Top 11 Trending VTuber Apps for Advanced V-Tubing

Updated on 2023-05-11
Here we picked out top 11 trendy Vtuber apps for you to start as a virtual youtuber! Check what does it need to become a popular Vtuber!

Virtual YouTubers, otherwise known as VTubers are becoming increasingly popular and successful nowadays. They publish videos, where they are the anime characters. One such YouTube personality is Kizuna Al who has more than 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Actors shoot videos in a studio, and the software records their elbow, hand, and head movements. Using trackers, it recreates full-body actions, bringing these interesting characters to life. The actor's voice is used as the character's voice, resulting in a seamless and engaging experience for the audience.

Best Tools Recommendation:

virtual YouTubers

Virtual YouTubers have the freedom to create content that may not be suitable for television and gain immense popularity on social media platforms. These Vtubers are accepted by their audience for their face value, allowing them to connect with their viewers in unique and engaging ways.

Interacting with digital avatars has become increasingly comfortable over time, and they have a significant influence on large audiences. Creating virtual YouTuber videos has become one of the easiest and most cost-effective methods, requiring only a camera to record oneself talking and then uploading the video for viewers to enjoy.


How to Become a VTuber?

Virtual celebrities use advanced top 10 VTuber software applications and graphics technology that enable the creation of graphic content immediately. Here are some steps to how to become VTuber.

Technical Solutions

There are numerous services available for creating virtual celebrities. These services can be mapped out into a landscape, with various categories such as motion capture, avatar creation, management, and live streaming all contributing to the creation of these digital stars.

This YouTube virtual reality map provides a comprehensive overview of the different elements involved in bringing virtual celebrities to life.

Each of these solutions is supported by various platforms and involves different considerations such as quality, installation processes, and pricing.

For more detailed information on each solution, there are brief descriptions available on the raw data page, which can be accessed by clicking on 'Open as a page.' This will provide a comprehensive overview of each solution with relevant details.

Tools for 3D Modeling

VTubers utilize a variety of tools for rigging and applying 3D effects to their characters. Tools such as Maya and Blender provide a seamless and efficient way to create digital avatars, but may require some time investment for beginners who are not familiar with the software. Despite this potential learning curve, these tools remain an essential aspect of creating engaging and high-quality virtual content.`

In the beginning, it is a very difficult and time-consuming process to create a YouTube virtual reality character, you can make your own character like this article explained: 10 Hot Anime Character Creator Tools to create your own avatars.

Tools for 2Dmodeling

In addition to Maya and Blender, there are other Vtuber software tools available, such as Live2D and VRoid, which allow illustrators to draw anime-style characters without needing to work on rigging.

This user-friendly approach is a significant advantage of these tools, as it simplifies the avatar creation process and enables creators to focus more on developing engaging content for their audiences.

VRoid provides pre-rigged base models that can be further customized by adding more features if necessary. The software allows for detailed customization, with the option to add details by drawing directly onto the virtual Youtuber model. This enables creators to develop unique avatars that match their vision and appeal to their audiences.

Customization Applications

Another way to create YouTube virtual reality videos with anime characters is by using apps that allow you to dress them up in various outfits.

These apps provide pre-designed options for customizing your character's appearance, and you can choose the ones that suit your preferences to make your character look unique and visually appealing. This approach simplifies the avatar creation process, making it more accessible to a wider range of creators and audiences.

These avatars can be used for various purposes, including animation or YouTube virtual reality games. However, it is important to note that some of these tools do not provide the option for exporting 3D models.

As a result, avatars created using these tools can only be utilized within their respective platforms and cannot be exported for use in other programs or applications.

The avatar tools have been made advanced and modern, with an increase in the number of Vtubers. This trend has emerged a lot in the last few years. It has spread quite fast and is gaining popularity regularly.

Bodysuit for Body Mocap

While using VR positioning trackers can be an affordable and convenient way to create virtual reality videos, it may not necessarily be the most accurate or immersive method.

