Why is My Hulu Login Blocked? 

Updated on 2023-06-29
We shared with you several ways to rectify your Hulu login blocked issue. Plus, we also talked about different downloaders you can use to download your all-time favorite Hulu content for offline viewing.

Are you thinking about getting a Hulu subscription? Hulu is one of the market's top streaming services, and for a valid reason.

Just like any other streaming service, Hulu subscribers also face login difficulties from time to time. We have created this post to answer all questions you have in mind about ‘why is my Hulu login blocked’ and ‘what can I do to fix those issues.’

What is Hulu?

Hulu is a streaming content service that began as a platform for recently aired television shows but has expanded to include full movies, original programming, documentaries, and live TV choices.

Previously, this service was only available in the U.S. and Japan, but in early 2021, The Walt Disney Company (parent company) chose to expand it internationally.

Whether you’re a music fan or love spending time watching your favorite sports or documentaries, Hulu has you all sorted out.

This is how this platform actually works…

How does Hulu work? 

Hulu may be accessible from various devices, and up to five more users can utilize your account with their profile. Each profile is distinct from the others, but it does not cost anything extra; its watching history and recommendations are unique.

Hulu's content is entirely legal to watch. That is because of actual agreements with content providers that allow Hulu to publish programs from their networks. 

Hulu streaming isn't free, so you'll need to buy a plan first. Many of the content is not available in Hulu's plan by choice because they charge an extra fee for such content. Hulu also offers to add free streaming but with an additional cost.

Hulu’s ad-supported subscription plan is priced at $6.99 per month or you can also opt for their annual plan for $69.99 per year.

Why is My Hulu Login Blocked?  

There could be several reasons why you’re unable to log in to your Hulu account. If you're unable to login into your Hulu account, the following might be the reasons for that:

Incorrect login details

Hulu login will not work if your login details are incorrect; double-check your password. Check your email account to see if Hulu has reset your password, and you'll need to confirm this. By tapping Forgot Password, one can easily reset the password, the company will send you a confirmation email, and you will be able to log in again.

Subscription expiry

Your Hulu subscription may expire; double-check that you have a valid Hulu account, and this will also happen if you haven't paid or terminated your subscription.

Using another location

You must use the home network; the Hulu service won't let you sign in if you use a location other than your home. You can use Hulu's live TV service on a mobile device, such as an iPhone, while you're away from home, but you'll need to check in to your home network once every 30 days to make it function.

Deactivated Hulu account

Your Hulu account is not activated; please check the Hulu website to ensure that your account is active. If you signed up for Hulu through a third party, you'd need to go into that account and activate your subscription there.

Hulu Down

Is Hulu unavailable or down? You can see if Hulu is down by visiting certain websites. In this case, you have to wait till Hulu resolves this issue at their end.

Other possible reasons

Ad blockers, browser difficulties, poor connection, or out-of-date firmware could all be factors that contribute to your inability to access Hulu.

Ways to fix it:

If you're sure that the issue isn’t from Hulu's end, you can attempt several at-home solutions. Here are seven steps that have helped us in the past:

Close the Hulu app entirely on one's streaming device and reopen it

The best thing you can do to get your Hulu app running is to shut and restart it on your device. Carefully recheck your credentials and try signing in once again when it reopens.

Restart your computer or device

You can also restart your computer or device to fix login issues. As unrealistic as it may sound, restarting the device usually helps.

Reset your router to see if that helps

Another thing you can try to fix your Hulu login issues is to reset your router. Sometimes you’re unable to login into your Hulu account due to internet or connectivity issues. Resetting your router or sitting close to it can be helpful in this case.

Make sure you're using the most up-to-date version of the Hulu app

Using an outdated version of the Hulu app is another common reason why many users face login issues. Check the app store to see if there's a newer version or an update available.

Uninstall your Hulu app first and then reinstall it

You can also uninstall your Hulu app and reinstall it to see if that helps you with your login issues. This trick also works most of the time.

Re-add your device or console

You can also re-add your device or console after removing it from your account.

Make sure to turn off any VPN or proxy services running in the background

If there is any VPN or proxy service running in the background, make sure to turn it off before logging into your Hulu account.

Hulu login blocked can be frustrating. But it doesn’t need to be that tough, right? With these easy-peasy tips and tricks, you can easily get your Hulu login going. However, if you’re still having issues even after trying these tips, make sure to reach out to Hulu’s customer service and talk about your concerns.  

Hulu Downloaders to Download movies offline:  

If you're looking for a way to download Hulu episodes or movies, you've come to the right place. In this section, we’re going to talk about different ways you can use to download your favorite Hulu content.

There are two ways to download Hulu shows. The first is to use the built-in download feature, and the other is to use various online and offline video downloaders to download your favorite shows and series.

Hulu’s built-in downloading feature

Hulu includes a built-in "Download" function like other streaming services and websites. The fun fact is that only ad-free subscribers with Android, Amazon Fire devices, and IOS users can download movies and series on Hulu. You can watch a video without a data connection if you save it to your smartphone, and it doesn't count against your screen limit.

Third-party Hulu downloaders

Hulu’s built-in downloader is intuitive but it comes with several restrictions.

If anyone wants to save the episode to their PC, you'll need to use a reputable Hulu downloader application. Now again, you get to choose from two options:

  • Online downloader
  • Offline downloader

Online downloaders are those that don't require the installation of the software. This goes without saying that these programs come with a limited set of features. But yes, you can use them for your everyday video downloading needs.

Here’s a list of steps you need to follow to download videos using an online downloader:

  • Open Hulu’s official website
  • Copy the URL of the Hulu video you wish to download
  • Paste the URL on the paste box section given on the software’s homepage
  • Hit go/download

Then we have offline video downloaders. These downloaders are more flexible and feature-rich. With offline downloaders, you can have complete control over your downloads.

There are plenty of Hulu downloaders you can find in the market. Unlike online downloaders, you will have to install the software on your device to use these downloaders.

Looking for some of the best Hulu video downloading options? This ‘How to download Hulu Downloaders’ guide includes 11 intuitive Hulu Downloaders to get you started.

Other OTT Platforms to Download Entertaining Videos and Music: 

Disney Plus: 

Disney Plus has its own dedicated app that enables you to download content from Disney Plus as well as countless other social media platforms and streaming services.

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Is that all?

Certainly not. There are hundreds of other OTT platforms where you can stream and watch your favorite content online. All you need is a reliable downloader with which you can download your desired content for offline viewing.

Not sure where to start? The link given below can be the best next step…

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We shared with you several ways to rectify your Hulu login blocked issue. Plus, we also talked about different downloaders you can use to download your all-time favorite Hulu content for offline viewing. You can choose any of the downloading solutions that fit your needs.

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