is able to work on various types of devices, such as iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows. Therefore, you can start downloading all your favorite Netflix content on any of these supported devices.

All your desired Netflix titles will be recorded, and then downloaded in the highest quality, on your desired devices. This is a paid downloader, but it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

But again, there is no batch mode feature. Therefore, you will have to download each episode one after the other in case you’re willing to download and watch a whole season or show on Netflix.

How to use PlayOn Netflix Downloader:

1.    Download and install PlayON Netflix downloader on your desktop or mobile device

2.    Browse for Netflix and select any movie or show you want to download

3.    Hit the Record option

 11. Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Movavi is another popular and feature-heavy Netflix downloader that lets you download your all-time favorite Netflix content from the comfort of your home. 

What we loved about this downloading tool is that it is able to grab separate streams so that you can record audio and video streams separately. You can also make use of the scheduled recording capability and superspeed conversion options.

How to use Movavi Screen Capture Studio:

●     Browse for Netflix

●     Select any movie, film, show, or documentary you want to download from Netflix

●     Click on the Screen Recording option

●     Make the necessary settings and edit the video

12. Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder

Another solution to consider when downloading your desired Netflix content on your desired devices, with complete ease is none other than Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder. 

This software is an all-in-one solution, as it is a video downloader, video converter, and intelligent video scheduler together. You can even convert the video to your desired format, such as MP4, AVI, MKV.

However, the bad news is, this software works on Mac only.

How to Use Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder:

1.    Open any Netflix content you want to download

2.    Open Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder 

3.    Start recording via Apowersoft 

13. Allavsoft Video and Music downloader

Add Allavsoft to your list as you can use this downloader to download your desired videos from over 1000 websites, Netflix being one of them. 

This software has made downloading incredibly convenient, as it offers its users a batch download feature, allowing them to download several episodes of their favorite Netflix shows in one go. 

Apart from this, you will be very impressed by the final video quality of this downloader.

How to use Allavsoft

1.    Launch Allavosoft Video Downloader

2.    Open any desired Netflix title you want to download

3.    Copy its URL

4.    Head back to Allavsoft, and paste the URL here

5.    Hit the Download button

14. Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter will let you download your desired Netflix titles in the highest HD quality possible, including multiple subtitles and audio tracks depending upon your choice. 

We're talking about video resolutions of 240p to full HD at 1080p to choose from before you start downloading your desired videos.

How to use Any Video Converter:

●     Launch Any video converter

●     Browse and select any Netflix title you’d wish to download

●     Copy its URL, and paste it on Any Video Converter

15. FreeGrabApp

At number 15, we have FreeGrabApp, which is another useful Netflix downloader you can use to download Netflix content. 

You can choose any file, episode, documentary, or video for downloading in the highest quality with this downloader. Also, there’s subtitle support for TTML and SRT format as well.

The only downside is this downloader is only compatible with Windows operating systems.

How to use Free Grab App:

1.    Open Netflix, and select any title you wish to download

2.    Copy its URL

3.    Head over to the FreeGrabApp application and paste the link to the video

Final Words

So, there you have it. All the top 15 Netflix downloaders you needed to know to start downloading all your desired Netflix titles for offline viewing.

All these solutions come with their own pros and cons. Just ensure you pick the one that best fits your needs, budgets, and downloading needs. 

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