Wearing a bodysuit with motion capture technology can provide more precise tracking of the user's movements, resulting in a more realistic and engaging virtual experience. Ultimately, the choice between using VR positioning trackers or a bodysuit depends on the specific needs and goals of the user.

VRChat is a free virtual reality software tool that allows users to create and export 3D characters for use in virtual reality videos. Additionally, Wakaru is a low-cost software program that enables finger tracking and control using preset buttons, which can be a useful tool for creating more expressive and interactive virtual avatars.

Facial Motion Capture

When it comes to live streaming with virtual avatars, facial animation can be a critical factor in creating an engaging and authentic experience. One way to achieve this is by using sound-based lip-sync software to synchronize the avatar's mouth movements with your spoken words.

However, some software may require additional equipment such as a helmet or markers on your face to accurately track your facial expressions and create more detailed animations. It's important to consider these options when choosing the best approach for your live streaming needs.

To improve production quality, it is necessary to use advanced equipment. However, many people now use standard streamer setups that include 2D webcams for this purpose. Hitogata and Wakaru are the primary software applications used to achieve facial tracking for virtual YouTubers.

More Tools for Non-experts

Beginners require more user-friendly tools and software to create characters and videos easily. Without such tools, it can be challenging for newcomers to enter the business and produce quality content.

The abundance of options and features in Vtuber software can be time-consuming for beginners who are not familiar with their use. Therefore, the availability of more user-friendly Vtuber software and tools that support diverse art styles is essential. It is recommended to learn about becoming a VTuber beforehand to make the most out of these resources.

All-in-one Mocap Solution

Creating an all-in-one mocap solution that utilizes a webcam to capture finger, body, and facial movements would significantly reduce the inconvenience faced by virtual YouTuber creators. Such a solution could also help decrease the cost of hardware sensors needed for traditional mocap systems.

mocap solution

Top 10 Trendy Vtuber Apps Used By Virtual YouTuber

No.1  Hololive

The top-rated VTuber app for both Android and iPhone is used to track facial movements, allowing users to create a virtual avatar that mimics their expressions. To begin using the app, simply open it and select the screen recorder option.

Once you begin recording, talk and make the movements you want your character to mimic. The app captures your movements, and the resulting avatar will lip-sync accurately and have precise head motions. However, this virtual YouTuber software may not capture extreme emotions such as happiness or disgust as well.

No.2  Puppemoji

This VTube app is an excellent choice for iOS devices, offering robust face tracking features that superimpose an anime character over your face. The app excels at capturing mouth expressions with precision.

This Vtube app does an excellent job of detecting head motion, eyebrows, and eyeball movements. It is one of the most advanced apps available for iOS users, with numerous options for customizing anime characters, changing voice pitch, and personalizing backgrounds. If you haven't tried it yet, it's definitely worth checking out.

No.3  VKatsu

V-Katsu is an avatar creation program that offers a vast array of expressions for your character. This VTuber app on Android includes extensive data to support your avatar, and if you have a VR device like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, you can even take on the persona of your avatar and control its movements. V-Katsu is available on various platforms including Steam and can be used as an iPhone VTuber app.

No.4  Meitu

Meitu is a popular Vtuber app used for photo editing. It offers numerous filters and advanced features such as face slimming and eye enlargement.

Meitu also offers an avatar named Meitu Al that can be used by virtual YouTubers through the app. This avatar supports advanced features such as facial attribute analysis, facial detection, and facial landmark detection. Users can change the outfit and background of their anime character. This versatile app works as a VTuber app for both Android and iPhone devices.

No.5  Avatar Life - Chat in the 3D World

This virtual YouTuber app is an excellent choice for iOS users, as it is compatible with iOS 9.0 and later versions. The app can be used on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, making it a versatile option for VTubers with different devices.

This iOS VTube app is available in multiple languages, including English, Dutch, French, and Russian. It offers a variety of themes for users to choose from and includes a new poster space and theater environment. Users can create their customized avatars according to their preferences.

No.6  Custom Cast

This VTube app is an excellent choice for Android users and can also be used as an iPhone VTuber app. It allows users to create virtual avatars and become virtual YouTubers. The app uses the mobile phone's camera to track facial expressions, while lip-syncing is managed through the device's microphone. Best of all, this app is free to use.

