How to download NHK Plus in MP4 format: a simple step-by-step guide

By momoka

For those who want to know how to download NHK Plus in MP4 format, this simple step-by-step guide will be helpful.

NHK Plus is a popular video streaming service offering a wide range of content, but if you want to watch it offline, you need to download it in MP4 format.

This article introduces the features and limitations of NHK Plus and details the preparation and procedure for downloading in MP4 format.

In addition, we will also provide you with some common problems and troubleshooting tips to help you get the most out of NHK Plus and enjoy your favorite programs and movies anytime, anywhere.

What is NHK Plus?

NHK Plus is an on-demand video service provided by NHK, Japan's public broadcaster. Users can access a wealth of content through NHK Plus, including programs of various genres, dramas, sporting events, documentaries, and more.

A feature of NHK Plus is that in addition to NHK's broadcast content, users can also enjoy original content and archives of past programs. In addition to streaming, the service also offers a download function for offline viewing.

NHK Plus can be used on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and TVs, and offers a comfortable viewing experience with high image quality. This article details the attractions and benefits of NHK Plus and shows you how to download it in MP4 format.

Preparation for downloading NHK Plus videos in MP4 format

4.1. software and tools required for downloading

In order to download NHK Plus videos in MP4 format, you will need to prepare some software and tools. First, it is important to obtain reliable video download software. There are many different options available on the Internet, but you need to choose the best one for your users.

In this article, we recommend Y2mate downloader, which is popular in Japan.

4.2. account registration and login

To download NHK Plus videos, you must first visit the official NHK Plus website and register an account. To register an account, enter your personal information, e-mail address, password, and other necessary information. Once registration is complete, click on the confirmation link sent to you by e-mail to activate your account.

If you have a valid account, log in by entering your registered e-mail address and password on the login page. By entering the correct information, you will be able to access all NHK Plus contents. Once you have registered for an account and logged in, you will be ready to download videos in MP4 format in the next step.

Steps to download videos in MP4 format from NHK Plus



Y2Mate is a service that

  • Easily download videos from numerous video distribution sites
  • Download in 1080p and 4K as well as 8K
  • Batch download at lightning speed
  • Save videos in MP4 format with 5.1ch surround sound
  • Watch videos offline without ads
  • Default audio track and subtitles
  • Supports multiplexing process without downloading and encoding subtitles in SRT format
  • Built-in browser for effortless video search and playback
  • Save movie metadata such as TV programs


So many great features, download for free and try it now!

Here is how to download programs available on NHK Plus with Y2Mate DRM Downloader.

Step 1: Download and install Y2Mate Downloader

  1. Go to the official Y2Mate website.
  2. Click the "Free Download" button to download and install Y2Mate.
  3. You can set your language preferences.


Step 2: Customize download settings

1. go to "Home


2. paste the URL of the NHK Plus video you want to download into the URL field and access the site. 3.


Play the NHK Plus video you want to download. Y2Mate will automatically analyze the video. (You may need to log in to play the video.) Set the format (audio or video) and quality you want to download. 4.


Click "Download Now. You can check the video you are downloading under "Downloading".


Common Problems and Troubleshooting

You may encounter some common problems when downloading NHK Plus videos in MP4 format. Below are some common problems and how to troubleshoot them.

Downloading is slow:

Download speed depends on your Internet connection. First, make sure your Internet connection is stable. Also, check to see if other devices or applications are using your network bandwidth and consider temporarily stopping them to maximize download speed.

The download stops midstream:

If downloads stop midstream, this may be due to temporary network problems. First, make sure your Internet connection is stable and that no other applications or devices are interfering with the download. Also, clearing the cache in your download software or browser may try to resolve the problem.

I cannot play the downloaded video:

If you are unable to play a downloaded video, first check to see if the video file was downloaded correctly. If the file may be corrupted, you can try downloading again or use another video conversion software to repair the file.

The download option does not appear:

Downloading may be restricted for some videos. Therefore, you may not see the download option. In this case, please try another video or check the Terms of Use or information from the content provider regarding download restrictions.

Account is locked:

If certain download restrictions are in place, your account may be locked. This may be a security measure.