[Download MP4 PC] How to download Paramount Plus Shows

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Paramount+ is a globally accessible on-demand video streaming service owned and operated by ViacomCBS Streaming, a US-based business. It offers a wide range of content, including original programming and popular shows from the CBS library. In certain regions of the United States, users can also access live streams of their local CBS affiliate.


Android/IOS | Can I Download Paramount Plus Shows?

If you're a Premium subscriber, yes — you can download Paramount Plus shows and movies to watch offline and on the go. Heads-up, the option to download Paramount Plus shows is not available for Essential. Downloads are unavailable on iOS 9 and Android OS 4.4 and below.

Video downloads are a premium feature available only for Premium monthly and annual subscribers, but you can easily upgrade to Premium to enjoy offline streaming*. Premium subscribers also want most on-demand content free from commercials. However, a few shows (current and prior seasons) will still include brief promotional interruptions. To get started, go to paramountplus.com/account and select "Edit Plan." 

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Can you Download Paramount Plus Shows: Why Don't I See the Download Icons on My iPhone or iPad?

If you're a Premium subscriber, you may be running the iOS 9 version of the Paramount Plus app on your device, which is not supported for Paramount Plus video downloads. However, iOS 10+ is supported for this feature, and it's easy to update your operating system. Simply follow these instructions:

  1. Plug your device into power and connect to the internet with WiFi.
  2. Tap Settings > General > Software Update. You should see that there is an iOS update available.
  3. Tap "Download and Install".

Another reason you may not see the download option on your device is if you're using an older version of the Paramount Plus app. To manually update the app:

  1. On your device, go to your App Store.
  2. Tap "Updates" at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap "Update All" to update all your apps, or just tap "Update" next to the CBS app.

Now reopen the Paramount+ app and navigate to a show or movie that displays the download icon. Tap the icon, and start downloading!
Finally, a reminder that not all shows and movies are downloadable videos. If you’re seeing the download icon in some places but not others, it may just mean that the show or movie is unavailable for download.

You Can Download On Paramount Plus

All in all, if you don’t see download icons on your iPhone or iPad, it could be due to a few reasons. One possibility is that the app or content you are trying to download does not support offline downloading. Another reason could be that you have restrictions enabled on your device that prevent downloads.

Additionally, if you’re in a region where downloads aren’t supported due to licensing or other reasons, you may not be able to access download options. Finally, make sure that your device has enough storage space available to download the content.

Can you Download Paramount Plus Shows: Why Can't I See the Option to Download Paramount Plus Videos on My Android Device?

If you're a Premium subscriber, this could mean your device is running an unsupported version of Android OS (below 5.0) for video downloads. You can resolve this by upgrading Android to a supported version (5.0+) with these steps:

  1. Plug your device into power and connect to the internet with WiFi.
  2. Open Settings, and select About Phone.
  3. Tap Check for Updates. If an update is available, an Update button will appear.
  4. You'll be prompted to install the system update. Tap the prompt to start the update.

Another reason download options don't display could be if you're using an older version of the Paramount Plus app.

To manually update the app:

  1. On your device, go to your Google Play Store
  2. Choose My apps & games from the left sidebar. This will open a page with your installed apps, showing those that need updates at the top.
  3. Tap "Updates" at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Tap "Update All" to update all your apps, or just tap "Update" next to the Paramount Plus app.

Reminder: not all shows and movies are downloadable videos. If you’re seeing the download icon in some places but not others, it may just mean that the show or movie is unavailable for download.

What Shows are on Paramount Plus: What Shows and Videos Can You Download and Watch Offline?

If you're a Premium subscriber, the majority of shows and select movies are available for download, like:

  • Exclusive Paramount+ Originals like Star Trek: Picard, Why Women Kill, and The Good Fight
  • Reality shows like Big Brother, RuPaul's Drag Race, and Survivor.
  • Primetime dramas like Clarice, The Equalizer, and NCIS.
  • Kid's programming like SpongeBob SquarePants, Paw Patrol, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • All classic shows are available with Paramount Plus (hint: Cheers, all the classic Star Trek series, Twin Peaks, and so much more!)

