Thorough explanation of the causes and remedies for Netflix screen recordings that turn black!

Updated on 2023-07-31
You may have a problem with Netflix screen recording going black. This article details the causes and remedies for a black screen in Netflix screen recording.

Netflix is a streaming service loved around the world and used by numerous users. Many people who want to watch Netflix also use screen recording because the recording feature allows them to watch at their preferred time. However, Netflix screen recording can cause blackout problems. This article details the causes and remedies for Netflix screen recording going black.

What Causes Netflix Screen Recording to Go Black?

There are a variety of causes of a black screen in Netflix screen recording. Below are some of the most common causes.

DRM Protection

Netflix uses DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology for copyright protection. Therefore, DRM protection must be circumvented when recording Netflix screens; if DRM protection is not circumvented, the recorded video may turn black.


DRM protection is an abbreviation for Digital Rights Management and refers to technologies that restrict the use of digital content, such as copy protection and copyright protection.

Specifically, it allows copyright holders and distributors to prevent unauthorized use, unauthorized copying, and distribution of their content by establishing copy restrictions, playback restrictions, transmission restrictions, printing restrictions, and other protective measures for their content.

DRM protection is used for all types of digital content, including music, video, books, games, and software. On the other hand, technologies exist to remove DRM protection, which can lead to unauthorized use and copying.

Driver Failures

One of the causes of a black screen in Netflix screen recording is a faulty driver for the device. In particular, there are often problems with graphics card drivers. If the driver is out of date, the Netflix screen recording may go black.

Netflix App Settings

The Netflix app settings may cause the screen to go black. If the app settings are incorrect, recorded videos may not play properly.

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What to do when Netflix screen recording goes black

If your Netflix screen recording goes black, please try the following solutions.

Restart the device

Rebooting your device may solve the problem of a black screen in Netflix screen recording. Try recording after restarting the device.

Updating Drivers

If the Netflix screen recording is black, try updating the graphics card drivers. Updating the driver may solve the problem.

Reinstall the Netflix App

Reinstalling the Netflix application is another way to solve the black screen problem. First, try uninstalling the Netflix app and then reinstalling it.

Change your browser

If the Netflix screen recording is going black, trying a different browser can also help. Some browsers will not record Netflix videos, so you may want to try a different browser.

Change the recording software

If Netflix screen recording turns black, changing the recording software can also be effective; using a Netflix Downloader that can bypass DRM protection may solve the problem.

Y2mate Netflix Downloader is an application that allows you to easily save Netflix videos locally that can bypass DRM protection.


Y2mate Netflix Downloader Features:.

  • Save videos in the versatile MP4/MKV formats, without having to worry about limited retention periods or formats.
  • Saves videos in 1080p, which is high quality and comparable to Blu-ray quality, and supports EAC3 5.1 audio tracks. Subtitles can be embedded into the video or saved as an SRT file, and a schedule function allows for scheduled downloads.
  • The batch mode function allows you to download up to 5 videos at once.
  • DRM protection can be bypassed.
  • A convenient feature that automatically matches the language of the language used with the language of the downloaded movie is also available for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 and macOS 10.10-13. Download is free and 100% safe (virus checked).

How to use Y2mate Netflix Downloader:

Step 1: Download Y2mate Netflix Downloader and install it on your PC.

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Step2: Click on the Netflix icon from the VIP tab and log in to your account.

Step3:Play the video you want to download and set the settings in the pop-up window. (Login) required!

Step3:Click the "Download Now" button to begin downloading.


The problem of black color in Netflix screen recording can be caused by various reasons. However, you can solve the problem by trying the solutions described above. Also, Netflix uses DRM protection for copyright protection. Be careful not to circumvent the DRM protection when recording.

This concludes the article "Netflix Screen Recording Causes Blackout and How to Fix It!" If you encounter the problem of blackout in Netflix screen recording, please refer to this article to deal with the problem.