How to Download Rooster Teeth Videos?

Updated on 2023-06-30
These are the best downloaders that allow you to save videos and podcasts from Rooster Teeth in decent quality. They are all easy to use - with some of them being available for free.

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Currently, it is possible to download any media you can find on the internet. Whether it is a podcast, video, movie, audio, or anything at all. If you're a subscriber to a streaming service, you can download movies and TV shows from the streaming service by getting a video downloader program that supports downloading content from that streaming service you're subscribed to.

Rooster Teeth is a fan-driven entertainment company that provides its users with several contents. If you’re looking to download Rooster Teeth Podcasts or any content from, you're reading the right article. There are quite many online video downloaders that support downloading from the Rooster Teeth platform.

Can I Download Rooster Teeth Videos?

Apparently, you can download videos and podcasts from Rooster Teeth. You only need a downloader that supports the service. Interestingly, depending on your device, there are quite several applications and programs you can use to download the videos.

For example, on mobile phones, the best solution is to use web-based video downloaders. However, while web-based downloaders would still work on PCs, there are specific software programs that offer better features and functionalities.

Ways to Download from Rooster Teeth

Hereunder are the best apps and programs to download Rooster Teeth podcasts and videos.

On Mobile Phones (Android and iOS Devices)

1. Keepvid Downloader

The Keepvid Downloader is a web application that can run on any mobile device, regardless of the device's operating system. As a web-based application, Keepvid downloader runs through web browsers, and it loads pretty fast on any device.

With this downloader, all you need is to copy the Rooster Teeth video or podcast link and paste it on the address bar on the downloader's website. The download quality is acceptable - you can only download one content at a time.

2. Roosterteeth Online Video Downloader

This Rooster Teeth download supports HD digital video formats. It allows you to download podcasts and videos from Rooster Teeth in high quality, and different formats. The Roosterteeth Online Video Downloader has a clean interface, and it is an app you can run on any device.

Just like other web applications, you can only download one Rooster Teeth video at a time using this downloader. Notwithstanding, it is quite fast and easy to use. This downloader serves pop-up ads, so you should watch out for the pop-ups while browsing the site.

3. DownVideo

The DownVideo application is an online downloader utility you can run on Android smartphones and iOS mobiles. It is a web-based application; hence, the only requirement is a web browser. With DownVideo Rooster Teeth downloader you can grab different files from the platform.

More so, you can actually use this downloader to grab videos from other services and video-sharing websites. Interestingly, this app doesn’t serve pop-up ads and the interface is very minimal that anyone can easily understand it.

On Computers (Windows OS and macOS)

On PCs it’s slightly different, you need to use a software program. Interestingly, the software programs offer more features and functionalities.

4. Y2Mate DRM Downloader

Y2Mate DRM Downloader is practically the best program for downloading videos and streaming content from over 1000 websites. It is developed for Windows PC users, and it features a clear-cut interface that even non-techies can understand and use this program.

The Y2Mate DRM Downloader lets you download Rooster Teeth videos and podcasts in bulk, thanks to the Batch Mode feature. It is also faster than web applications, and you can customize the download settings to suit your preferences.

5. FLVTO MyStream Downloader

Here's another professional solution for downloading Rooster Teeth videos. This downloader program is quite intuitive, easy to use, and lets you download content from many other websites too. It is a professional program; you can download multiple videos at the same time.

FLVTO MyStream Downloader can download high-quality videos up to 8K resolution. The download speed is decent and you can pause any ongoing download at any time. This software program runs smoothly on all editions of the Windows operating system.

6. KeepStream Downloader

KeepStream downloader is a program created by Keepvid; it works for downloading media content from streaming services and video hosting platforms. This downloader only works on Windows computers and it supports all recent versions of the OS.

Videos downloaded with this tool can be saved in different digital video formats. It also supports up to 5.1 audio tracks and removes ads from your videos. KeepStream downloader is generally a decent application for downloading online videos.

7. Jaksta Media Recorder

This is a media recording device, which implies that it records your media as it plays. With Jaksta Media Recorder, you can record Rooster Teeth videos and podcasts, and save them in different formats.

What More?

These are the best downloaders that allow you to save videos and podcasts from Rooster Teeth in decent quality. They are all easy to use - with some of them being available for free.