Top 10 Useful Vtuber Software to Start as a Vtuber [2022 Update]

By SahilSharma

Who is a VTuber? A VTuber is simply someone (a Vlogger) that creates anime characters and uses them to make videos for his/her YouTube channel. However, VTubers are mostly seen as AIs, but they are actually humans who utilize AI-powered tools to create anime characters for the videos they share on YouTube. Are you wondering how to become a VTuber?

You can also refer to a VTuber as a “Virtual YouTuber,” and below is a concise guide on how to become a virtual VTuber with VTuber software.

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1. Four Steps to Become a VTuber!

First Step: Choose a Model

The first step to take towards becoming a VTuber is to pick a model. This implies using 3D character creator software solutions such as VRoid Studio to design your anime character. VRoid provides a variety of tools that help you to make your 3D characters appear just as you want them to look.

When you're done creating the model with VRoid studio, you can use Blender to add more features to your character and Booth to download clothes for your VRoid character.

Second Step: Get a Face/Hand Tracking Software

After your model (character) is ready, next is to get software that tracks your face and movements. Apps like 3Tene work ideally for this purpose and you can get them for free on Steam. For hand tracking, you can get the Leap Motion Sensor device; a rectangular-shaped hand tracking device for VTubers.

Third Step: Get Unity3D

Get Unity and VR Chat SDK to stream your virtual YouTube video. This can take a lot of process and steps; however, this video about Unity3D explains better how to get things done.

Fourth Step: Use a VTuber Software and a Video Editor

As VTubing continues to surge and become more popular, many software developers have come up with user-friendly, simpler solutions to aid virtual YouTubers in making YouTube virtual reality videos.

These virtual videos, after filming, can be further edited with easy-to-use video editors. Here is a full guide on the best video editors we've found the top 19 video editors for professionals, beginners, and intermediates. 

Here we recommend the following Top 10 VTubing software for you to start as a VTuber.

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We recommend using VTubing software. It makes VTubing processes easier and faster. Thus, here are the popular software apps used by top VTubers.

2. 10 Popular VTuber Software Used by VTubers in 2022

In this part, we will go through the top 10 best VTubing software that we selected, and also, we also picked out some best free VTubing software for YouTube and Twitch.

1. Wakaru


In your quest to become a VTuber, you obviously must have heard about Wakaru – it is an intuitive, multi-feature VTuber software for Windows OS. When Wakaru is used, there’s no need for a VR device or kit. Wakaru only requires that you install a webcam on your PC or use your smartphone camera; that’s what you need to become a VTuber.

However, when you use this VTuber software, motions aren’t as perfect as what you’d get from using VR devices, but it’s a good way to start as a beginner, and it saves you cost. Some features of Wakaru include eye capture, head pose capture, mouth shape capture, facial control, real-time gesture tracking, and more.

2. Facerig


Facerig is to be considered if you won’t be making videos that show your entire body. Just as the name implies, this software focuses on your face. It has quite a bunch of other features that are great for making YouTube virtual reality videos without VR sets. This virtual YouTuber software offers the following features at an affordable cost: instant digital cosplay, real-time voice processing, outstanding render quality, and customizing tools.

Interestingly, Facerig for VTubers supports Live2D Cubism 3.0 technology to enable its users to create the best videos for their needs.

3. Hyprmeet


Hyprmeet is a solid VTubing software available for macOS and Windows OS users. It is a pretty intuitive app for creating YouTube virtual reality videos. With the Hyprmeet software, you can customize your anime characters in different forms, and make video calls with friends. However, Hyprmeet is currently available in the "Beta" version – the full release is expected to launch later 2020.

One of the reasons to choose this virtual YouTuber software is its simplicity. Hyprmeet works on MacBook and Windows computers. It is a great tool to start your virtual YouTube channel.

4. Live3D VTuber Maker


You don’t need to spend much as a beginner, Live3D VTuber Maker provides you with the features you need to become a VTuber at no “initial” cost. The software is available on Steam and it provides a wealth of interesting features, which includes customization panels to make your anime character appear attractive and real. Live3D VTuber Maker supports motion tracking, audio base lip-sync, cute avatar (have two avatars for one character, and more features.

For a $69 subscription fee, Live3D’s VTuber Maker will allow you to customize your character and fine-tune the model. It is a comprehensive VTubing software for YouTube virtual reality videos.

5. VTube Studio

vtube studio

VTube Studio works on MacBooks and PCs, but it requires a smartphone (iOS or Android) to go along with it. This VTubing software makes use of the connect smartphone to track your face and animate your Live2D Cubism Character. It is compatible with OBS for streaming and it is a free software application. The simplified interface of this app is lovely and unique.

There are a bunch of features available on this software, and you will find them helpful for your venture to become a virtual YouTuber. However, this app will not track your eye movements or winks. For the start, VTube Studio makes a good option for reliable VTubing software for beginners.

6. FaceVTuber


With just a web browser and webcam, you can become a VTuber, thanks to FaceVTuber. This is a web-based VTubing software that runs through any web browser (Chrome is recommended by the developer) to power your VTube video. A big limitation to the use of this app is the Japanese-based interface. If you read and understand Japanese, then FaceVTuber can be your best choice.

However, FaceVTuber supports MMD (pmd, pmx), FBX format (fbx), and VRM (vrm) 3D formats. It is a safe VTuber tool for beginners.

7. VRoid


VRoid is actually a 3D anime character creator tool – it also makes up to be a useful VTuber software for beginners and elites. Interestingly, VRoid offers a variety of anime creation solutions to suit every VTuber. Available for mobile and PCs, VRoid allows you to create explicit details and customize your characters just as you want.

The software is named VRoid Studio – it is available for macOS and Windows OS computers. So, if you’re looking for a VTuber software for YouTube virtual reality videos, then VRoid is one of the handy options you've got to choose from.

8. Animaze


This VTuber software is provided by FaceRig; it is a handy solution meant for beginner VTubers and elites. The app is basically software that lets you turn yourself into a virtual animal character and create videos for different purposes. Animaze is available for PC users – it also has a mobile app version for iPhone users. All that is required to use Animaze is a webcam.

There are a lot of things to customize using Animaze to make your avatar stand out and look unique.

9. VR Chat


There's apparently no way this list can be completed without mentioning VR Chat – it is undoubtedly one of the most useful software for virtual YouTubers. VRChat provides an environment for people to try out many things, which includes creating and avatars for VTube purposes. This software is available on Steam, and it is compatible with a lot of VR solutions, tools, and devices.

VRChat also allows you to create a virtual world for your YouTube virtual reality videos. More so, VR Chat supports full-body avatars with lip sync, eye tracking/blinking, hand gestures, and complete range of motion.

10. Luppet


Luppet is often compared with FaceRig – it is a great tool to power your VTuber ambition. This VTuber software packs a variety of handy features that help out for various purposes. It also provides an intuitive interface for creating videos – with the Leap Motion device hanged on your neck and your camera pointed to your face, Luppet will capture your hand gestures and other motions.

What’s Kizuna A.I.?

Kizuna A.I. is a (female) Japanese self-acclaimed AI with over 4 million subscribers on YouTube, which made her the most popular and largest virtual YouTuber. Arguably, Kizuna AI made lots of people to consider starting up careers as VTubers. 


If you wish to be a virtual YouTuber, these VTuber software apps and tools listed here are what you need to start your journey. However, if along the line you need a video editor solution or a video converter app to complete your VTube video creation, DVDFab Video Converter provides a plethora of useful tools and supports many formats. DVDFab Video Converter also includes an AI feature for professional video enhancement.