10 Hot Anime Character Creator Tools to Create Your Own Anime Avatars - 2021

Updated on 2022-09-16
We have find top 10 anime character creator online and offline tools for you to create your own anime.

anime character creator

Part1: Recent Trends and Interesting Facts about Anime and Anime Creators 

The past year saw several unexpected changes in anime schedules and productions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Several anime productions came to a halt or got delayed for several months. 2021 is expected to be a better year for the anime and anime character creator industry.

Many of the huge anime series are set to return in 2021. There will be various key fan-favorite manga adaptations too. Also, there are going to be loads of original anime projects that would be making their premieres. Despite the delays due to the coronavirus situation, 2021 is going to be the bounce-back year for anime. Here is the list of a few exciting anime that is expected in 2021. We have followed it with the listing of top anime character creator online and offline tools. Also, we have listed top 13 anime websites to watch anime online.

My Hero Academia Season 5

Date of Release: March 27th

This anime adaptation is a series of inventive and fun battles that look better in full anime form. It is developed with advanced 3d anime character creator tools. The anime shares spectacular energy with fans when new episodes will release. It is going to make the springtime miraculous and thrilling.

Edens Zero

Date of Release: April 10th

This anime is going to feature a new threesome that is going to have shades of the Lucy, Happy dynamic, and Natsu. This series is going to have plenty of surprises for all fans who are waiting to see peculiar fights, characters, and fan service of Mashima.

Shaman King

Release Date of the Window: April 2021

Shaman King is among the key franchises that are expected to return this year. The brand-new anime series will be a faithful adaptation in comparison to the original series released in 2001. It will feature a few familiar voices and faces of the original series. The graphics have been improved with advanced 3d anime character creator software and tools.

Shaman King

Godzilla Singular Point

Release Date of the Window: April 2021 (on Netflix globally)

This anime series features a joint production from Beastars studio Orange and My Hero Academia studio Bones. There is plenty of renowned talent behind it. The series showcases characters designs by animator Eiji Yamamori from the Studio Ghibli, Kazue Kato the Blue Exorcist creator. Toh Enjoe, the Science-fiction writer makes his first TV debut in this series. It will be a real delight for all those anime fans worldwide.

Godzilla Singular Point

Zombie Land Saga Revenge

Release Date of Window: April 2021

This new and upcoming series is going to change your world. It will be a perfect entrance to the huge idol subgenre. The horror infused comedy blends of Zombie Land Saga will blend perfectly with its incredible delightful and electric main cast.

The second season of Zombie Land Saga will talk more about how the zombie idol group, Franchouchou, will reach its highest point. More than that, the series will ensure several great songs that any anime fan should not miss.  High level anime character creator technology is used in the making.

Zombie Land Saga Revenge

Interesting Things about Anime

Anime has a greater appeal in Japan. The country has close to 130 voice-acting schools and innumerable anime character creator tools. It accounts for nearly 60% of the total anime-based entertainment in the world.

Interesting Things about Anime

KIMI NO NA WA (Your Name) is the highest-grossing Anime film ever

The commercial success of Makoto Shinkai cannot be underestimated. This film has brought in over $355 million throughout the world. The compelling fictional storyline makes the anime movie appealing to others. With in-depth character development, and complicated stories, anime avoids any form of cartoon label. 3d anime character creator is used for developing higher form of art.

Anime film ever

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Part 2: 10 Most Popular Anime Creator Apps, software, and websites for Anime Character Creation

How to design or create Anime Character - You will need specialized anime avatar creator tools or apps for developing new anime characters. There also are many websites that allow anime character creator online.

Anime Character Creation

Top 4 Anime Creator Apps

Anime Creator Apps

1) Boomoji - Your Three-Dimensional Avatar for Android

This is one of the best anime avatar creator full-body maker applications for Android 2021. By using this character creator anime application, the user can easily personalize their avatar with plenty of outfit selections. The anime avatar creator full body app enables them to express themselves with a massive library of animated stickers. 

