Is Y2mate Downloader's reputation true? Thorough investigation of reviews and ratings

Updated on 2023-08-15
We have thoroughly investigated the reputation of Y2mate downloader. We will provide you with a summary of reviews, ratings, and problems with the software from actual users. We also recommend a safe downloader that can replace Y2mate.

We have thoroughly investigated the reputation of Y2mate downloader. We will provide you with a summary of reviews, ratings, and problems with the software from actual users.

We also recommend a safe downloader that can replace Y2mate.

What is Y2mate Downloader?

Y2mate Download er is free software that allows you to download videos from YouTube and other video sharing sites. Although it is a simple program with no advanced features, some users find it a very useful tool.

In general, Y2mate Downloader's features can be summarized as follows

  • Free of charge
  • Selectable video quality and format
  • Simple operation

How to use Y2mate Downloader

Using Y2mate Downloader is very easy, just follow the steps below to download videos.

    Download the video

  1. Access the download site with your browser.
  2. Copy the URL of the video you want to download from YouTube or other video sharing site.
  3. Paste the URL into the URL input box of Y2mate Downloader.
  4. Press the "START" button and select the format, quality, and other options.
  5. Press "DOWNLOAD" button to start downloading.

 Click "DOWNLOAD" button to start downloading.

Once the video is downloaded, it will be saved to a folder on your computer.

Y2mate Downloader Reputation

Review Analysis

We have researched the Internet to find out what people are saying and reviewing about Y2mate Downloader. The results are summarized below.


  • Free to use
  • Selectable quality and format
  • Simple operation

First, regarding the advantages, the most important feature of Y2mate Downloader is that it is free to use.

It also allows users to choose the quality and format of their downloads. Furthermore, the simple operability is also very user-friendly.


  • Ads are often displayed and can be obtrusive
  • There is a risk of virus infection after downloading

On the other hand, demerits include the large number of advertisements, which can be annoying, and the possibility of virus infection after downloading. There is a possibility of accidentally clicking on the ads, especially if there are many ads displayed and the button to close them is small.

In addition, although Y2mate Downloader itself is considered a safe tool, there may be a risk of virus infection depending on the site from which it is downloaded. Therefore, caution should be exercised when using the Y2mate Downloader.

Safer download software alternatives to Y2mate Downloader

Y2mate Downloader



Pricing Plans

Monthly: $19.9 (split often)

1 year: $59.9


  • Automatic download of new episodes
  • Latest model: DRM M3U8 & MPD Downloader
  • Download without drm.


Free Trial.

Difference from Y2mate free version, Y2mate Downloader is ad-free and unobtrusive, and you don't have to worry about the threat of virus infection after downloading.

It features support for a wide range of sites. It can convert downloaded videos to other video formats and is highly popular in Japan. The software is easy to set up and the operation of free downloading and saving videos is simple and easy to use. Most noteworthy is that it can not only download but also transfer URLs to Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, multiple video files can be downloaded/saved at once, and video conversion takes much less time.

KeepStreams Downloader



Price Plans

Monthly: $19.9

1 year: $59.9

Lifetime membership: $149.9 (pay once, use forever. (In addition, 3-device support)


  • No regional restrictions, download videos from any of the regional Prime Video Sites, including US, Japan, Germany, UK, etc.
  • Download videos in high quality, up to 8k ultra high quality
  • DRM Removal


Basically 100% download

Free Trial.

KeepStream Downloader KeepStream Downloader is a safe and free downloader that provides the most powerful video downloading and saving tool with a simple and intuitive user interface and the latest technology. You can download and save videos from more than 300 video sharing sites such as YouTube, NicoNico, Tweak, Facebook, Anitube, FC2, etc. You can also edit DLed videos, add them to your iTunes library, or import them to your iPhone/iPad. Super fast, lightweight, free, secure, and easy to use. Download and try KeepStreams Amazon Downloader now.

StreamGaGa Downloader



Pricing Plans

1 year: $59.9

Lifetime membership: $199.9


  • Automatically download new episodes
  • Latest Model: DRM M3U8 & MPD Downloader
  • Can destroy DRM protection


Constantly updated, more and more video sites supported.

StreamGaGa Downloader StreamGaGa Downloader is a video downloader that downloads videos from YouTube, Nico Nico Douga, FC2, AniTube, etc. and converts them to AVI/MPEG/MP4/FLV/WAV/MP3 formats for storage. It has a built-in browser, the ability to download multiple videos at the same time, and the ability to convert and save downloaded videos in a variety of formats. Until now, it has been highly popular among our recommended video downloading software.


Y2mate Downloader is a simple tool that is free to use, and the ability to select quality and format for downloading makes it a very useful tool for users. However, it displays more advertisements and has the risk of virus infection, so caution should be exercised. Users should also be aware of the copyrights of the videos they download. It is expected that Y2mate Downloader will continue to be a useful tool for users in the future.