Amazon Prime screen recording goes black 3 causes and remedies!

Updated on 2023-06-29
This article details what causes Amazon Prime screen recordings to go black and what to do about it. By understanding why screen recording does not work and taking the appropriate measures, you will be able to record your favorite content at will.

For many people, Amazon Prime is a popular platform for enjoying movies, dramas, music, and original content. Sometimes, however, you may want to record certain scenes or content. However, when you try to record the Amazon Prime screen, you may encounter a problem that only a black screen is recorded.

This article details the causes of black Amazon Prime screen recordings and what to do about it. By understanding why screen recording is not working and taking the appropriate measures, you will be able to record your favorite content at will.

Causes of Amazon Prime Screen Recording Going Black

Restrictions for copyright protection

The content protection system and recording copy protection technology called "WideVine DRM" is present in Amazon Prime Video and can cause Amazon Prime Video screen recordings to turn black and become unwatchable.

Google Widevine DRM: Simple Guide to Security & Integration - VdoCipher Blog

On many streaming sites, "Digital Rights Management" (DRM) technology is used to encrypt videos, and Amazon Prime Video plays videos by downloading the encrypted video and obtaining a short-term license. However, the license is immediately deactivated when you stop playing the video.

Protection Software Restrictions

Amazon Prime uses protection software to provide enhanced copyright protection for your content. This is employed to prevent theft and unauthorized recording. Below is a detailed look at the protection software restrictions.

Detection Technology:.

Protection software uses specific technologies to detect recording software and screen capture tools. This prevents unauthorized recording and protects the copyright of the content.


Content is encrypted by the protection software. This ensures that recorded content cannot be decrypted and prevents unauthorized distribution or reproduction.

Digital watermarking.

Protection software may embed special marks, called digital watermarks, in the content. This allows recorded content to be identified and tracked.

Session Control:.

Protection software monitors content viewing sessions using a mechanism called session control. If the recording software detects a session, recording may be restricted.

This causes some screen recording software to detect, block recording, and go black.

Hardware or driver issues

Sometimes the cause of black screen recordings is a hardware or driver problem.

Problems with video card compatibility or installation of the latest drivers can prevent recordings from working properly.

What should I do if my Amazon Prime screen recording goes black?

Method 1: Stop using recording software and use download software.

In fact, there are tools that can help you bypass the limitations imposed by protection software and avoid blackouts.

Moreover, there is a way to save Amazon videos that is considerably more convenient than recording software.


Recording Software


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The downloader mainly specializes in online video and audio downloads and supports common media formats. It also allows users to edit downloaded media and customize the quality and output format. In addition, it is available for many operating systems and offers useful features such as batch downloading and batch conversion.

Here we recommend two Amazon downloaders.


To find more Amazon downloaders, please refer to the review articles below.

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Method 2: Change Desktop Capture Tool Settings

When using a desktop capture tool, changing some settings may help solve the problem. For example, changing the capture range or adjusting the recording format or resolution may help avoid the problem of black screen recordings.

Method 3: Driver updates or hardware changes

If screen recordings are blacked out, this may be due to a hardware or driver issue. Installing the latest driver software or firmware may resolve compatibility or stability issues. Some hardware changes (e.g., video card upgrade) may also contribute to improved screen recording quality.


In this article, we have described in detail the problems related to black screen recording in Amazon Prime and their solutions.

The most recommended solution is to use Amazon Downloader.

Compared to screen recording software, it can save fast and high quality videos of Amazon Prime Video.

Furthermore, the success rate of downloading is over 99.9%, and there are no errors such as a black screen.

This is especially recommended!