DMM download is slow! How to increase the speed anyway

Updated on 2023-06-30
Solves all possible problems with's download function, includes many PC-compatible download methods! Easy and usable at home [DMM FANZA].

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DMM is a general entertainment site that offers online games, video streaming, e-books, mail order shopping, and bicycle racing.DMM is a viral video site nowadays, with many divisions and categories in each division. For example, in DMM Video, the drama section is categorized into Japanese, foreign, Korean, and Asian dramas. In addition to this, there are also movies, anime, pachi & suro, comedy, and more. You can watch everything from period pieces to the latest releases. Some movies can be watched for free, while paid movies can be paid for with credit cards.


  1. What is DMM video streaming site?
  2. How to use
  3. How to download DMM videos on PC
  4. Extra

1. What is DMM video streaming site?

DMM originally started its business by selling and distributing adult videos and later expanded to online games, VOD, e-books, and e-commerce. It became a comprehensive e-commerce site combining video, games, e-book distribution, and online shopping. Its main products include ACGN, idols, software, fun, home appliances, and clothing rental services.

The company's core business is the rental of CDs/DVDs, clothing, daily necessities, and the "video on demand" service, which distributes a variety of comics, movies, and plays online. Other benefits include charity auctions, online games, online English education services, and 3D printers.


DMM has an extensive range of movies and TV that can be viewed for 550 yen per month. New users will get one month free when they sign up. Also, FANZA, which is aimed at adults, has more than 7,000 movies and offers paid services such as monthly movies and unlimited viewing.


1. Downloads are available only after purchase.

2. Purchased videos have a download period, after which they cannot be downloaded.

3. Products that have been discontinued or are no longer available for sale cannot be viewed.

4. Download speed is slow.

2. How to use

Official site:

Open the top page and log in from the right side. New users can click on "Register DMM Account," while those already registered can log in directly.

There are many categories in the left column, but we will show you the downloadable videos this time, so please select a video.

When you find the one you like, click on it to see specific information.

You will see two versions in the right column that you can add to your basket or rent directly. The "Streaming HD" and "Streaming" versions vary depending on the picture quality. In the bottom right column, you can see the supported devices. The work in the example will be available on all devices except the TV.

When you click "Rent Now," you will choose your payment method. Confirm the payment method, then click "Next.

Confirm your purchase details, and then complete your purchase.

Purchased contents can be played in "Purchased Products."

Next, I will show you how to download videos on your PC.

3, How to download DMM videos on a PC

No.1 Use download software to download DMM super easily

Official site: Y2mate downloader

Y2mate Downloader is a professional video downloader that allows you to download videos from any website, including DMM, of course.

How to download DMM with Y2Mate DRM Downloader?

Download the downloader from the Y2mate official website and launch it.


image (1)

In the "VIP Services" section on the left, click "DMM" to access the video you want to save. Or, copy the URL of the video page you want to download and type it directly into the URL field of the home page and paste it.

You may need to log in to your account to access the video.


You may need to log in to your account to access the video. Of course, you can also download the audio version.


You can check the video you are downloading by clicking "Downloading" on the left side.

No.2 Use the extension to download DMM  very easily.

Here I would like to introduce is Vimeo Record

Add to chrome" & rare; "Add extension"

The addition is complete if you can see the icon in the upper right corner.

Click "Skip.

And you are ready to go.

After clicking Start Recording, select the window you want to record. You can choose the screen, the camera, or both. After selecting a screen, you can also record the entire computer screen or select a different window. After the setup is complete, click "Start recording" to start recording.

A white recording symbol will appear in the selected window when you start recording. There is a transparent settings box in the lower-left corner, which turns into a transparent white settings box when you hover the mouse over it, so you can check the recording time, whether to delete, pause, or stop recording.

This article explains how to use DMM and how to record videos. Recorded videos can be saved in mp4 or other formats and viewed anytime and anywhere.

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