Hulu is a stable and reliable streaming service that offers a huge library of TV shows, dramas and movies. It is also known to stream on wide range of devices with easy clicks, like smartphones, TVs and more. However, there are some errors may cause hurdles now and then, which are typically triggered by network. Hulu error code 502 is such an issue leading to your app glitch. So let’ s get down now and find out the best options for solving this bug.

What is Hulu error code 502?

The error code belongs to a bad gateway error, and it usually happens once your streaming device receives a wrong response from the servers. This problem may occur during your any streaming Hulu TV shows, either on web page or internet window.

Connectivity issues, Hulu end problem and outdated app version all could be the potential causes and hindering your video smoothness.

How to fix Hulu error code 502?

Method 1: Load the web page again.

This is a networking error that will be resolved once reload your web page. So when running into this situation, try to press Ctrl+R and the F5 key on your keyboard, which may work for fixing this issue on your device.

This bug is triggered due to your computer problem, so clean the browser cache is also an alternative option for you.

Method 2: Updating your application

Make sure your application is the latest version Hulu put out. As the Hulu error code may appear due to out-of-date app version. Here are the detailed updating procedures.

  • Launch the Microsoft Store icon app.
  • Click the three-dot button in the upper right corner. Pick the Downloads and Updates option.
  • Locate Hulu and choose the Get Updates option.
  • Wait for the whole downloading procedure to complete.

Once completed, restart Hulu and check whether Hulu issue 502 has been resolved or not.

Method 3: Use a different browser

There is possibility that there is something wrong with your old browser. So just try another browser on your device. If the issue is resolved then, it indicates the bug is related to your browser before.

Method 4: Launch the safe mode browser

Run your web browser in safe mode, which eliminate all extensions or add-ons and only keep the toolbar set by default.

If no error pops up on the browser when running the browser in safe mode, it means that the problem is with the extension. You need to return to the default settings of your browser.

Or, you can selectively close the browser’s extension to find the cause of the Hulu error code 502 problem and get rid of it as soon as possible.

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How to watch Hulu videos without Hulu error code?

As we known, the video downloaded using the default option available on the Hulu app can only be watched on the same device during a specific period of time. Besides that, you are not allowed to share the content downloaded using the default option.

So it would not be better to render us a quite practical and handy downloader assistant to guarantee the smooth offline Hulu viewing. Y2mate Hulu Downloader can be a great option to avoid affecting your viewing experience by error codes, which provides you access to an enhanced download option for your Hulu content in 1080p video quality and a faster speed.

And you are allowed to watch any Hulu content anywhere and anytime.


This article explains in detail how to fix Hulu Error Code 502.These troubleshooting methods have provided significant results for Hulu users. Now start your smooth viewing journey with Hulu.