Top 11 Trending VTuber Apps for Advanced V-Tubing

By SahilSharma

top 11 vtuber apps to start as a vtuber

Virtual YouTubers, otherwise known as VTubers are becoming increasingly popular and successful nowadays. They publish videos, where they are the anime characters. One such YouTube personality is Kizuna Al who has more than 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel

The actors shoot videos in a studio. The movements of his elbow, hands, and head are recorded by the software. With the help of trackers, it recreates the full-body actions. The voice of the actor becomes the voice of the character. These interesting characters come to life through this technology.

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The virtual YouTubers get a free hand to create contents that cannot be aired on television. They gain a lot of popularity on social media platforms. The audiences accept Vtubers for their face value.

Interaction with digital avatars is becoming more comfortable day by day. They influence a large number of people. It is one of the easiest and cheap methods of making virtual Youtuber videos. You just need to turn on the camera, start talking, and then upload the video.


How to become a VTuber?

Virtual celebrities use advanced top 10 VTuber software applications and graphics technology that enable the creation of graphic content immediately. Here are some steps to how to become VTuber.

Technical solutions

There are a lot of services for virtual celebrities. A landscape map can be created for them. This YouTube virtual reality map is categorized into elements like motion capture, avatar creation, management, and live streaming.

Each of these solutions is supported by different platforms. There are a lot of things that must be taken into consideration like quality, the process of installation, and the price range. A brief description is available for each solution on the raw data page. You can click on ‘Open as a page’. The description of that will come up.

Tools for 3D modeling

VTubers use a lot of tools for rigging and providing 3D effects to characters. There are tools like Maya and Blender which help you to create your avatar without any trouble. If you are a beginner and have not used them before, it will take a lot of your time. In the beginning, it is a very difficult and time-consuming process to create a YouTube virtual reality character, you can make your own character like this article explained: 10 Hot Anime Character Creator Tools to create your own avatars.

Tools for 2Dmodeling

There are some other Vtuber software tools like Live2D and VRoid that help illustrators to draw the anime-style characters for you. You don’t need to work on rigging if you are using these tools. This is a great advantage of using these user-friendly tools.

Pre-rigged base models are available in VRoid so that the user can include more features to it if necessary. If required, you can add details to the virtual Youtuber by drawing on it.

Customization applications

Another way of creating YouTube virtual reality videos with anime characters is by using the apps that would simply dress them up. The options for designing them are already available and you can select the ones that you think will make your character look unique and beautiful.

The avatars then can be used for either animation or YouTube virtual reality games. However, these tools do not provide the option for exporting 3Dmodel. The avatars created can only be utilized in their platform.

The avatar tools have been made advanced and modern, with an increase in the number of Vtubers. This trend has emerged a lot in the last few years. It has spread quite fast and is gaining popularity regularly.

Bodysuit for Body Mocap

It is advisable to hold the VR positioning trackers rather than wearing a bodysuit. The VRtrackers aid in animating your feet and hands more easily. It is an affordable and easier way of creating YouTube virtual reality videos.

If you want something on a low budget, you can try using some free virtual Youtuber software tools like VRChat. It is a great option for you to export 3D characters. Wakaru is software that can be used for controlling the fingers by using preset buttons.

Facial motion capture

This is crucial for live streaming. There are many ways to do so. Facial animation can be done with the use of sound-based lip-sync software. Some software even requires you to wear a helmet or markers on your face.

This is required to boost production quality. But nowadays regular streamer setups are being used to do so. These setups can use 2D webcams. Hitogata and Wakaru are the main virtual Youtuber software to do facial tracking.

More tools for non-experts

There is a need for more user-friendly tools and software for beginners. If you have just entered into the business then it will become very difficult for you to create characters and videos.

It will consume a hell lot of your time since there are so many options and features that you may not be accustomed to using. Therefore more Vtuber software and tools for non-experts will support diverse art styles. It will be better for you to know all about how to become a VTuber.

All-in-one mocap solution

There is a need for an all-in-one mocap solution so that the fingers, body, and face movements can be captured with the help of a webcam. This will drastically reduce the inconvenience faced by YouTube virtual reality video creators. The price of hardware sensors will also be reduced.

mocap solution

Top 10 Trendy Vtuber Apps Used By Virtual YouTuber

No.1  Hololive

Ranking No.1 in the list of VTuber Apps is the best VTuber app for Android and also an iPhone VTuber app. It's used for face tracking your movements so that they can be mimicked and a virtual avatar can be created. Once you have opened the app, tap on the screen recorder option.

After that start talking and recording all the movements that you think are important for your character. Your movements will be captured by the avatar. The lip-syncing is decent and the head motion-captured is accurate. Some extreme emotions like happiness or disgust are not captured well by this virtual Youtuber software.

No.2  Puppemoji

This is one of the very great VTube apps for iOS devices. This iPhone VTuber app has good face tracking features and superimposes an anime character in your face. The mouth expressions are very well captured by this app.

It does a good job of picking up head motion, eyebrows, and eyeballs. This Vtube app iOS users use is among one of the most advanced apps. There are many options available for changing the pitch of your voice, background, and personalization of anime characters. You should try using this app once.

