Does Paramount Plus Have a Student Discount? A Guide to Avail CBS Student Discount

Peter Parker
Updated on 2022-03-24
Time to know about everything related to paramount plus student discount with its process, advantages & rules to get the best benefits from this plan.

"Discount" is the word that comes before you purchase something. When it comes to "student" and "discount", these two words go hand in hand because students are always searching for a good discount on everything to fit themselves in their limited pocket-friendly budget. While comprehending the compulsive craving for discounts, paramount+ has come up with the best paramount plus student discount for providing unlimited online entertainment satisfaction in the students' limited pocket money.

Paramount+ doesn't need any separate introduction in the online entertainment world because, with 56.8 million users, this American subscription video-on-demand streaming service platform was launched as CBS All Access in October 2014 with the content collaboration with CBS Entertainment Group, Paramount Media Networks, and Paramount Pictures. CBS student discount has been offered after a couple of years of launching this online streaming platform.

Student Discount begins with CBS All Access

Even though CBS All Access has come up with ad-supported and without ads subscription plans, CBS student discount has provided 25% off on a limited commercial subscription option. On the study break or holidays, students can watch 10,000 television episodes, exclusive original series, hit shows, live sports, and the list can go on. 

With the growing demand and popularity of CBS All Access, this platform has been extended and rebranded as Paramount+ March 2021 with the expansion in the international market. However, despite the enormous success in the entertainment world, Paramount plus student discount is one of the most impressive and beneficial services to all the student subscribers. To make the most out of this discount service, you have to stay tuned to this article until the end.

What is the Paramount Plus Student Discount all about?

Paramount plus student discount allows them to enjoy their favorite paramount+ content with a 25% discount on the essential monthly subscription plan of $4.99/month with a limited ads option. It will allow you to enjoy 30,000 episodes, on-demand movies, exclusive original series, live sports including UEFA Champions League, NFL on CBS, and 24 hours national news of CBSN. 

Now, while opting for the Paramount plus student discount, you need to keep in mind that this service is only for college and university students who are enrolled in the Title IV higher education organizations. This discount plan is not for high school students.

How to get a Paramount Plus Student Discount?

To build a bond between paramount college students with the 25% discount benefits, students need to visit the link: to initiate the signing up process. While going through the signup process, all the student information will be checked by the SheerID service. However, the paramount plus student discount can not be applied to your existing paramount+ subscription plans. To get a student discount plan, you have to cancel your current subscription plan if you have any, and you have to resubscribe again with the paramount plus student discount plan.

Sign up process & rules for Student Discount

● Student name, date of birth, and college or university details must be given.

● All the given information will be verified and matched with the education database of SheerID.

● Paramount+ doesn't get involved in this verification process, and SheerID has independently conducted the entire verification process.

● Students need to enter all of their information in the exact way it is officially given to their school's documentation.

● With the automatic verification process, if your data matches with the database, the student will be taken to the billing page of Paramount+ to start the subscription process.

● Students can be taken to the " upload student documents" page for further student status verification 

● To check out the approved student document list, you must visit:

● The Paramount plus student discount option is valid for four years. Even if any student has passed out from college, it will still be valid for four years, and after that, the standard paramount+ essential monthly billing cycle will be started.

● To sign up for the discount, students must use either computer or mobile web. However, after being eligible for a student discount, you can watch your paramount library on any device.

So, when you have a brief idea about paramount plus student discount, it's high time to make the most out of this offer either in your study break or in your session break. This discount offer is one of the best recreation options to get rid of your study stress while enjoying your favorite paramount+ library.

Ways to enjoy Ads-free & Internet-free Paramount+ Student Discount Subscription:):)

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You can also apply this process with any other subscription plan of any other online streaming platform. Your one-time investment in this downloader would give you double savings from the online subscriptions and internet expenses. So, to enjoy these double benefits, you have to know the entire process and services of this downloader.

Features & Functions

● Download any regional content from any corner of the world without any ad in your suitable resolution from 720p to 1080p.

● Japan, Germany, Italy, you can enjoy any country-specific content in your native language with your best-suited subtitles and metadata saving option.

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● Your huge-sized bulk download will be ready within a few minutes to make the customizable offline library.


You can always start with your free trial download option with limited features. Still, if you want to experience every single feature of this downloader in your offline watch, you must try the basic and bearable subscription plan of $19.9/ month or $59.9/ year with 7 days cash back assurances or $149.9 for a lifetime subscription with 14 days cash back assurances. Instead of going by words or promises, you must try this downloader for once with your suitable subscription plan.

Steps to Download

● Install the downloader on any device (PC, Laptop and Mac) for free from the official website.

● Go straight to the"Streaming Service" option.

● Select the "paramount+" icon.

● Log in to your account with your valid ID and password.

● Search your videos to download and start playing the videos.

● Select seasons, episodes, subtitles, and other metadata.

● Finally, click on the download now option.

So, when you are ready with your new custom-made offline library for your offline binge-watching, never hesitate to take professional assistance from this platform in any of your needs with the 24 hours customer support.

Final Feed

So, to get the maximum benefits of the paramount plus student discount, you must follow all the instructions and information given in this article. And once you are on with your CBS student discount subscription, you must move on to your offline watch, the Y2mate Paramount Plus Downloader, to get the double saving and double benefits out of your one-time investment.