Boomoji anime avatar creator also provides a variety of skin tones, eye colors, hairstyle, hair colors and a lot more to make an avatar that looks like you. Furthermore, the anime avatar creator full body app also has an extensive library of animated stickers that comprises different types of emotions and status. It allows for creating the quick expression of feelings to have a lot of fun with friends.

Avatar for Android

2) SuperMe - Comic Avatar Maker

This is another widely used anime character creator app for Android or iPhone users. It assists you to make your anime distinctive and super astonishing cartoon avatar. The anime avatar creator full body app also possesses various items that one can combine to create the avatar. Using the anime avatar creator app, you can easily add expression to the face. The anime character creator's full-body also provides plenty of new features.

Comic Avatar Maker

3) Myidol - 3-Dimensional Avatar Creator iPhone

This is an ideal 3D anime character creator app for iPhone 2021. This avatar creator anime app can easily transform your selfie into a three-dimensional avatar. This character creator anime makes use of three-dimensional facial recognition technology that helps users create a distinctive avatar. By using this 3d anime character creator application, users can easily adjust the color of skin, hair, eye color, hairstyle, and a lot more.

3-Dimensional Avatar Creator iPhone

4) Sexy Avatar Maker: Anime by Sexy Avatar Makers Factory for Android

This is a great anime character creator tool for Android software. It provides beautifully designed anime and avatar characters. Such character creator anime application provides a large range of fragments to “mix and match.” This anime character creator full-body tool also lets users decorate the original character for different stories such as ninja, contemporary, fantasy, school, fiction, knights, and romantic.

The avatar creator anime software also enables the user to personalize the lips, eyes, hairs, clothes and other attributes. Furthermore, you can share your picture as well as set it in the form of wallpaper. This anime avatar creator app comes with flexible color options. It provides a massive range of stunning accessories for male as well as female characters.

avatar creator anime

Top 4 Anime Creator Software

Anime Creator Software

1) Toongineer Cartoonizer

Toongineer Cartoonizer is great anime character creator software that lets you generate anime pictures with the help of a selfie. On the basis of the image, your input in the anime avatar creator software, the online anime character creator software lets you convert your selfie into a cartoon or anime.

The quality of the image that the anime character creator's full-body creates matches the quality of the output that you get from Pixar. Toongineer Cartoonizer is one of the best online anime character creators for the conversion of any real-world pictures into anime-style images.


  • This anime avatar creator provides an intuitive interface

  • This Artificial Intelligence tool can transform a photo into a cartoon version instantly

  • This online anime character creator automatically converts any selfie or any type of images into a cartoon style image

  • Users also get a free trial facility to use this online anime character creator


There is only one drawback of working with this anime avatar creator tool is that it doesn’t provide many editing tools.

anime avatar creator

2) Crypko

This anime character creator is driven by a Generative adversarial network that helps it instantly generate anime faces that exhibit professional-level quality. Crypko is also viewed as an industrial version of MakeGirlsMoe that is built by the same developer team as Crypko. The character creator anime software lets users buy Crypko Cards.

It is a special type of code that is used for the generation of a definite anime character. This anime male character creator lets users create more anime characters of their choice by combining these digital cards. Crypko works like an illustrator to easily match human professionals working in the anime industry. The anime avatar creator software produces superior quality results but is appropriate for only commercial use.

anime male character creator

3) Make Girls Moe

This is another important anime character creator tool that was built by a cooperative team from Carnegie Mellon University, Fudan University, Stony Brook University, and Tongji University. The anime avatar creator software was a grand hit when it was first launched in the market. Anime male character creator lets the user easily produce top-quality anime character drawings without any assistance from human beings.

It instantly generates anime characters based on the portrait that you upload. The con of this Artificial Intelligence character creator anime software is that it is only useful for non-commercial use. The quality of images that the anime male character creator creates is diluted after yielding a large number of pictures easily.

