2023 Must See: 10 U-NEXT Downloader Comparison! (paid and free)

Updated on 2023-07-04
This article compares 10 downloader services in 2023, including the U-NEXT downloader, and discusses the features and advantages of the paid and free versions, as well as what to look for when choosing one.

Recently, video distribution services have become popular for easily enjoying movies, dramas, animations, and other video content. Among them, U-NEXT is supported by many people, and one of its convenient features is "U-NEXT Downloader." U-NEXT Downloader is a download function provided for paying members, allowing them to comfortably enjoy videos even in offline environments.

However, there are not only U-NEXT but also various other downloader services. This article compares 10 downloader services including U-NEXT downloader in 2023, and explains the features and advantages of each paid version and free version, as well as key points to consider when choosing one.

This article assumes the use of U-NEXT within legal limits and does not recommend any actions that encourage copyright infringement.

How to choose U-NEXT downloader

3.1. paid vs. free: comparison of options

The first point to consider when choosing a U-NEXT downloader is a comparison of paid vs. free options. Paid downloaders are generally feature-rich and offer more advanced options and additional functionality.

In contrast, free downloaders may offer basic download functionality, but may have ads and limited functionality. It is important to compare paid and free options according to your usage objectives and budget, and to select the appropriate features you need.

3.2. Comparison of Key Features and Functions

Another important factor to consider when choosing a U-NEXT downloader is the key features offered and how they compare. In general, good video downloaders offer the following features:


  1. Support for a variety of video platforms: Make sure there is support for a wide range of video sharing sites.
  2. Quality and resolution selection: Check for the ability to select the quality and resolution of the videos to be downloaded.
  3. Batch downloads: check for the ability to download multiple videos at once
  4. Support for download formats: Check if there is the ability to select different formats (MP4, AVI, MKV, etc.) when downloading videos.
  5. Download speed and performance: Check if it offers fast download speed and stability.


It is important to compare these features and choose the downloader that best suits your needs.

3.3. interface and ease of use

Ease of use and interface quality should also be considered when choosing a U-NEXT downloader. An intuitive and easy-to-use interface means that users can easily

simple to use and easy to understand. It is important to choose a video downloader that is simple to operate, easy to understand, and provides quick access to the functions you need.

3.4. support and update frequency

When choosing a U-NEXT downloader, it is also important to check support and update frequency. Make sure that reliable support is provided and that you can get a quick response if a problem or question arises.

Comparison of 6 U-NEXT downloaders (paid)

No. 1: KeepStreams U-NEXT Downloader





Price Plans

Monthly: $23.9

1 year: $59.99

Lifetime membership: $119.99


  • Download U-NEXT videos in high quality
  • Batch download of U-NEXT videos
  • Automatic download of new episodes
  • Automatic removal of ads, etc.

    KeepStreams U-NEXT Downloader

KeepStreams U-NEXT Downloader is a secure downloader that provides the strongest video downloading and saving tools with a simple and intuitive user interface and the latest technology. It has a built-in browser, the ability to download multiple videos at the same time, and the ability to convert and save downloaded videos in a variety of formats. Until now, it has been highly popular among recommended video downloaders.


  • KeepStreams has a free download trial for 3 videos and music for each product, totaling more than 120 files
  • KeepStreams offers an easy-to-use interface and is intuitive for users
  • Fast and stable download speeds


  • The free plan has some limitations; a premium plan is required for more advanced features.

No. 2: Y2mate U-NEXT Downloader




Price Plans

Monthly: $25.9

1 year: $64.9

Lifetime membership (1pc): $149.9


  • Save as MP4, MKV
  • Batch downloading & faster speed
  • Subtitles saved in SRT format


Y2Mate U-NEXT downloader allows you to download high quality video and audio, providing you with the perfect and best user experience. In most cases, this downloader is recommended when downloading content as it is a powerful choice, allowing you to download videos with 1080p resolution and 5.1 channel audio effects!


  • Excellent support system, quick response to any problems or questions
  • Regular updates to keep up with the latest video sharing site changes


  • The free version only allows you to download three videos.

No. 3: StreamGaGa Downloader (all-in-one)





Fee Plans

Monthly: $39.9

Six months: $99.99

1 year: $119.90

Lifetime (1pc): $199.9

Lifetime (3pc): $299.9

Lifetime (5pc): $399.9


  • Save subtitles as external SRT files
  • Download multiple series at once
  • GPU boost for fast download


StreamGaGa Downloader is a downloader for downloading videos on video sharing sites, converting them to AVI/MPEG/MP4/FLV/WAV/MP3 formats, and saving them.

Not only for U-NEXT, this powerful tool allows you to download videos from over 70 SVOD services including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, and U-next.


Supports a large number of video streaming sites, allowing you to download a wide variety of videos

  • Fast and stable downloads allow you to enjoy videos without stress.
  • You can choose the file format and quality of the downloaded files, so you can watch videos according to your own preferences.
  • Easy to use, even for beginners


  • Downloading may be restricted on some video distribution sites.

