Want to save DTV videos on PC? These methods are a must!

Updated on 2023-06-30
With dTV, you can enjoy popular genres such as movies, dramas, anime, live videos, and more for only 550 yen/month (tax included), plus you can easily save them! You can even watch them offline!

If you want to download videos from other video streaming services, such as ABEMA and U-NEXT, check out this article:[Ultimate Guide] How to download videos and music from all video streaming services

With DTV, you can enjoy blockbusters, popular dramas, the latest anime, Korean dramas, and more for 550 yen per month (tax included) for adults and children alike. New movies are added every month, so you can always find something you want to watch. In addition, if you miss the latest movie or drama currently airing, you can rent a new one.

You can also use your d-points for new rentals. In addition to smartphones, tablets, and PCs, you can also watch your TV, so you can use the service whenever and wherever you want, depending on your lifestyle, and anyone can easily register online. First-time registrants can use the service for free for 31 days (after 31 days, the service will be automatically renewed, and the monthly fee will start from the current month).

Table of Contents

1. How to log in and download DTV videos on your smartphone

2. Can I download videos on my PC?

3, How to save DTV videos on a PC


1, How to log in and download DTV videos on your smartphone

First, download the DTV app from the APP Store.

After opening the software, click "Login" in the upper right corner. If you are not a doDocomoser, you can still register or log in.

After entering your D-account ID and password, you will be logged in. Next, I will show you how to download the software.

First, open the page of your favorite video, and the operation will differ depending on the video you want to download.

If you want to download a specific episode from the video's homepage, you can click the download button directly after the corresponding episode.

If you want to download many episodes at once, click the download button directly below the video.

Downloaded videos can be found in "Downloads" on the app's home screen.

2. Can I download videos on my PC?

First, visit DTV official website and go to the top page.

After logging in, find the work you like and enter the home page, just like the smartphone application.

Here's the difference.

On a smartphone app, you can download videos and play them easily on the app, but on a PC, you can only like you can only watch them online and not download them by marking.

So can I download DTV videos on my PC!

You can!

Here are two ways to do it.

3, How to save DTV videos on a PC

No.1 DTV download is super easy to use with downloadable software

Official site: Y2mate downloader

Y2mate Downloader is a professional video downloader that allows you to download videos from any website, including DTV, of course.

How to download DTV with Y2Mate DRM Downloader?

  • Download the downloader from the Y2mate official website and launch it.

  • In the "VIP Services" section on the left, click "DTV" to access the video you want to save. Or copy the URL of the video page you want to download and type it directly into the URL field of the home page and paste it.
    ※You may need to log in to your account to access the video.
  • If you want to download the audio version of the video, you can do so by clicking the "Download" button. Of course, you can also download the audio version.

  • You can check the video you are downloading by clicking "Downloading" on the left side.

No.2 [Recording] DTV is super easy with extensions.

Official Site: Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder is a free simple tool to capture high-quality video from your desktop browser. Whether you create educational videos, watch games, record meetings, live storage, or any other general use, Screen Recorder can help!

It has many advantages, but it's got a few good ones when it comes to recording!

  • Unlimited screen recording time
  • Instant video saving
  • Multi-function screen recorder

Save to Google Google Drive (You can save your recordings to Google Drive)

It's straightforward to use. First of all, you need to "add to chrome" → "add extension," and then the download is complete.

Then click on the icon in the upper right corner to check it out.

Click on Extensions.

Now, set the camera off to record video on your PC.

Click to select the windows you want to record.

The recommended choice here is "Windows." You can only record the video screen to protect your personal information.

After the recording starts, click on the "icon" icon to see the recording time. If you want to stop, click Stop sharing on the screen.

When the recording stops, it can be downloaded automatically and can be found in Download on your PC.

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