How Much Starz on Hulu: Enjoy Hulu Starz Free Trial & Add-on Plan

Updated on 2023-06-29
Get detailed inputs and steps to get the best from the Hulu Starz add-on plan with the answers to the questions: does Hulu have Starz or how much is starz on hulu.

Being one of the largest online streaming service providers Hulu has become a household name to every online entertainment admirer. Having more than 45.3 million subscribers, Hulu is all set to serve its subscribers several bundle plan options with the alliance of other most popular entertainment platforms to choose the most suited one. The combo plan of Starz Hulu is around the corner where you will get double-blast with the Hulu Starz add-on plan option.

Now the main motto of any Add-on Plus or Bundle subscription plan of any streaming platform is to provide maximum flexibility to the subscriber in their online viewing of favorite content at their preferable price. This kind of flexible subscription plan helps the subscribers to customize their online entertainment expenses according to their specific needs and niches. 

Does Hulu have Starz??

If you have been looking for the right answer to the question, is Starz on Hulu at all available then brace yourself to know the much-awaited as well as expected answer 'YES' Starz is available on Hulu with Hulu Starz add-on plan along with one week Hulu Starz free trial option. So, there will be no doubt that you can get to explore all the bold content, strong storyline, and creative characters of your favorite shows or movies on both platforms together with the Hulu Starz add-on plan.

Why is the 'Starz Hulu' plan on-demand!!

When it comes to the Straz, it doesn't need any introduction since it has already made its unremovable mark in the entertainment world of being one of the most prominent American premium cable and satellite television network service providers. From TV original series, theatrical releases to multiple Starz Encore services, video-on-demand services of over-the-top streaming platforms, Starz has evolved its services by widening up its reach and access to its subscribers with the unlimited opportunities of the entertainment world.

So, while being one of the first streaming platforms to provide an add-on service as Hulu 'Plus', Hulu has again exceeded its excellence in its subscription services by providing Hulu Starz free trial in the Hulu Starz add-on, a plan to stay ahead of time in the online entertainment world. Hulu has come up with the answer first before its subscribers even think of the question: is Starz on Hulu available or how much is Starz on Hulu?

How much is starz on hulu??

If you are a little curious to know whether the Starz Hulu add-on subscription plan would be available for you or not then you will be very surprised to know that the Hulu Starz add-on plan starts with the additional charges of $8.99/month along with Hulu basic subscription plan of $6.99/ month and one week Hulu Starz free trial service. This service is available under the Hulu Premium add-on subscription plan and the Hulu Starz add-on plan is only available for the Hulu billed and Roku billed subscribers.

You can take Hulu Starz add-on plan along with any of your Hulu (ad-supported) or Hulu (ads-free) or Hulu+LiveTV (ad-supported) subscription plans to enjoy exclusive content of both the platforms of Hulu and Starz. With the Hulu Starz add-on plan in Hulu basic plan, you are allowed to watch your streaming on a maximum of 2 screens at a time. However, with the upgraded plan of Hulu+LiveTv including an unlimited screen add-on plan you can enjoy Straz up to 5 screens simultaneously and 3 of which can be accessed on out-of-home phone devices

'Straz Hulu' Subscription Plan compatibility on Different Devices;

If you want to know on which device you can access the Hulu Starz add-on plan then here you would get the detailed info about device compatibility access. Subscribers can also create a Starz app account by using Hulu credentials to watch any of their favorite live or on-demand content through the Starz app. Here you go with the device compatibility list for the Hulu Starz add-on plan.

  • Android phones and tablets
  • Selected models of Android TV
  • 4th generation or later of Apple TV
  • Fire tablets
  • Echo Show
  • Chromecast

Fire TV and Fire Stick

  • LG TV
  • iPhones and loads

Windows 10

  • Xbox
  • VIZIO SmartCast TVs

Nintendo Switch

  • Samsung TV
  • PlayStation 4 & 5
  • Roku Players, TVs, and Streaming Sticks

What is to explore on Hulu Starz add-on plan?

It will depend on your subscription plan, if you would take Hulu Starz add-on subscription plan along ad-supported or ad-free basic Hulu plan then you would get to enjoy the entire streaming library of Hulu including Hulu originals, movies, series with all seasons, kids shows, and many other contents with the exclusive Starz original shows, theatrical release, live videos and so on. Or else, with the Hulu-LiveTV plan you can enjoy live and on-demand TV content from 65 plus top channels along with news and sports.

From Power saga, Outlander to hit series Hightown, BMF, you have anything of your choice including thousands of movies like Iron Man 3, Jumanji: The Next Level, Bad Boys For Life, and the list could go on. There is also a Live TV recording option in Cloud DVR which is available on Starz as a premium network.

Steps to access Hulu Starz Add-on service:

If you are billed directly through Hulu then by following the given below steps you can easily update your existing Hulu subscription plan to the Hulu Starz add-on plan. However, if you are getting billed by a third-party the steps may vary while accessing your add-on plan.


  • Long into your official Hulu Account page through a web browser or mobile.
  • Go to your subscription section.
  • Select 'Manage Plan'.
  • Your existing plan will pop out with green highlights.
  • To shift to a different plan you have to switch to the 'On' option from the 'Off' option.
  • Choose the 'Manage Add-ons' option.
  • Select a (✓) option shown next to the add-on plan you have recently subscribed to.
  • Select the (+) option shown next to the add-on plan you like to add.
  • Choose the 'Review Changes' option to confirm.
  • While going through these simple steps you can easily access your Hulu Starz add-on plan at any of your convenience as well as compatible devices.

Now, you can easily enjoy all of these Hulu and Starz content without having any hassles in your minimum budget anytime anywhere on any device in the internet independent offline watch. From high-resolution videos to complete ads-free watching, you will get every single advantage of online streaming while eliminating the disadvantages of it in your high-quality offline watch. 

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  • By going to the 'VIP Service' option you have to pick 'Hulu'.

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  • Finish your step by clicking on the 'Download Now' option.

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Now when you are relieved to get the answer is Starz on Hulu or how much is starz on hulu then without further delay you better start with Hulu Starz free trial option to carry on with the Hulu Starz add-on plan depending on your customization and specification. However, if you want to have the same streaming benefits on the lowest budget and without any restriction then nothing would be more perfect as well as effective than the FlixPal Hulu Downloader.

So, if you want to make the most out of your Hulu Starz add-on plan according to your convenience then you must follow the above-mentioned information and instructions thoroughly to avoid any kind of hassles in your 'Starz Hulu' entertainment world. Going by this article you would surely end up having the best entertainment experience with your desired Hulu add-on subscription plan.