How to Download from Crunchyroll?

By Kaya

Crunchyroll, Inc. is an American distributor, publisher, manufacturer, licenser, anime, manga, and dorama streaming corporation. 
Crunchyroll's distribution channel and collaboration program were founded in 2006 by a group of University of California and Berkeley alumni who provide content to over 100 million registered users globally. 
The official mascot of Crunchyroll is 'Crunchyroll Home,' commonly known as 'Hime.' Hime.


So how can we download from Crunchyroll? Let's see the ways to do it.

Crunchyroll APP | Syncing Content for Offline Viewing


First, a warning: Crunchyroll's video download contradicts their terms and conditions of service and might violate your legislation. But you can use the "SYNC" feature to sync your content for offline viewing.

To Use Offline Viewing, you need:

  1. An active Mega Fan or Ultimate Fan membership. 
  2. An internet connection or cellular data
  3. The latest version of the Crunchyroll App
  • Android v3.11
  • iOS v4.1

How to get a MEGA FAN subscription:

If you are currently subscribed, you may upgrade by logging in and visiting your membership page:
If you are not currently subscribed, visit this link and select the tier that works best for you:

How to Access Offline Viewing:

1) To sync episodes to your device, click the 'Add button.'


2) Visit "My Lists" and select "Offline" to view all Anime series you've synced. 


Attention needed

Not all titles for offline viewing are available.
Offline episodes will expire after seven days if they are unplayed and after 48 hours once playback has been started. Open the Crunchyroll app when connected to the internet to reset the expiration timers. 
Renewal occurs when the account returns online.

Chrome Extension | Video Downloader Plus


Video Downloader Plus is a fast and easy way to download videos from a website. You can save online videos from your favorite websites with this Video Downloader.
The extension is straightforward to use. It is easy to utilize the addon. 
Click on the extension icon just in your Chrome browser, and you start downloading the video to your PC within seconds. 
Extension to the chrome browser is quick and easy to add.

To use Video Downloader Plus, you need:

The latest version of chrome

Don't know How to use a chrome extension?

Check this URL:

Online Download | Crunchyroll download using your browser

Maybe you can download from Crunchyroll just by your browser online!

Video Grabber


Video Grabber is a web application available for download from several websites, including Crunchyroll. 
All you need to do is copy the URL of the video you want to download from Crunchyroll and put it in the download box for Video Grabber. 
Afterward, click on the icon Download. 
You may download your videos to MP4. 
You may also utilize the screen capture function to play the Crunchyroll video and capture it as it plays when Video Grabber cannot download the file. 
It's better than nothing but less than ideal.

Download Software | To easily download from Crunchyroll on PC

Using download software to download from Crunchyroll can be the most stable way.

1. Y2mate Downloader


You can film from HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Paramount Plus, U-Next, and YouTube, plus more than 1000 offline websites. Y2mate Downloader is a one-stop solution.

2. Crunchyroll Downloader


Crunchyroll Downloader is a Windows or Mac application. 
You may test a free trial version. 
You can use it quite easily. 
Just enter the video URL, press the download button and download your video.

Record your screen | Best free screen recorder

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1. Xbox Game Bar


Xbox Game Bar makes playing on your Windows 10 device easy to control all your favorite activities.
Press  Windows logo key + G to open Game Bar over your game, app, or desktop.

2. OBS Studio


OBS Studio is a free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming. It can download and start streaming quickly and easily on Windows, Mac, or Linux.