Sizzling updates about Queen of the South Season 6

Peter Parker
Updated on 2021-12-23
Excited for the Queen of the South Season 6? Catch the full episode on Netflix. Filled with suspense, drama, and crime it'll keep you glued till the next episode.

Waiting for something exciting on Netflix? A scandalous television series, Queen of The South season 6 is all set to showcase on Netflix. This fabulous series revolves around Teresa Mandoza who is also the main character of the series. After building her empire on numerous piles of drugs Teresa wants to expand further. She wants to remain as the queenpin of the drug empire and achieve the status no woman has achieved till now. 

Covid conditions have not been in the favor of the television industry lately. This has delayed the premiere of the previous season of the show as well. This made the fanbase of the show take aback because they were waiting eagerly for the same. As it is, season 5 left many turns and twists towards its end. 

However, all loose ends will connect to a big thing and this has been a hint from the makers of the show. Will Teresa again fall into some up and down trap? Or will she be defeated by some man who will take away her empire and make her feel like a loser again? Well, all this and more are in store for you as suspense. You just need to wait for Queen of The South season 6 release date to get the secret unveiled. 

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How Many ‘Queen of the South’ Seasons Are There?

The popular series of Netflix revolves around a powerful woman who takes charge of the drugs industry, and her move has offended many men who were ruling this industry earlier. These popular series have been ruling the hearts of the public since their release. In total there have been 5 seasons of this beloved series that have kept the audience glued to their screens since 2016. 

Now that the show has become so popular among Netflix users, the makers of the show were forced to launch its new season at the earliest. Queen of The South season 6 on Netflix has also become the most awaited series after gaining popularity from its previous seasons. Let us have a look at some details of the previous seasons of Queen of The South season 6.

The show was aired for the first time on 23rd June, in the year 2016, and lasted till 15th September 2016. In total 13 episodes were released during the first season of the show.

Seeing a great response from the viewers, the show was aired for the second time on 8th June, in the year 2017, and lasted till 31st August 2017. In this season also, a total of 13 episodes were released. 

Thereafter, the series became the apple of the eyes of the viewers. Hence the show was aired for the third time on 21st June, in the year 2018, and lasted till 13th September 2018. In this season also a total of 13 episodes were released during the third season of the show.

Now, the show made its hold in the media and the hearts of the public so for the fourth time, it was aired on 6th June, in the year 2019, and lasted till 29th August 2019. In this season also a total of 13 episodes were released.

For the fifth time, the show was aired on 07th April, in the year 2021, and lasted till 9th June 2021. However, in this season the number of episodes that were aired was limited to 10 episodes. Moreover, there is a piece of sad news for Netflix users as they will be able to catch full episodes of season 5 in 2022. 

Has queen of the south been renewed for a sixth season?

Viewers are waiting for the announcement of the news of the renewal of Queen of the South season 6 release date desperately. However, no such information is yet available from the sources. Neither the producers have come up front to clear that they will be releasing season 6 anytime soon. Thus, we need to keep our fingers crossed and wish for the early release of the season.

Queen of the South Season 6: Cast and other Details

Following are the details of your favorite show Queen of The South season 6 on Netflix:


Drama, Crime, Action, Thriller

Shoot Location:

Most of the seasons of Queen of the South were shot in Dallas, Lancaster, Texas, Waxahachie and USA. Moreover, the filming of the show took place in Costa Rica, Malta, Spain and Morocco.


  • Joshua John Miller
  • M.A. Fortin

Cast till Season 5 That May Appear for Season 6: 

  • Molly Burnett
  • Alice Braga
  • Hemky Madera
  • Peter Gadiot
  • Veronica Falcon
  • Alfonso Herrera
  • Gerado Taracena
  • Justina Machado
  • Nick Sagar
  • David Anderews
  • Joaquim de Almeida
  • Jon-Michael Ecker


  • Raney Shockne
  • Giorgio Moroder


  • Lorenzo O’Brien
  • Robert J. Wilson
  • Judd Rea
  • Matthew J. Lieberman

Show Running Time: 40-45 Mins

Main Plot of the Show

Telenovela La Reina del Sur was a modification of the novel by Arturo Perez-Reverte who was a Spanish author. The Spanish TV show took its name from the original novel itself. Herein, the story revolves around a poor Mexican woman who is not able to take proper care of herself and her family. Her name is Teresa Mendoza and eventually, she becomes rich. However, her wealth is built on an empire of Drugs.

As the story proceeds the main character falls in love with a guy who is also a member of the well-established drug community. Through this, she also tries to give a good turn to her already drained condition. However, tables turn and she finds that her boyfriend gets murdered. This becomes her reason to get away from the place because the then-drug leader is after her.

As soon as she vacates her native place and crosses the US borders she builds her team with the only motive to take down the drug leader who is after her life. This gives her motivation to start with her own drugs company. Soon after she becomes a fat cat and invites new problems for her. The series comes with the ups and downs of the main character and keeps you glued as suspense unfolds with time.

Main Inspiration of the Show

The very interesting plot of the show found its inspiration from a novel written by Perez-Reverte. However, the lesser-known fact is that the novel itself was an inspiration from Mexican drug pedallers and mafias. This is also described well in the songs sung by country people of the Polka region. They talk a lot about the drug lords in the area. 