Furthermore, this anime avatar creator tool enables users to create customized anime characters easily. In addition to the automatic creation of any anime character, users also get plenty of options to create adjustments in the form of blush, hairstyle, ribbon, eye color, hair color, smile, hat, open mouth glasses, and more. The only downside of using this anime male character creator software is that there is no facility to preview any option.


anime male character creator software

4) Paints Chainer

This anime character creator software is created in January 2017by PFN. It got appreciation by Twitter and several other websites. With this avatar creator anime software, users can upload a female portrait to convert it into an anime character. Furthermore, there is also a feature in this character creator anime software to upload a sketch image and color it automatically using “deep learning” technology. Another important benefit of the anime male character creator tool is that it also provides color hints to the user to control the colorization outcome.

It works together with a drawing application named “pixiv Sketch”. The software also assists in automatic coloring. If you wish to increase the length of anime images without any loss of quality, then get the assistance of Anime Image Enlargers Review for getting more beneficial tools.

The advantages of the anime character creator tool are that it offers support for social media websites. This 3d anime character creator also automatically colorizes sketch images. The downside of the anime avatar creator tool is that the quality of generated anime character from the uploaded image isn’t of superior quality.

3d anime character creator

Top 2 Anime Character Creation Websites

Anime Character Creation Websites

1) Face Your Manga

If you wish to create your own avatar, then you should use this 3d anime character creator software. This is a feature-rich website that helps you get all the things that you are in search of. This is a nice tool to add blemishes, moles, third-eye, birthmarks, and a band-aid. Using this tool, users can also set an eyebrow of their character based on their preference. 

Face Your Manga

2) Portrait Illustration Maker

This anime character creator website offers the simplest way to create anime avatars online. This is the perfect anime male character creator website for those who want to create anime characters in less time. The avatar creator anime website provides a “Randomizer tool” that helps randomly generate avatars. As the website does not provide several features, you would not get any options for customization.

This avatar creator anime provides an editing tool that lets users modify their randomly created avatars and modify them manually. In addition to avatar creation, the anime male character creator website also allows users to share it over social media platforms.  

Portrait Illustration Maker

Part 3: How About Other Avatar Creators?

What is VRChat?

Social media platforms are evolving on a continuous basis. They are integrating the recent and greatest technologies that help them stay ahead of their competitors. Virtual reality is the coming technology for transforming the way we connect.

VR chat or virtual reality chat is a great social media platform that enables users to interact with other three-dimensional characters and avatars that show their likeness. While playing this VRchat avatar social game, players can explore several Find out and explore several VRchat avatar worlds that are developed by others with the help of the platform.

This VRchat avatar concept was launched by founders Jesse Joudrey and Graham Gaylor in 2017. VRchat sexy avatar maker got massively spread in the world of gaming and was featured heavily on streaming websites that include YouTube, and Twitch. This 3D anime character creator platform depends a lot on user-generated content.

VRchat avatar software offers the ability to users to customize their avatars and create the world of their dreams just like that. You can play this VRchat avatar social game in a standing or seated position using different types of hardware such as gamepads, motion-tracking controllers, and keyboards.

You will need to learn the right way to use this VRchat avatar software to connect to people from all parts of the world. Start by downloading the VRchat sexy avatar maker specific to the hardware you have. The VRchat sexy avatar maker offers support to plenty of different VR hardware options that include famous headsets such as HTC Vive, Microsoft’s Mixed Reality gear and Oculus Rift.

VRchat avatar

Features of VR Chat

  • This avatar creator anime helps the user find out and explore several VRchat avatar worlds

  • VRchat avatar creator comes with eye-tracking and lip-syncs features along with a broad range of full body and motion tracking

  • The VRchat avatar creator offers three-dimensional spatialized audio

  • Using this avatar creator anime, users can Chat, sculpt, draw, collaborate, or watch videos

  • The VRchat avatar creator lets the user play anime character creator games such as capturing the flag, bowling, battle discs, and more

  • Ability to make your tailored avatars, anime character creator games, and VRchat avatar worlds

Conclusion on Anime Character Creator

We hope you liked the listings of anime character creator online and offline tools. You could also check out anime character creator Deviantart.