No. 4: Streamfab U-NEXT Downloader





Fee Plan

Monthly: 5620 yen

Annual fee: 7,500 yen

Indefinite version: 10,000 yen


  • Ads removal
  • H.264 and H.265 codecs can be selected
  • Pre-selectable subtitles and audio, and individual subtitle files can be saved

  StreamFab U-NEXT Downloader

With StreamFab U-NEXT Downloader, you can select quality from 720p to 4K and download U-NEXT erotic videos. As for the audio, you will get AAC 2.0, so you can enjoy your favorite adult videos with the best sound quality.

Streaming playback requires a certain amount of Internet space to play 4K, but if you download the video, you can watch it offline in super-high quality.

It is a recommended video download free software that is used by many people and can be used safely even by beginners. However, the video URL parsing function is poor, and you may not be able to download videos smoothly.


  • The download quality is very high and the high resolution provides a comfortable video experience.
  • StreamFab Downloader is also popular for its ease of use and user-friendly UI design.


  • It is more expensive than other download tools, and some consumers feel that the price is unfairly high.

No. 5: cleverget downloader


How to use CleverGet [Explanation of illegality, video download, and how to obtain license] - ENGI WORKS




Fee Plan

Annual: 4949 yen

Perpetual license: 8144 yen


  • Support for a wide variety of websites
  • High quality video download

 CleverGet U-NEXT Downloader

Unlike the official U-NEXT video downloader, CleverGet U-NEXT Downloader allows unlimited local downloading of any U-NEXT video you always want to download for offline viewing, without the need for a special player required for streaming viewing You can download any U-NEXT video that you always want to download for offline viewing without the need for a special player. By using this service, you can enjoy your favorite videos anytime, anywhere while also saving on communication volume.


  • Compatible with many video sites.
  • Easy to use, even for beginners.
  • High quality images, such as 720P, 1080P, 2K, etc. can be selected.
  • Various functions such as conversion from m3u8 to MP4 and saving live streaming are available.
  • Subtitle files can be downloaded.
  • You can purchase only the modules you need.


  • It may take time to analyze the video.
  • Downloading may fail.
  • Sound out-of-sync problems may occur.
  • May not be able to download videos from some sites.

No. 6: Wondershare uniconverter



Price Plans

Monthly plan:2,780 yen (tax included)

One year plan: 5,380 yen (tax included)
Perpetual license: 8,280 yen (tax included)


  • Multifunctionality
  • High quality conversion
  • Video editing tools

Wondershare UniConverter is an all-in-one video conversion software and an excellent tool for easy conversion and editing of various media files. This powerful software combines ease of use and high quality conversion features to meet the needs of professional video editors and general users alike. The ability to download videos is also very convenient.


  • Versatility
  • High quality conversion
  • Extensive format support
  • User-friendly interface


  • Video editing and converting functions are stronger than downloading functions.


Comparison of 4 u-next downloaders in 2023 (free)



Free downloaders may seem like useful tools, but there are several risks associated with their use.

  1. Risk of viruses and malware
  2. Leakage of personal information
  3. Lack of support and updates
  4. Unauthorized ads and pop-ups

When using a free downloader, all risks are the user's own responsibility.

No. 1: Onlinevideoconverter

How to use OnlineVideoConverter and the dangersWhat to do if you can't download it - DigitalNews365
Recommendation: ★★★★★
- Safety: ★★★★
- Ease of use: ★★★★
- Advertising: Yes
- Price: Free
- Japanese: Supported
- Supported video sharing sites: Instagram, vimeo, Facebook, ted.com, veojam.com, vk.com, 9gag.tv, 1tv.ru, etc.

No. 2: Offliberty

How to use "2023" Offliberty and what to do if Offliberty cannot be downloaded

Recommendation: ★★★★
- Safety: ★★★★
- Ease of use: ★★★★
- Ads: No
- Price: Free
- Japanese: Not supported
- Supported video sharing sites: Dailymotion, Veho, Nico Nico Douga, FC2 Video, PandoraTV (save in .flv format), Anitube, SoundCloud, Mixcloud

No. 3: ClipConverter.cc

Clip Converter.cc - Convertir gratuitement Clip en MP4, MP3

- Recommendation: ★★★★
- Safety: ★★★★
- Ease of use: ★★★★
- Ads: Yes
- Price: Free
- Japanese: Supported
- Supported Video Sharing Sites: Sevenload, MySpace, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, MyVideo, YouPorn, Pornhub, Veoh

No. 4: Vid-DL

2023] How to use Vid-DL and alternatives when it is not available.

- Recommendation: ★★★★
- Safety: ★★★★
- Ease of use: ★★★★
- Ads: No
- Price: Free
- Japanese: Supported
- Supported video sharing sites: Nico Nico Douga, FC2 Video, 28tube, Moviefap, Hardsextube, Tokyoporntube, Pornhub, Dailymotion, Xhamster, Yvhmovie, etc.