Moreover, Sandra Avila Beltran is a real-life person who inspired the main character of Queen of the South season 6 Netflix series. The series has now reached its 6th season and it came into notice because of its story revolving around the first female involved in the business of being a drug mafia. Later on, she also reaches the Boss level in the Mexico region which has been ruled by men for innumerable years. 

How has Queen of the South Performed on Netflix? 

In 2016 when the show released its first season it did not receive 100% positive feedback. It received a mixed reaction from the critics. It fetched a rating of 68% on Rotten Tomatoes which gave it an average rating of 6.18 out of 10. The action shown in the series was said to be a bit over what was required. 

On Netflix, the show has received immense love from the viewers and they could not get enough from the previous seasons. Moreover, another popular critic by the name of Metacritic showed a rating of 59/100. This rating was based on 16 critics and showed average and mixed reviews on the show. Despite mixed reactions from the critics, the makers were sure of the fact that their viewers will show loyalty towards the show and will stick to them for the seasons to come. 

This belief makes them stand today at the scene where viewers are desperately waiting for Queen of the South season 6 on Netflix. The viewers are so much in awe of the plot of the show that they enjoy every scene of it and ask for more. The end of the series will certainly bring a serious heartbreak for many viewers. However, for now, they can enjoy Queen of The South Season 6 peacefully relaxing on their comfortable couch.

Interesting Facts about Queen of the South Show

Novel Based:

The popular novel La Reina del Sur is written by a Spanish author Arturo Perez-Reverte. Moreover, the title of the novel translates straight as ‘Queen of the South.’

Close Link with a True Story:

A real-life female drug mafia by the name of Mallory Chacon was also given the popular name of Queen of the South. This name was given to her by the Guatemalan press. However, later on in 2014, the drug mafia surrendered to the police and since then she is living her life in prison under strict supervision. 

A Big break for the Main Lead:

Teresa Mendoza, the main lead of the Queen of the South season 6 played by Alice Braga is a popular series enjoyed by the public. However, it is not known to many that the main lead of the show began her acting career in the year 1998. Thereafter, Alice showed up in plenty of films and also shared the big screen with Will Smith in I am a Legend. 

Moreover, before appearing as the main lead in Queen of the South season 6 on Netflix, Alice did not appear in many Brazilian TV series. However, the popular series channeled so well on Netflix that it gave Alice a good breakthrough into television series too. This American drama and crime series is amazingly popular among Netflix users.

Continuity after Popularity of Season 5:

In 2016 when Queen of the South Season 5 was premiered it came to notice that it will be the final season of the series. This show ran for a long period of 5 years. However, after the rumors of release of Queen of the South season 6, it is believed that the makers of the show are here to excite their users for yet another series of criminal drama.

The raging power of the queen, Alice, who is the main lead of the show, is back again to rule the hearts of Netflix users. She is back again to command her Queenpin status and continue her power quest for a longer run.

Inspired from A Spanish Series from Television:

Though the Queen of the South is an American drama and crime series, it is a Spanish inspiration. It is based on a Spanish TV series that was aired by the name of La Reina del Sur in 2011. 

There was only one season in the series when it started however, it raged immense craze among the audience making the producers renew it all over again for a second season. Thus, after 8 years, in 2019 the show made a comeback.

Broadcast of the show: 

The series was showcased in an international premiere in Australia on 4th August in the year 2016. Moreover, since 14th June 2017 DMAX which is a German TV channel is also showcasing the series with all its love. 

In addition to this, on 9th May 2017, the first season of the show was added on Netflix making a huge increase in its fan following all over the United States. 

Thereafter, on 22nd May 2018, the second season of the show was added to Netflix. Season 3 of the show was added on 7th May 2019 and the 4th season was added on 6th June 2020. The last season i.e. 5th season of the show was added on 7th April 2021. 


What is Queen of the South season 6 release date?

After season 5 there are rumors that the makers are not in a mood to bring a new season on the screens. Therefore, no information about the release date of season 6 is available as of now.

Where can I find all the episodes of all the seasons of Queen of the South?

You can easily find all episodes till season 4 on Netflix. Moreover, if you login with FLVTO MyStream downloader you can watch all the episodes without any hassle.

How to easily download all the episodes of Queen of the South?

Not to worry about it as we got you covered. You can download all the episodes of this exciting series on FLVTO MyStream downloader very easily by following a few simple instructions. 

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Step 3- Choosing the Audio, Subtitles, and Downloading the Show or Movie

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Voila! You are done. Sit back and relax and see your content downloading on your device. You can also catch a glimpse of Queen of the South season 6 Netflix by following the above-mentioned process.


Entertainment is a great source for re-fuelling the energy drained during the day. Moreover, a hectic schedule can take all your energy so you need booster doses in the form of popular TV series that can charge you up. The series certainly kept you glued to your comfy couch and engaged you till season 5. However, the chances of Queen of The South season 6 on Netflix making another season are bleak. Due to the outbreak of pandemic shooting for season 5 of the show got quite late. Moreover, there are no updates for the Queen of The South season 6 release date by the makers as well.

This is the reason season 5 of the popular series is supposed to be the end of it. However, this may not be true; this may not be the end. Wait! What? Yes, you got that right. You just need a miracle to happen and who knows Queen of the South season 6 Netflix series may set to rage the fire again in you. You just need to sit back, log in to your Netflix account and chill with the all-new updates related to Queen of the South season 6.