Fix Hulu error code 0328 and Hulu error code 5003

Updated on 2023-06-29
Hulu errors that would prevent you from enjoying the service are Hulu error code 0328 and Hulu error code 5003 . But not to worry, this article clearly explains How to fix Hulu error code 0328 and Hulu error code 5003 .

Hulu is a popular and well-evaluated streaming platform with millions of subscribers which offers dramas, movies and series of TV shows. But it is undoubtfully the most frustrating moment for subscribers when error messages pop up on your screen couples of times. The Hulu error code 0328 and Hulu error code 5003 have plagued many users and thus we will conclude some efficient solution to remove this bug.

What are the Hulu error code 0328 and Hulu Error code 5003?

These issues are usually the playback error that usually indicate there is a problem with your device or the app on your device and the error code 5003 usually looks like this:

  • Playback failure
  • We're sorry, but there was an issue while playing this video.
  • Please check your connection and try again. (5003)

Why the Hulu error code 0328 and Hulu Error code 5003 happen?

  • Internet Connection Failure

If the internet connection isn’t stable or fluctuates, the error might be triggered. As Hulu requires the relatively stable and consistent internet connection for ensuring smooth video streaming.

  • Outdated Device

In some cases, error code is triggered as the streaming devices may be outdated which needs to be updated to the latest version to avoid the Hulu issues.

  • Old Version Application

In addition to Hulu devices, the application also needs to be updated to the latest version otherwise the unexpected error may happen and hamper your streaming.

  • VPN Issue

Because Hulu isn't available in all locations, and the servers may flag your connection as insecure if you're concealing your location, utilizing a VPN service to either disguise or alter your location may cause the issue.

How to fix Hulu the error code 0328 and Hulu error code 5003?

Method 1: Power cycle streaming device

Power-cycling may be the first step to troubleshoot any related bug on all the devices. You need to unplug the power to your Internet Router and streaming device, wait for a few minutes and then plug the device back to check whether your issue is removed.

Method 2: Reinstall app

You can try to reinstall the Hulu application again which ensures that you are using the updated version of the apps. First delete the Hulu application from your device. Then navigate to the app store on your phone, find the latest version of Hulu and choose to install the application again.

Method 3: Update application

Hulu, as well as your device, should be running the most recent version of software. Many comparable Hulu difficulties can be avoided or eliminated by regularly updating software and hardware.

Playback errors can occur if you continue to use the old Hulu app. Attempt to update the app every now and then to assist in the resolution of any intentional mistake linked to video material. The Hulu app is simple to update. Go to the settings and look for the update there. After that, refresh the page and begin streaming.

How to solve other Hulu error codes?

We list other similar Hulu error codes and their fixing methods for your reference:

Hulu error code-3&39

Hulu error code 502

Hulu error code p-dev322&p-edu122

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This article explains in detail how to fix Hulu error code 0328 and Hulu error code 5003. Now start your smooth viewing journey with Hulu.