Netflix Download: capacity, expiration, limits, and other restrictions explained! (and how to unlock it)

Updated on 2023-07-31
This article details the restrictions on Netflix's download feature. We will discuss restrictions such as download capacity limits, viewing time limits, and download limits, and we will also show you how to remove those restrictions.To get the most out of Netflix's download feature, you need to understand exactly what these restrictions are.

Netflix, the world's most popular on-demand video streaming service, offers a download feature for viewing in environments where an Internet connection is not available. The download feature does have some limitations.

This article details Netflix's download limitations.

The main restrictions include download size limits, download time limits, and download caps. These restrictions may limit the amount of content that can be downloaded at one time or the viewing time limit.

Also included are instructions on how to remove the restrictions.

To get the most out of Netflix's download feature, it is important to understand exactly what the limits are and to know how to remove them. Let's take a closer look at each restriction.

What is the Netflix Download Capacity Limit?

Netflix sets a limit on download capacity. The specific limit varies from plan to plan, but generally ranges from tens of GB to hundreds of GB, depending on storage space limitations.

Once this limit is reached, you will no longer be able to download new content and will need to delete content that has already been downloaded.

How to check Netflix download capacity

You may not be able to download a film due to lack of available space on your device.

The download capacity varies depending on the length and quality of the movie, but here is a rough estimate


Free Space
Approximate capacity

Standard quality


High image quality


You can check your device's free space from the Netflix app by following the steps below.


To check your device's free space

  • Open the Netflix app
  • Select "App Settings" from the "Extras" tab
  • Check "Internal Storage" under "Downloads

If you want to download a movie, free up the necessary space by deleting unnecessary files or apps.

What is the Netflix download deadline?

Netflix's download feature has a time limit for viewing. Therefore, please note that you must watch the movie before the expiration date. After the expiration date, you will not be able to watch the video. However, some videos do not allow downloads, and retention periods may vary depending on the individual license and work.

Most Netflix titles are set to expire within 7 days of downloading. The expiration date is first displayed on the download page. You can watch a work as many times as you like as long as it is within the viewing period. After the expiration date, you can download the work again.

Some downloads are limited to a 48-hour viewing period, which begins when you click the "Play" button to start viewing.

Once the expiration date has expired, the download page will display an orange exclamation mark and the message "Expired." If your Netflix download has expired, you can still download the work again by clicking on it and selecting the "Renew" button.

Restrictions on expired downloads

When re-downloading, you may see a pop-up message that says, "This title can only be downloaded once.

Some Netflix movies and dramas have a limit of only one download per year per account. If you exceed the limit, you will not be able to download that film for one year under the same account.

What is the Netflix download limit?

Download limit

Some Netflix download limits are limited to a maximum of two downloads per year due to licensing rights.

The number of times you can download is determined by the license, so there is no specific "limit".

If you have reached the limit, you can "download with a different account" or "enjoy with streaming playback.

Device Limits

Netflix has a fixed number of devices that can be used for simultaneous viewing, depending on the subscription plan. The same applies to the number of devices you can download to.


Monthly Fee

Simultaneous Viewing


800 yen

1 device


1,200 yen

2 units


1,800 yen

4 devices

If the number of devices you are downloading to exceeds the number of devices that can simultaneously view the movie, you will not be able to download the movie.

For example, if you are on the Standard plan, you cannot download movies on more than 3 accounts; if you want to download movies on more than 3 accounts, you must switch to the Premium plan.

In this case, you can delete all the videos you are downloading to other devices so that you can download the videos on another device.

Netflix Download: How to remove restrictions such as capacity, deadline, limit, etc.

Method 1: Use a downloader

Y2mate Netflix Downloader is a "Netflix-only downloader" that allows you to download content available within Netflix.

With this Netflix Downloader, you can easily increase the number of Netflix downloads to 500 per day.


Features of Y2mate Netflix Downloader

  • Constantly updated.
  • Download from video viewing sites other than Netflix by paying a fee
  • Download multiple videos at once in 1080p
  • Download multiple videos at once
  • No download restrictions

- Supported OS: Windows and Mac

How to download unlimited videos using Y2mate Netflix Downloader

Click the download button for your OS and install Y2mate Netflix Downloader.

