Top 10 Useful Vtuber Software to Start as a Vtuber [2023 Update]

Updated on 2023-05-12
Becoming a VTuber requires a lot of gears and VTuber software. Interestingly, we have created this list of the best virtual YouTuber software solutions.

What is a VTuber? Essentially, a VTuber refers to an individual (typically a vlogger) who generates anime personas and employs them in the creation of content for their YouTube channel. Although commonly perceived as artificial intelligence, VTubers are in actuality human beings who utilize AI-driven technology to produce anime avatars for their YouTube videos. Interested in how to become a VTuber?

When describing a VTuber, one may use the term “Virtual YouTuber.” If you’re interested in becoming a virtual VTuber yourself, there are various software tools that can help you get started. Here is a brief guide to becoming a successful virtual VTuber using VTuber software.

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1. Four Steps to Become a VTuber!

First Step: Choose a Model

To embark on the journey of becoming a VTuber, the primary step is to select a suitable model. This necessitates utilizing 3D character creator software options like VRoid Studio to fashion your anime character. VRoid Studio offers an array of tools that enable you to customize your 3D characters to match your desired appearance with precision.

Once you have finished crafting your model using VRoid Studio, you can enhance your character's appearance by utilizing Blender to incorporate additional features. Also, you can procure virtual outfits for your VRoid character by downloading them from Booth.

Second Step: Get a Face/Hand Tracking Software

Once your character model has been created, the next step is to acquire software that can accurately monitor your facial expressions and movements. An excellent option for this task is the 3Tene application, which can be downloaded for free from the Steam platform.

If you're interested in hand tracking, then the rectangular-shaped Leap Motion Sensor device is an ideal choice. This device is specifically designed for VTubers who want to track their hand movements with precision.

Third Step: Get Unity3D

Get Unity and VR Chat SDK to stream your virtual YouTube video. This can take a lot of process and steps; however, this video about Unity3D explains better how to get things done.

Fourth Step: Use a VTuber Software and a Video Editor

As the trend of VTubing keeps growing and gaining more followers, numerous software developers have introduced easy-to-use and uncomplicated solutions to assist virtual YouTubers in crafting videos with a virtual reality touch on YouTube.

These virtual videos, after filming, can be further edited with easy-to-use video editors. Here is a full guide on the best video editors we've found the top 19 video editors for professionals, beginners, and intermediates. 

Here we recommend the following Top 10 VTubing software for you to start as a VTuber.

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We suggest utilizing VTubing software to streamline and expedite the VTubing procedures. As a result, we have compiled a list of widely used software applications by renowned VTubers.

2. 10 Popular VTuber Software Used by VTubers in 2023

In this part, we will go through the top 10 best VTubing software that we selected, and also, we also picked out some best free VTubing software for YouTube and Twitch.

1. Wakaru


If you aspire to become a VTuber, then you must have come across Wakaru – an intuitive and feature-rich VTuber software designed for Windows OS. With Wakaru, there's no need for any VR device or kit. You just need to install a webcam on your PC or use your smartphone camera to get started as a VTuber.

Although the VTuber software may not provide impeccably flawless motions like its VR device counterparts, it still serves as an excellent starting point for beginners and is much more cost-effective.

Wakaru, in particular, offers a plethora of impressive features such as eye capture, head pose capture, mouth shape capture, facial control, real-time gesture tracking, and many more.

2. Facerig


If you're planning to create videos that don't require showing your entire body, then Facerig is a great option to consider. As the name suggests, this software mainly focuses on animating your face in real-time and has numerous other features that make it ideal for producing YouTube virtual reality content without the need for VR equipment.

This virtual YouTuber program boasts affordable pricing and offers a range of useful tools including instant digital cosplay, high-quality rendering, real-time voice processing, and customizable options.

Facerig, a tool utilized by VTubers, offers support for Live2D Cubism 3.0 technology which facilitates the creation of top-notch videos tailored to users' requirements. This interesting feature provides users with a platform to produce high-quality content that meets their specific needs.

3. Hyprmeet


Hyprmeet is a robust VTubing application that can be accessed by users of macOS and Windows operating systems. This program is an excellent tool for generating virtual reality videos on YouTube, and it is effortless to navigate.

With Hyprmeet, you can modify your anime characters in various ways and initiate video calls with your acquaintances. Nonetheless, it is essential to mention that Hyprmeet is currently available in its "Beta" version, and the complete release will presumably launch later this year.

Hyprmeet is an excellent virtual YouTuber software that stands out for its user-friendly interface. Its ease of use makes it an ideal choice for beginners who aspire to start their own virtual YouTube channel.

Hyprmeet is compatible with both MacBook and Windows computers, which means that anyone can easily access this powerful tool regardless of their favorite operating system.

4. Live3D VTuber Maker


As a novice VTuber, you can start creating your virtual avatar without breaking the bank. Live3D VTuber Maker offers all the essential features necessary to kickstart your VTuber journey at absolutely no "initial" expense. This software is readily available on Steam and boasts several exciting functionalities, including customizable panels that enable you to create visually appealing and lifelike anime characters.

