Top 13 Anime Sites to Watch Anime Free Online [2021 Update]

Updated on 2021-07-30
In this article, we‘ve recommended 13 top anime websites for you to watch and stream anime online for free! Check it right now!

Part 1. Intro

Are you a fan of Anime? Are you trying to find a way to watch anime for free and online? If that so, then you are at the right place!

Anime has been a buzz word in recent years. Many people are very fond of watching animes created by Japanese production companies. An increasing number of fans are trying to find free websites to watch or stream anime online for free. Thus, for this purpose, we hereby provide you 13 top anime streaming websites in 2020 that is free and stand out among so many anime streaming candidates. Scroll down to find out best anime sites to watch anime for free! Besides that, we also made a list for the best dubbed anime in 2021. Want to spend some time in anime world? Let's dive in! 

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Part 2: Top 13 Anime Sites to Watch Anime Free Online



User-oriented, free with latest anime episodes

Anime Season ranks top in terms of its user-oriented service provided on its site where you can watch anime online free. As one free anime sites that categorize its hot anime lists based on user reviews, it has certainly won the heart of many anime fans. All in all, it would be quite an easy task to find and stream your favorite anime online for free based on the different user-centric categories like the latest anime episodes, anime recommendations, rating of the anime shows, recently added section, etc.



Quick update and free, but can’t be downloaded

If you are an anime fan for years, then you must know this free anime site This website has many good features like high resolution, little ads, and quick update of the latest episodes. That’s exactly the reason that many users choose it to watch anime online free. There wouldn’t be an ad coming out in the middle of watching or in the beginning to spoil your viewing experience. The latest episodes would be quickly updated on this free anime websites after its official release. Besides, you could search free anime titles based on rating, genre, comment or user review. One thing you need to know is that you cannot download it for offline playback, you could only watch anime online with internet.

3. MyAnimeList


No ads, dubbed version offered

Ranking the 3rd on the top list of free anime streaming websites is MyAnimeList, another best free anime streaming website for you to watch hot anime episodes. One of the features you must like is that there won’t be ads during playback! The interface of this free anime website has also been spoken highly of by anime fans, with easy tabs to search for anime titles. In addition, you could watch anime HD videos with English subtitles.



Wide anime collection, need login to download

Ranking the 4th is, which has given great satisfaction for its users, and it has the accumulate a large number of fans. If you are looking for a free anime streaming website, then you’d better check this out! Some fans even said they don’t need another free anime sites since they can watch anime free on KissAnime. It offers both dubbed and original anime for users to choose. Besides, you can download it for offline enjoyment once your login on this free anime websites! Isn’t that fantastic?



Quick update frequency than most of anime websites

Here comes the 5th free anime websites to watch anime free online:! This is another outlet if you are looking for some good and free anime websites to stream your favorite anime online for free. One best thing about the site is that its episodes are updated in a super-fast manner! Usually, you would find the latest episodes on Chia-anime before it appears on other websites. So maybe check this out if you are following some anime updates.



Well-categorized anime collection, dubbed version, no geographical restriction.

Unlike some free anime websites that might have geographical restrictions, GoGoAnime is available worldwide and ranks high on our top list for free anime websites. Moreover, it is a free anime website with a well-categorized collection of animes from Manga series to anime films for you to choose from. This free anime streaming websites offers good watching experience like dubbed episodes and English cartoon clips, and it also offers original and non-subtitle Japanese version. Amazingly, you could download the anime video free for offline playback. Here is one full review on gogoanime io.



High video quality, but restricted access for places not in US, UK, Europe and Asia

Hulu is another free anime website for you to choose from and stream anime free online that receives numerous good reviews. If you are particular about video quality, then you must check this out. Hulu offers a wide collection of anime films or series, almost covering all hot animes. However, Hulu has some geographical restrictions, that means, anime fans in some parts of the world cannot watch anime free on Hulu. Currently, there won’t be any trouble for users in US, UK, Europe and Asia. However, you need to use VPN if you are in the other place not mentioned above. And their videos also limited for downloading.

One amazing news is that you could download shows and anime with a Hulu downloader if you are a registered user of Hulu!



No geographical restrictions, need premium plan to watch some anime series.