Step 1: Go to the website where you want to download the video.
Select the website from "YouTube," "VIP Services," "Live Streaming," or "Adult Services" in the left column. Alternatively, simply copy the URL of the OTT website, paste it into the address bar at the top, and press enter to access it.

Step 2: Play the video you wish to download.
Once you have accessed the website in Y2Mate's built-in browser, locate and play the video you wish to download. Some websites may require you to log in to your account before you can access the video.

Step 3: Customize the output settings and click "Download Now.
When you play the video you want to download, Y2Mate will automatically analyze the video and display a window for you to customize output settings such as resolution, dubbing, subtitles, and audio. Then simply click "Download Now.

Select "Download Now" to download immediately, or "Add to Queue" to download in batches later.

When you start downloading or add to queue, you will see the window below and wait until the download is complete. (If you are adding to the queue, click "Add to Queue" below)

When the download is complete, click "Finish" to confirm that the downloaded video can be played and you are done.

Method 2: Create multiple Netflix accounts (complicated)

Creating multiple accounts will increase the number of Netflix downloads.

However, there are three things to keep in mind when creating accounts.

First, you will need a new cell phone number and credit card. The same cell phone number and e-mail address cannot be used, so you can switch accounts with a free e-mail service. However, you cannot use a credit card in the same name; Netflix allows you to choose from several payment methods, but you will need a different payment method or a different credit card.

Second, you cannot combine multiple accounts or share paid content. If you purchase paid content on a different account, you can only watch it on that account. Choose your account with caution.

Finally, if you get multiple accounts, you will have to pay a monthly fee for each account; two accounts will double your monthly fee. You may choose to use another VOD service, but it is important to consider that the cost will be equal to the cost of two accounts.

Method 3: Use recording software (poor picture quality)

You can easily increase your downloads by using recording software to record Netflix.

However, recording while watching Netflix videos is not recommended because it is time consuming and the quality of the saved video will be degraded.

Windows 10 users can record Netflix for free using the Xbox Game Bar, but Windows 7 and Windows 8 do not have built-in screen recording software. the Xbox Game Bar is a per-window recording area capture, so high-precision If you want to record Netflix video, we recommend professional recording software to get high-quality video safely and for free.

iTop Screen Recorder

iTop Screen Recorder is the best recording software for your needs. iTop Screen Recorder has more powerful recording features than ordinary recording software. This powerful recording mode can solve the problem of recording screen going black. iTop Screen Recorder is a free software that can be used on Windows 7, 8, and 10 to record Netflix videos safely.

Recording Netflix with iTop Screen Recorder

Step 1: Download iTop Screen Recorder for free.

Step 2: Adjust audio and quality settings.

If you want to record video, you need to turn on the speakers to record internal audio. And you do not need to record the "microphone" or "mouse", so it is recommended to turn them off.

TipsIf you want to record a higher quality video, open the menu in the upper right corner and click on "Settings" > "Format" to set the quality of the video you want to save.

Step 3: Record Netflix.

Once you have accessed your favorite video on Netflix, expand Full Screen in iTop Screen Recorder and click "Select Range" to set the area of the screen you want to record. Click the "REC" button or press the "F9" hotkey to start screen recording.

Step 4: Stop recording.

When you want to stop, click the red "Done" button to end recording.

    Click the "Done" button to stop recording.

Step 5: Review the recorded video.

You can review your recorded videos in the "Video List" of the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I watch downloaded Netflix on a different device?

To watch a movie downloaded with the official Netflix app on a different device, you must log in with the same Netflix account.

However, Netflix movies downloaded using the y2mate downloader are saved as mp4 files, so you can watch them by transferring them to the device you wish to watch.

Very convenient.

Where does the Netflix download save on my pc?

Approximate download capacity

Netflix downloads are stored in the NETFLIX app on Windows 10, and since PCs have large hard disk space, even large movies can be downloaded with gusto.

However, it is not a permanent storage because there is an expiration date. Also, it is not possible to move the movie files to an external location.

Here is how to check the destination of Netflix videos saved by y2mate downloader:

  1. Click on "Download" in the menu on the left;
  2. Click on the "Fail Icon."
  3. Check the destination of the Netflix download pc.