Moreover, Live3D VTuber Maker supports motion tracking, audio-based lip-syncing, and even enables you to have two avatars for one character. With numerous other features at your disposal, this software is an excellent option for anyone seeking to become a VTuber.

Live3D's VTuber Maker software offers a wide range of customization options for your virtual character at an affordable subscription fee of $69. With this comprehensive tool, you can fine-tune and modify your model to create immersive virtual reality videos that are perfect for YouTube.

5. VTube Studio

vtube studio

VTube Studio is a software application that runs on both MacBook and PC operating systems. However, to operate smoothly, it needs a compatible smartphone with either an iOS or Android operating system. This software utilizes the connected smartphone's camera to track your facial movements and bring your Live2D Cubism Character to life.

VTube Studio also works seamlessly with OBS for live streaming purposes, and the best part is that this app is entirely free of cost. The user interface of this software is not only simplistic but also visually appealing and distinct in its own way.

This software offers numerous features that can prove to be extremely useful in your journey towards becoming a virtual YouTuber. Although it doesn't have the capability to track your eye movements or winks, there are still plenty of tools at your disposal. If you're just starting out, VTube Studio is a reliable choice for beginner-friendly VTubing software.

6. FaceVTuber


FaceVTuber is a convenient web-based software that allows you to become a VTuber effortlessly using only your webcam and a web browser. With no need for additional hardware or software, FaceVTuber can power your VTube video and bring your virtual avatar to life in real-time. Although the developer recommends using Chrome as your web browser, the software can run on any platform.

Despite its numerous benefits, however, one of the major limitations of FaceVTuber is its interface, which is exclusively in Japanese. If you are proficient in reading and understanding Japanese, then FaceVTuber might be an excellent choice for you.

FaceVTuber is a reliable tool for aspiring VTubers, particularly those who are new to the field. This software supports a variety of 3D formats such as MMD (pmd, pmx), FBX (fbx), and VRM (vrm).

Therefore, it provides users with multiple options when it comes to creating their virtual avatars. Additionally, this program's safety measures ensure that users can use it without any worries.

7. VRoid


VRoid is a versatile tool that allows users to create 3D anime characters, making it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced VTubers. One of the most intriguing features of VRoid is its comprehensive range of anime creation solutions that cater to the unique preferences of every VTuber.

Furthermore, VRoid is compatible with both mobile and desktop platforms, giving users the freedom to create their characters with as much detail and customization as desired. With VRoid, you have the ability to design your characters to perfectly match your vision.

Looking for a software to create virtual reality videos for YouTube? VRoid Studio is a great choice. It's compatible with both macOS and Windows OS computers, making it easily accessible to a wide range of users.

Whether you're an experienced VTuber or just starting out, this software offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of creating high-quality virtual reality content. Give VRoid Studio a try and take your YouTube channel to the next level!

8. Animaze


The FaceRig VTuber software is a convenient tool designed to cater to both novice and advanced virtual YouTubers. This application enables users to transform themselves into virtual animal characters, allowing them to generate diverse video content for various objectives.

Animaze is accessible to PC users, while an iPhone version of the software also exists for those on-the-go. The only prerequisite for utilizing Animaze is a functional webcam.

There are a lot of things to customize using Animaze to make your avatar stand out and look unique.

9. VR Chat


It's impossible to compile a list of top virtual reality software for YouTubers without including VR Chat. This program is a valuable tool for content creators in the virtual realm.

VRChat offers an immersive platform for individuals to experiment with various activities, such as designing and embodying avatars for VTube-related content. It can be easily downloaded through Steam and supports numerous VR gadgets, applications, and devices.

VRChat enables users to build a virtual world that can be used as a backdrop for YouTube videos created in virtual reality. This platform also offers advanced features including full-body avatars, which have the ability to perform lip sync, eye tracking and blinking, hand gestures, and other movements with a high degree of accuracy. With VRChat, users can create immersive experiences that are sure to captivate and engage their audience.

10. Luppet


Luppet, a VTuber software, is frequently likened to FaceRig and is an excellent resource for those pursuing their VTuber aspirations. This software offers a range of useful features that cater to different requirements and has an intuitive interface for video creation.

By wearing the Leap Motion device around your neck and positioning your camera towards your face, Luppet records not just your facial expressions, but also your hand movements and other motions.

What’s Kizuna A.I.?

Kizuna A.I. is a (female) Japanese self-acclaimed AI with over 4 million subscribers on YouTube, which made her the most popular and largest virtual YouTuber. Arguably, Kizuna AI made lots of people to consider starting up careers as VTubers. 


If you're aspiring to be a virtual YouTuber, then the following software applications and tools for VTubing can help kickstart your journey. In case you require a video editing solution or video conversion app to complete your VTube video creation, Y2mate Video Converter offers a wide range of handy tools and supports multiple formats. Additionally, Y2mate Video Converter comes equipped with an AI feature for enhancing videos professionally.