How to Fix Netflix Code UI-800-3

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Netflix is one of the prominent streaming services and one of the most widely used services ever. However, when it crashes, you are likely to find it quite annoying. One of the most common Netflix Not Working error messages you are likely to get on your Netflix service is the Netflix code UI- 800-3. Want to know how to fix Netflix Code UI-800-3.

What Causes Netflix Error UI-800-3?

The Netflix code UI-800-3 can indicate that there is an issue with the Netflix app on your device. It can either be a device-specific or app-specific issue. One of the prominent reasons that can cause the issue can be the cached data on the app may be corrupted.

Netflix Error UI-800-3

It can also be due to a server side bug. If you do not find any issue from the device end, it may be practical to check out with the Netflix customer care to find the exact reasons that result in the error.

A few common reasons that can cause the Netflix error code UI-800-3 can be

  • Your streaming device may have a few issues

  • The Netflix cache may be a culprit

  • The Netflix app itself may have developed issues

  • The network connection may be erratic.

  • DNS settings may be affected

How to fix Netflix code UI-800-3?

Having understood the basic causes that can result in the Netflix Error code UI-800-3, let us analyze the ways to fix the error. Most of the fixes outlined here should be much easier and simpler to opt for.

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1. Restart your streaming device

Power cycling your streaming device can be helpful in fixing the Netflix error code UI-800-3. First, shut down your streaming device completely and wait for around 30 seconds. Then, restart your device and wait till it gets ready.

streaming device

Power cycling removes any of the temporary files and thus can be helpful in getting rid of the issues you may be facing. That way, the Netflix code UI-800-3 is fixed. Make sure that you have removed the cables and cords and then reconnected them. This ensures a complete power cycling.

2. Sign Out of Netflix

Yet another good fix that can address the Netflix error code UI-800-3 can be to sign out of your Netflix account and sign back in. This will be helpful in refreshing your data and thus will resolve the UI-800-3 error on Netflix. It can also help you fix a host of other Netflix error codes as well.

Sign Out of Netflix

You can even decide to sign out of all your connected devices simultaneously. Simply go to the web portal for the Netflix service, and from the account page, sign out of all the devices that you are currently connected to.

3. Clear the cache for the app

Clearing the cache for the Netflix app can be one of the excellent options for helping you get rid of the Netflix error code UI-800-3. This will help you clear of the locally stored data and assist you in getting your services back on track. In essence, this is one of the easiest options to resolve most of the Netflix error codes.

While the cache is designed to assist you in an easier and faster working of the app, it can prove to be a little annoying at times. Clearing the cache and cookies for the app can be helpful in removing the locally stored files and data.

4. Uninstall and reinstall the Netflix app

If the Netflix app does not have an option to clear the cache, uninstalling the app and reinstalling it can prove to be one of the excellent options. It can also be a good option to uninstall the app if clearing the cache does not resolve the error code for you. However, uninstalling the Netflix app will need you to set up the app from scratch.

Uninstalling the app and reinstalling it and the steps involved in it can be dependent on the device that you are on. Refer to the steps recommended for your device. Reinstalling the app will help you get the correct root folders and folders.

5. Reset your device

Resetting your device can be what would make it one of the excellent options for achieving the best positive results. Depending on the device that you are using, the steps may differ from one device to another. Resetting your device will bring your TV to the factory state, and you need to set up everything right from scratch.

If you are using a Samsung Smart TV, you may need to reset your Smart Hub. Do note that resetting your Samsung Smart Hub resets all your installed apps. You may also need to change the DNS settings on your device.

The Concluding Thoughts

The Netflix error code UI-800-3 can be a strange error on Netflix and can perhaps be quite difficult to analyze and fix. However, if you are facing the same error on your device, you would find the tips and fixes outlined here one of the right choices for fixing the Netflix error code UI-800-3.

If you still find the issue is not resolved, you can get in touch with Netflix Customer care. They should be able to assist you in resolving the issue in the right spirit.


How Do I Fix Error Code UI 800 3?

There are several methods that can be used to fix UI-800-3. The quicker methods that can be helpful in this context can include resetting Netflix app, restarting of the device, and signing in and out of the Netflix app.

What Does Code UI-800-3 Mean for Netflix?

The major reason that can cause the Netflix error code UI-800-3 is the cached data behaving erroneously. However, there are several techniques that can be helpful in achieving more powerful fixes for the Netflix error code UI-800-3.

How do you refresh Netflix on TV?

Unplug your TV for a minute, and hold the power button on your TV for five seconds. Then, plug your TV back on and turn it on. That should refresh your Netflix app. Please note that these are general steps, and exact steps can be dependent on your device.