But you can't download all episodes or movies with Premium. Paramount Plus has select shows and movies available for download. Just look for this icon next to the episode or movie.

To Watch Paramount Plus Shows, You Need Device With:

  • iPhone/iPad (iOS 11+)
  • Android tablets/phones (Android 5+)

How Long Will Downloaded Shows and Videos Be Available in My Paramount Plus Download Library?

Starting with the day you've downloaded the Paramount Plus video, it will be available in your download library for 30 days. After 30 days, the video will be removed from your download library.

Once you start streaming the video (even if it's only for a few minutes!), it will be available in your download library for 48 hours. After 48 hours, the video will be removed from your download library. If you haven't finished watching the video by the time it expires, you can always download it again.

Note: Once a video has been deleted from your Paramount Plus download library, you cannot resume watching where you left off.

Can you Download Paramount Plus Shows: How can I Download Paramount Plus Shows?

Downloading a Paramount Plus show or movie on your iOS or Android device is simple!

Comply with the following Paramount Plus download guidelines:

  • Next to a show or movie description, find the Download icon.
  • To download a Paramount Plus show, tap the symbol. Please note that while you can browse the app while waiting for your download to complete, your download will be halted if you quit the Paramount Plus app.
  • You'll see the progress icon. When progress is complete, tap the green "Completed" icon to stream your Paramount Plus show or movie.

How Many Videos Can I Download From Paramount Plus?

You can have 25 downloads in your Paramount Plus video downloads library at one time. Upon the 26th download attempt, you'll see an error message letting you know that you need to delete some previously downloaded videos to proceed.

Is It Possible to Download Many Paramount Plus Videos at Once?

Yes! You can download many Paramount Plus movies at once, but data restrictions and costs may apply depending on your connection or cellular plan.

How to Download Paramount Plus Shows: Free Chrome Extension to Record Paramount Plus Shows

1. Paramount Plus Downloader: Stream Recorder

paramount plus downloader

Stream Recorder is one of the most widely used HTTP Live Streaming downloaders (HLS). You may store live and archived videos supplied in the standard HLS (m3u8) format with the Stream Recorder. Furthermore, if the video file type is mp4, you may use the unique video capture capability to record videos directly. Without re-encoding, downloaded audio and video material is transformed to mp4 in the same quality.

2. Paramount Plus Downloader: Screen Recorder for Google Chrome™

paramount plus downloader

Screen Recorder is browser-based freeware that allows you to capture and record your computer screen.
Make video recordings/screen recordings right from the Chrome browser with this free screen recorder software and share them with your friends/colleagues.

To begin recording your computer screen using the software Screen Recorder for Google ChromeTM, click "Start Capture." 

After you've done recording your video, click "Stop capture" to end it. You may save your video to your computer or Google Drive.

A screen recorder is simple and may be used to create video lessons, software assistance films, and much more.

Paramount Plus Downloader: Best Software to Download Paramount Plus Shows

Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader

Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader is a one-stop solution for downloading movies, TV programs, and series from streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, and Paramount Plus.
The video quality of the downloaded videos spans from 720p to 1080p, up to 4k and even 8k resolution, which is more than enough for movie buffs seeking unrivaled visual quality. 

Y2mate Paramount Plus Downloader additionally lets you choose subtitles and languages according to your preferences.

Is CBS All Access Down?

CBS All Access has been rebranded to Paramount Plus. The change comes with international expansion. As Viacom CBS CEO Bob Bakish said, Paramount was “an iconic and storied brand beloved by consumers all over the world, and it is synonymous with quality, integrity, and world-class storytelling.” You can enjoy all the content from CBS All Access like Star Terk and other original programs and movies.

Do I Need to Download a New Paramount Plus App to Watch Paramount Plus?

No, the CBS All Access app automatically switched to Paramount+. If you need to sign in again, just enter the email address and password you used to sign up for CBS All Access.

Where Can I Download the Paramount Plus App?

How to get Paramount Plus or where can I download the Paramount Plus app? If you'd like to download the Paramount Plus app for your device, just use the relevant information below:
- iPhone/iPad - visit the iTunes store 
- Android (phone and tablet) - visit the GooglePlay store
- Amazon Fire devices - visit the Amazon store