Ranking 8th on the top list of free anime websites to watch anime online free is:! It is popular anime website without any geographical restrictions. But for free users, it can be sometimes hard to watch anime without ad interruption. Crunchyroll is not totally free, and some latest episodes would need a premium membership to watch. Most anime episodes are about 20 minutes, and you can use Crunchyroll to watch anime online for free with three ad breaks per episode with ads. Besides, this free anime websites could guarantee you quick anime updates, you won’t miss out the latest episode with it.



Japanese style interface, offer exclusive anime content, Android app offered.

AnimeFreak is the No.9 is, which has a distinctive Japanese style, presenting anime fans a bright and colorful interface. Besides that, for some specific content that can’t be found on other website, try visit this anime website, a big possibility is that you can find it here. This anime websites offer both dubbed and original series versions, most importantly, you can watch anime on your mobile phone with AnimeFreak’s Android app.



Wide range anime collection, dubbed series offered, downloading not supported.

On the top list of free anime websites to watch anime online, one site we can’t ignore is If you are looking for a diverse anime collection ranging from drama to action, then you may check this free anime streaming website out, which features a clean interface with a long list of anime series. Dubbed anime series are provided for a user-friendly service. But it doesn’t support video downloading.



English dubbed and subbed Anime offered for free streaming online

StreamAnime.TV is also one good choice for you to watch anime free online. And for those who don’t understand Japanese very well, don’t worry, they provide English dubbed and subbed Anime Online for free. You would find it easy to streaming high quality English dubbed anime videos with this free anime website.

12. Hentai 


Offer adult anime content for free

Ranking 12th is Hentai, also a free anime website to watch anime online. One thing specific to this free anime website is that it offers adult anime content. It’s quite easy to stream and watch high quality dubbed anime videos on this website.

13. funimation


Offers subbed version for free, dubbed version for a charge, VPN might be needed.

Ranking last one on the top list for a free anime website is Funimation, a free anime website with an impressive collection of Japanese anime. Funimation provides the great legal anime streaming service and is well received among anime fans. You can watch subbed anime version for free but you would need to purchase a premium plan for dubbed version. However, do remember, you might need VPN to visit it since some part of the world have restricted access to it.

Part 3: How to Download Anime for Free from Top Anime Sites like Crunchyroll?

After introducing the top 13 free anime websites, you must have discovered that some of the websites need a premium membership to access all of its content and some cannot be downloaded. So here we would talk about what to do if you want to save the anime series offline from these top anime websites like Crunchyroll!

If you’d like to save your favorite anime video for offline enjoyment, you would need some downloader tool for help, one of the best anime video downloaders is Y2mate Video Downloader, which supports downloading Crunchyroll anime videos directly and save it for offline playback. Next, you are going to learn how.

anime video downloader 

How to Download Anime for Free from Crunchyroll?

Step 1: Install Anime Video Downloader

Install this Anime video downloader software on your laptop, both Windows and Mac OS installers are available.

Step 2: Launch Anime Downloader

Launch this Anime video downloader after successful installation, then use it to browse Crunchyroll, you could either use the built-in browser or directly paste the URL of the video onto the search box to load the anime video.


Step 3: Download the Anime Video

Lastly, click the Download button appeared on the interface, choose the video quality you want and start to Download Crunchyroll Videos!

Right, it is that simple to download anime videos from Crunchyroll. Most amazingly about this anime video downloader is that it supports more than 1000+ websites including most popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and hot video streaming websites like YouTube, HBD, Dailymotion as well as top music websites like Vimeo and so on. In need of such video downloader? Why not give it a shot?

Part 4: Wrap Up

Japanese anime is really magical and it possess huge strength, which has been spreading an anime crazy culture all over the world. One thing can’t be truer is that we can be impressed by the imagination that anime gives us just by watching those 2D story and voice. Even the 2D effect is limited, it could still give you much joy and you may find yourself really like one of the characters and learn something from them. Also, it is really a good way to know better about Japanese culture if you are planning a trip to it. All done! We believe you can find your favorite free anime websites from above to suit your various needs, if you have other suggestions for free anime websites to watch or stream anime free online, please contact us, we’ll be glad to know your opinion!

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