No.3  VKatsu

V-Katsu is an avatar creation program with the widest range of expressions. A lot of data have been prepared in this VTuber app android for you. Using VR devices such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, you may also become your avatar and manipulate your avatar's hands and feet as you choose. It is also available on Steam and can be an iPhone VTuber app.

No.4  Meitu

Meitu is a famous Vtuber app for editing photos. It provides a lot of filters and even presents features like slimming down your face or enlargement of your eyes.

An avatar named Meitu Al can be used by virtual Youtuber through this app. It has features like facial attribute analysis, facial detection, and scanning your face. Facial landmark detection is also one of its major features. The outfit and background of anime characters can be changed too. Thus, it can be a VTuber Android app or an iPhone VTuber app, depending on which mobile device you use.

No.5  Avatar Life - Chat in the 3D world

It is a great virtual Youtuber app to be used for iOS devices. This iPhone VTuber app is compatible with iOS 9.0 and later versions. It is also compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

A lot of languages are available like English, Dutch, French, Russian, and many more. This Vtube app iOS has several themes to select from. It has provided a new poster space and theater environment. You can create an avatar of your choice.

No.6  Custom Cast

This VTuber app is one of the great VTube apps for Android and is free to use. It is  an iPhone VTuber app. You can make virtual avatars and create your own virtual Youtuber. It tracks the facial expressions through the mobile phone’s camera, and the lip-syncing is carried out through a microphone.

You can select different poses too. This virtual Youtuber software app also supports live streaming. You can even make videos in selfie style. Since it is a free app, anyone can try VTubing once.

No.7  CV VTuber Example

It is a frequently used Vtuber app to control a 3D humanoid model. This is done using WebCam Texture. It will be used to capture facial expressions. It even allows you to control the head orientation of the avatar that you are going to create.


Virtual V Tuber wiki is an extremely successful virtual celebrity who has created the character Inugami Korone using such VTuber software. CV VTuber Example is available on many devices--it is not only a VTuber APP Android but also an iPhone VTuber APP.

No.8  VRoid studio

It is a VTuber app that lets you create your videos through your imagination and requirement. It provides a hair designing feature that lets you create the model hairs swiftly.

The texture editing feature lets you draw on your 3D humanoid model either in UV mode or directly. The body parts of the character can be adjusted easily and eye blinks and emotions are generated automatically.

No.9 Facerig

This Vtuber app can be used for recording vlogs or freestyle impersonation show. It enables mocap tracking. This app can be used with professional virtual YouTuber software. It can be used for creating material through which ad-based revenue can be generated. You can showcase your creations efficiently. It can be used with WebCam tracking too.

No.10  Live 2D

This VTuber app creates dynamic expressions. This is done with the help of various deformation tools. These tools can be used according to the type of application and you can perform modeling exactly the way you have imagined.

The wrap deformer allows clothes to flap. The movement of hairs and mouth are controlled by the tool Deform Path. Another attribute of this Vtuber software app is Rotation Deformer. This is used to express rotation around a joint. It creates a perfect avatar for you. The VTube app review of this one is also quite good.

No. 11 EVKI

It is a fairly new virtual Youtuber app and is entirely in Japanese. This VTuber app android was released in September last year. The reviews are quite good. Once you have launched this app on your device, open it, and turn on the screen recorder. Start acting your content and the application will itself capture your movements and do the rest.

Make sure that the microphone is enabled while acting. There are a lot of avatars to select from. It even provides 4 sets of facial expressions. You can choose the desired expression and continue with your work.

Video Downloader as VTuber Software for Video Materials

Y2mate Video Downloader

Y2mate Video Downloader can be used to download videos from more than 200 websites. It enables users to watch their favorite videos when offline., which could be used by virtual YouTubers as the video materials for the V-tubing.


Here are some steps to download the video using this software:

Step 1: Download the Y2mate Video Downloader and install

Step 2: Find the video

After installation, launch it and find the video you want through 2 methods.

Method 1: enter the URL of the video in the address bar and then click on Search.

Method 2: go to a built-in explorer to search for your target video. It even provides access to YouTube and Twitter links.

Step 3: Adding the video

  • Now you can add videos to My Favorites or in the Created Playlist, with the Add option Add from the navigation menu below the YouTube video.

  • Click on Add to Favorite and the video will be added in that folder. You can also click on another option, that is, Add to Playlist.

  • Once the video has been analyzed by the software, the option for Download will appear.

Step 4: Downloading the videos

  • Now when you play any video, this software will automatically download the video from the source site. It starts analyzing the video and the Download button pops up.

  • In case you want to download some more videos from a given Playlist, you can click on option Playlist and have a look at the videos that you think can be interesting. Now to save them on your device, you need to click on Download and the process will start.

  • The videos can be played offline by going to the Downloads section present on the left navigational side on your device.

Step 5: Watching From Playlist - Alternative to Downloading videos

If you want to watch the Playlist online instead of downloading it, you can simply save the entire playlist at the moment when it is playing. Go to ‘Add to Button’ and click on Save Playlist. The playlist will be saved to the folder Saved as ‘Playlist’ present on the left side of the panel.

DVDFab Video Downloader lets you download your favorite videos effortlessly and without altering its quality. It is excellent virtual Youtuber software for any VTuber. 

Al last, you can also learn more about the 20 Easy Tools Used by Virtual YouTubers, as well as free Vtuber apps for YouTube and Twitch.