Users can choose from different poses in this virtual YouTuber software app, which also supports live streaming and allows for videos to be recorded in selfie-style. As a free app, it offers a great opportunity for anyone to try VTubing without any financial commitment.

No.7  CV VTuber Example

This Vtuber app is commonly used to control a 3D humanoid model through the use of WebCam Texture. The app captures facial expressions, and users can even control the head orientation of their avatar.


Virtual V Tuber Wiki is a highly successful virtual celebrity who created the character Inugami Korone using VTuber software. The popular CV VTuber Example is available on a wide range of devices, including Android and iPhone devices, making it accessible to many users.

No.8  VRoid studio

This VTuber app enables users to create videos according to their own imagination and requirements. It offers a hair designing feature that allows for the swift creation of hairstyle models.

With the texture editing feature in this VTuber app, users can draw on their 3D humanoid model directly or in UV mode. The app also allows for easy adjustment of body parts and generates eye blinks and emotional expressions automatically.

No.9 Facerig

This Vtuber app is ideal for recording vlogs or freestyle impersonation shows and supports mocap tracking. It can be used in combination with professional virtual YouTuber software to create content that generates ad-based revenue. Users can showcase their creations efficiently, and the app can even be used with WebCam tracking.

No.10  Live 2D

This VTuber app offers dynamic expression creation through various deformation tools. Users can tailor the use of these tools according to their specific applications and create models that match their exact vision.

This VTuber app includes several powerful deformation tools, including the wrap deformer for simulating clothes movement, Deform Path for controlling hair and mouth movements, and Rotation Deformer for expressing rotation around a joint. Overall, this app is highly reviewed and can help users create perfect avatars.

No. 11 EVKI

This virtual YouTuber app is relatively new and entirely in Japanese. It was released in September of last year and has received positive reviews. To use this VTuber app on Android, simply launch it on your device, turn on the screen recorder, and start performing your content. The app will automatically capture your movements and handle the rest.

When using this VTuber app, ensure that your microphone is enabled while performing. The app offers a wide variety of avatars to choose from and includes four sets of facial expressions for users to select and customize according to their preferences.

Video Downloader as VTuber Software for Video Materials

Y2mate Video Downloader

Y2mate Video Downloader is a useful tool that allows users to download videos from over 200 websites. This feature can be particularly helpful for virtual YouTubers who wish to use video materials for V-tubing and want to watch their favorite videos offline.


Here are some steps to download the video using this software:

Step 1: Download the Y2mate Video Downloader and install

Step 2: Find the video

After installation, launch it and find the video you want through 2 methods.

Method 1: enter the URL of the video in the address bar and then click on Search.

Method 2: go to a built-in explorer to search for your target video. It even provides access to YouTube and Twitter links.

Step 3: Adding the video

  • Now you can add videos to My Favorites or in the Created Playlist, with the Add option Add from the navigation menu below the YouTube video.

  • Click on Add to Favorite and the video will be added in that folder. You can also click on another option, that is, Add to Playlist.

  • Once the video has been analyzed by the software, the option for Download will appear.

Step 4: Downloading the videos

  • Now when you play any video, this software will automatically download the video from the source site. It starts analyzing the video and the Download button pops up.

  • In case you want to download some more videos from a given Playlist, you can click on option Playlist and have a look at the videos that you think can be interesting. Now to save them on your device, you need to click on Download and the process will start.

  • The videos can be played offline by going to the Downloads section present on the left navigational side on your device.

Step 5: Watching From Playlist - Alternative to Downloading videos

If you want to watch the Playlist online instead of downloading it, you can simply save the entire playlist at the moment when it is playing. Go to ‘Add to Button’ and click on Save Playlist. The playlist will be saved to the folder Saved as ‘Playlist’ present on the left side of the panel.

Y2mate Video Downloader lets you download your favorite videos effortlessly and without altering its quality. It is excellent virtual Youtuber software for any VTuber. 

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