2023 Latest: How to convert DMM video wsdcf files to mp4!

Updated on 2023-06-30
This article details how to convert DMM video wsdcf files to mp4 format. wsdcf files are a DMM proprietary format and are not compatible with the mp4 format. However, this article will show you how to easily convert wsdcf files to mp4 by using online file conversion tools or dedicated conversion software.

DMM is a popular video platform and wsdcf file is its proprietary video format.

However, this format is limited in playback on some players and devices. mp4 format is a popular video format and is supported by most players and devices.

Therefore, by converting DMM video wsdcf files to mp4 format, they can be played and shared on a wider range of devices.

This article details how to convert wsdcf files to mp4 easily and efficiently using online file conversion tools and conversion software.

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What is a DMM video wsdcf file?

DMM (Digital Media Mart) is a popular online video platform. dmm uses a proprietary video format, wsdcf (Windows Smooth Streaming with DRM Content Format) files. wsdcf files are used to protect the video content offered by DMM and to comply with copyright and Digital Rights Management (DRM) regulations.


Unlike regular mp4 files, wsdcf files have restrictions on playback on certain players and devices. if you want to enjoy DMM videos, you will need to convert the wsdcf format to mp4 format.

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Why convert wsdcf files to mp4?

Playback on a wide range of devices:.

The mp4 format is supported by most media players and devices. by converting wsdcf files to mp4, you can play DMM videos on a wide variety of devices. You can comfortably watch them on your favorite devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs.

Offline playback:.

In wsdcf format, playback is usually only possible online. However, by converting to mp4 format, you can download videos for offline playback. You can enjoy videos at your own pace while traveling or in places with limited Internet access.

Content Sharing:.

Because wsdcf files are not a common format, it can be difficult to share videos with others. The mp4 format, on the other hand, is widely accepted and can be easily shared on various platforms and social media. It is important to convert wsdcf files to mp4 to share your favorite videos with friends and family.

Edit or backup:.

Since the mp4 format is a popular video format, it is easy to edit with editing software. wsdcf fiisaldi, DMM's video wsdcf file to mp4 conversion allows you to creatively edit and backup your videos. You can freely edit your videos by cutting, trimming, and adding effects to suit your personal goals and projects. From a backup perspective, the mp4 format is also widely supported, facilitating long-term storage and reuse of data.

Improved compatibility:.

The wsdcf format is proprietary to DMM and can only be used in certain playback environments. However, the mp4 format is compatible with most media players and devices. converting a wsdcf file to mp4 expands the video's range of use, allowing it to be viewed comfortably on a wide range of playback environments.

For these reasons, it is important to convert DMM video wsdcf files to mp4. It offers many benefits, includingplayback on a wide range of devices,offline playback,improved sharing,easier editing and backup, andimproved compatibility.

In the following sections, we will discuss in detail how to convert wsdcf files to mp4.

Method 1: Tools to download dmm videos (no need to convert from download to mp4)

The following download tool is especially recommended to download directly from DMM in the form of mp4 without the need for wsdcf file conversion.

Keepstreams: Recommended tool to convert and save dmm videos

Keepstreams allows you to download videos from DMM and other video services such as Fanza, Netflx, amazon prime video, etc. It supports recording up to 1080p, so you can save your content in high quality.

  1. Once you have installed Keepstreams, launch the program. Click on the three-pronged settings button in the upper right corner and select the "General" menu. Then set the language to Japanese, and the program will be displayed in Japanese from now on.
  2. Next, click on "Streaming Service" and set the resolution and other settings. You will see various icons of video sharing sites in the "Streaming Services" section.
  3. Click on the icon for DMM among them. Click on this icon and you will be taken to the DMM website, where you can log in and find your favorite movies.

Finally, click the "Download" button on the bottom right to start the download process.

KeepStreams for DMM TV
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StreamGaGa: Download dmm videos in mp4 format

StreamGaGa DMM Video Downloader supports downloading of streamed videos with up to 4K resolution and EAC3/AC3 5.1ch audio track in terms of sound quality. You can watch your favorite videos more comfortably without ads. The batch download function allows you to automatically select the episodes you want to save. You can download subtitles directly from the distribution service.

1. install StreamGaGa DMM Video Downloader for free

i free download i free download


2. launch StreamGaGa and select "DMM.com" from "VIP Service".

3. Log in with your account.

4. Go to the viewing page of the video you wish to save and play the video.

5. Once the video is played, the video storage settings window will appear. Click "Download Now."

  Download Now

Method 2: Use the conversion software Wondershare UniConverter

Installing Wondershare UniConverter software

In order to convert DMM video wsdcf files to mp4, you need to install a dedicated conversion software. Download reliable conversion software from the Internet and install it properly on your device.

Launch VideoProc and select the conversion options

After installation is complete, launch the conversion software. From the menu or toolbar, select the "Convert" option.

Import your wsdcf file

Once the conversion software is launched, import the wsdcf file to be converted into the software. Typically, you would click the "Open File" button and select the wsdcf file to open it. The software interface will display a list of imported files.

Select mp4 as the output setting.

Next, set the output settings: to convert to mp4 format, select "mp4" as the output setting. You can also make additional settings such as video resolution and bit rate.

Running the Conversion Process

Once the settings are complete, start the conversion process. With some software, simply click the "Convert" button to begin conversion. Please be patient, as conversion may take several minutes to several dozen minutes. The progress of the conversion is usually indicated by a progress bar or percentage.

Where to save the converted mp4 files

When the conversion process is complete, specify a location to save the converted mp4 files. Conversion software usually provides a dialog box or configuration option for selecting a save location. Click to select a save location and save the converted mp4 file. Generally, a default save location is set, but it can be changed if desired.

These are the steps to convert DMM video wsdcf files to mp4 using conversion software. The conversion software allows for a higher degree of customization and quality settings. Please follow the accurate and efficient conversion process and ensure that the converted mp4 files are saved to the desired storage location.