Top 5 Paramount Plus Downloader to Download Paramount Plus Shows

Updated on 2023-11-23
Can you Download Paramount Plus Shows? If you're a Premium subscriber, yes — you can download Paramount Plus shows with paramount plus downloader in this post.

Are you looking for efficient ways to download Paramount Plus shows or screen record Paramount Plus? Paramount Plus Downloader is a powerful tool designed specifically for downloading high-quality episodes, movies, and other content directly from Paramount Plus. 

This article provides a well-rounded list of premier tools and software designed for downloading Paramount Plus content on MacBook and Windows PC devices.  We will consider factors such as ease of use, output formats, advertisement removal, output quality,  download speed, price, availability of built-in browsers, and batch downloads.

Top 5 Paramount Plus Download Methods and Tools

You can first check the comparison of the top 5 Paramount Plus download methods in the table:

  Y2mate KeepStreams MyStream
Stream Recorder
Screen Recorder
Easy to use Easy Easy Easy Difficult Medium
Output Formats MP4, MKV MP4, MKV MP4, MKV MP4 MP4
Advertisement Removal × ×
Output Quality 8K,4K,1080P, 720P 1080P, 720P 1080P, 720P 1080P, 720P 720P
Download speed Super High High Medium Slow Slow
Built-in Web Player × ×
Batch download × ×
Price  $64.9 for Annual Plan  $59.99 for Annual Plan  $89.90 for Annual Plan Free but has ads  Free but has ads

Top 1: Y2mate Paramount Plus Downloader [Most Efficient]

Y2mate Paramount Plus Downloader

  • Available on: Windows PC, macOS
  • Rating: 9.5/10  ❤❤❤❤❤
  • Price: Free for 3 videos, $5.4/month for Annual Plan, $25.9/month for Monthly Plan, $129.9 for Lifetime Plan
 Built-in Paramount Plus browser.
 Support multiple languages.
 Batch download is supported.
 Only can download Paramount Plus content.
 Not free.

Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader is a one-stop solution for downloading movies, TV programs, and series from streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, and Paramount Plus.
The video quality of the downloaded videos spans from 720p to 1080p, up to 4k and even 8k resolution, which is more than enough for movie buffs seeking unrivaled visual quality. 

The Y2mate Paramount Plus Downloader boasts features that allow users to personalize audio and caption language in line with their system's user interface. Users can download complete seasons or episodes, and its ability to save meta information simplifies media library management. Explore the comprehensive features of the Y2mate Paramount Plus Downloader for effortless downloading of Paramount Plus videos.

How to Download Paramount Plus Shows with Y2Mate Downloader?

Get acquainted with the straightforward and effortless process of downloading content from Paramount Plus through the use of the Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader. Let’s delve into the step-by-step guide:

  • Step 1: Download and set up the Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader and you’ll be granted access to various services from where you’d like to download content.
  • Step 2: Access Paramount Plus via the built-in browser and get ready to download it right from the built-in browser.
  • Step 3: Procure your desired video and hit the “Download Now” button

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Top 2: KeepStreams for Paramount Plus Downloader [Most Powerful]

KeepStreams for Paramount Plus Downloader

  • Available on: Windows PC, macOS
  • Rating: 9/10  ❤❤❤❤❤
  • Price: Free for 3 videos, $5.00/month for Annual Plan, $23.99/month for Monthly Plan, $119.9 for Lifetime Plan
 Offers MP4 and MKV formats.
 Preserves audio tracks and subtitles.
 Downloads Paramount Plus videos without ads.
 Supports many streaming platforms but requires separate purchases.
 Does not have a mobile version.

KeepStreams for Paramount Plus Downloader is a fantastic tool capable of downloading movies and shows from Paramount+. Notably, it allows you to store subtitles in the widely used SRT format and embed them directly into your videos.

Experience the handiness of KeepStreams for Paramount Plus Downloader that allows you to effortlessly download and watch Paramount movies on any device. Its built-in feature means you never again have to worry about "expired downloads" or "expired content." Feel the power of quality with content preserved at 1080p, while enjoying 5.1 surround sound and embedded subtitles for an enhanced viewing experience.

Top 3: MyStream Paramount Plus Downloader [Reliable Performance]


  • Available on: Windows PC, macOS
  • Rating: 8.5/10  ❤❤❤❤
  • Price: Free for 3 videos, $7.49/month for Annual Plan, $29.90/month for Monthly Plan, $149.90 for Lifetime Plan
 Supports most popular formats, including MP4 and MKV.
 Preserves the original audio and subtitles.
 Built-in web player, no Disney Plus app needed.
 Ability to download 1080p videos.
 Download up to 100 videos per day.
 No version for mobile.

MyStream Paramount Plus Downloader is a reliable tool capable of downloading a wide range of content from Paramount+. You have the freedom to decide how you want to store subtitles, including the flexible option of storing in a separate SRT file.

Leveraging the batch download feature, you can effortlessly access a plethora of movies, TV shows, and episodes on Paramount+. With MyStream, unrivaled and unlimited downloads become a piece of cake.

Top 4: Stream Recorder for Paramount Plus [Top-notch Quality]

paramount plus downloader

  • Available on: Google Chrome (Extension)
  • Rating: 8/10  ❤❤❤❤
  • Price: Free with Ads
 Downloaded audio and video data is converted to mp4.
 Without the use of an external server.
 Two main operation modes - Normal and Capture.
 Do not support downloading DRM-protected videos.
 Slow download speed.

Stream Recorder is a handy piece of software specially designed for recording videos from Paramount Plus. With this software tool, it is a breeze to save your favorite Paramount Plus shows and movies directly on your local storage.

Stream Recorder is one of the most widely used HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Paramount Plus downloaders. You may store live and archived videos supplied in the standard HLS (m3u8) format with the Stream Recorder. Furthermore, if the video file type is mp4, you may use the unique video capture capability to record videos directly. Without re-encoding, downloaded audio and video material is transformed to mp4 in the same quality.

Top 5: Screen Recorder for Google Chrome™ [Best Extension]

paramount plus downloader

  • Available on: Google Chrome (Extension)
  • Rating: 7/10  ❤❤❤❤
  • Price: Free with Ads
 Chrome extension.
 No need to install any additional software.
 It offers an easy-click recording option.
 Only available for Google Chrome browser.
 Not stable.

Screen Recorder for Google Chrome™ is a software designed especially for recording content from platforms like Paramount Plus. It is an excellent tool that provides access to its main features for easy recording of your favorite Paramount Plus shows or movies directly into your local PC storage.

To use the complete feature set of Screen Recorder for Google Chrome™, a quick installation of its browser extension is required. Once installed, one can start capturing their preferred Paramount Plus videos with only a few clicks. One of its appealing aspects is that it doesn't ask for any personal user information, ensuring your privacy.


Utilizing the methods outlined in this article allows you to easily download the best Paramount Plus movies and save them on your PC or any storage device. If you're seeking the most efficient downloader, Y2mate Paramount Plus Downloader is the one to go for. For the best powerful option, KeepStreams for Paramount Plus is the perfect pick. If you're in the market for a reliable performance downloader, MyStream is your best bet.

  • Best efficient: Y2mate
  • Best powerful: KeepStreams
  • Best reliable: MyStream

Should you wish to cancel your Paramount Plus subscription after downloading your desired videos, you're at liberty to do so. Finally, remember you can conveniently download any video you come across online to your PC – all you need is the Y2mate DRM downloader. To recap in English, the Y2mate Paramount Plus Downloader is the best choice to download Paramount Plus shows.