2023 Latest: How to convert DMM video dcv files to mp4!

By momoka

A dcv file is a specially encrypted format file used by the video sharing site and download service provided by DMM.com.

This file format addresses issues such as copyright protection and illegal uploading. In addition, dcv files offer high image and sound quality, and can solve problems such as choppiness, image quality degradation, and sound quality loss during streaming playback.

However, dcv files cannot be played using anything other than dedicated players or download software, so they must be converted to mp4 format.

This requires the use of dedicated software, many of which are available free of charge.

In this article, we will show you how to convert DMM video dcv files to mp4.

How to convert dmm video dcv files to mp4

StreamGaGa: Recommended tools to convert and save dmm videos

It is possible to save dmm videos by using certain tools and software. Here we have picked up 5 tools that can convert and download dmm video formats to be able to save them.

If you want to store dmm videos on your own computer, choose one of the five tools listed below.

StreamGaGa : Homepage

StreamGaGa can be downloaded from DMM as well as other video services such as Fanza, Netflx, and amazon prime video. It supports recording up to 1080p, so you can save your content in high quality.

  1. Once you have installed StreamGaGa, launch the program. Click on the settings button in the upper right-hand corner of the three main battlegrounds and select the "General" menu. Then set the language to Japanese, and the program will be displayed in Japanese from now on.
  2. Next, click on "Streaming Service" and set the resolution and other settings. In the "Streaming Services" section, you will see various icons for video sharing sites.
  3. Click on the icon for DMM among them. Click on this icon and you will be taken to the DMM website, where you can log in and find your favorite movies.

Finally, click the "Download" button in the lower right corner to start the download process.

VideoProc: Tool to convert dcv files to mp4

VideoProc: Easy to use, fast conversion, and full editing features.

Here are the steps to convert dcv files to mp4 using VideoProc.

  1. Launch VideoProc and click the "Video" tab to display the "Video Conversion" screen.
  2. Drag and drop the dcv file you want to convert and load it into VideoProc.
  3. Set the output format to "mp4". Specify the output destination folder as well.
  4. Adjust the image quality, sound quality, and other settings as needed. If you can convert easily, you can convert by default as is.
  5. Click the Convert button and wait for a while. When the conversion is complete, the mp4 format file will be saved in the directory you specified.

Points to note when converting dcv files to mp4

4.1 Solution in case of conversion failure

Several problems may occur when converting a dcv file to mp4. Below are some solutions in case of conversion failure.

  • Restart the software: Conversion may fail due to a software glitch or insufficient memory. In this case, close the software, restart it, and try again.
  • Check the file format: Make sure that the dcv file you are trying to convert is in the correct format. If the file name contains special characters such as Japanese, change it to alphanumeric characters and then try to convert it.
  • Software updates: If your software is an older version, it may not support dcv file conversion. Therefore, please check if the software you are using is the latest version and update it if necessary.

If you are still unable to convert using these methods, we recommend that you try a different software or consult an expert.

4.2 Copyright Notice

The dcv file is a format adopted for copyright protection. Therefore, conversion or redistribution for anything other than personal use is illegal. Also, be mindful of copyright when sharing converted mp4 files with third parties.

However, you may convert videos that you own for your own personal viewing purposes. Also, there are certain exceptions, such as when you have permission based on the law or when the copyright has expired, so be sure to research carefully before doing so.

Keeping the above in mind, you can convert dcv files to mp4 and enjoy watching them freely.

Summary: Convert dcv files to mp4 and enjoy a freer viewing experience!

In this article, we have introduced what dcv files are, why they are used in dmm, and how and what to do when converting dcv files to mp4. dcv files have high image and sound quality and are a format adopted for copyright protection, but they cannot be played on common devices or applications. However, they cannot be played back on ordinary devices or applications.

However, by converting dcv files to mp4 using dedicated software, you can improve the versatility and enjoy the viewing experience freely. dcv files can be converted to mp4 for a wider range of viewing and a more comfortable viewing experience.