How to download Naver video?

Updated on 2023-06-30
Download naver video is impossible. Rather you can watch the shows on naver tv and use various online downloader tools to download naver shows and watch offline.

Korean dramas are at a high peak in popularity among the young generation. K- dramas, webtoons, BTS, etc., are a few familiar names you may hear if you are sitting around a young group of people. Naver TV is a medium through which Korean dramas reach your living room. Viewers are crazy to watch their favorite stars and their performance on screen and sometimes live. Download Naver videos is another craziest thing on this earth.

In this article, we would know about Naver TV and how to download Naver videos for an offline watch.


Tv. Naver: A one-stop streaming service for watching  K-dramas

 If you are from South Korea, you may hear the most popular online video streaming and sharing platform tv. Naver. Naver corporation broadcast South Korean film, and entertainment shows on this platform like webtoons, Korean dramas, news, music videos, live concerts, etc., to entertain the people. Since its launch in 2013 by Naver Corporation, the online video streaming platform has been a super hit among the South Korean people. However, it took time to spread the word that the Korean film industry could give tough competition to the leading film industry of the world, Hollywood.

Now the scene is Korean stars are getting equal popularity and make a fan base, tour the world, do the live concerts, and engage in many social activities that viewers can feel are very close to them.

With 19 million users per month, Naver TV is growing high and high, and the number is increasing day by day. In a 2018 survey report, Naver is the 1000 most visited website worldwide. You can imagine the humongous popularity of Naver TV.

Additional tips: In South Korea, people do not use Google Search Engine. Instead, they prefer the Naver search engine. On a smartphone, PC or laptop, tablet, you will see Naver in the default settings.

Can I download a video from Naver?

Naver TV or Navertvcast is a hugely popular online video streaming and video sharing platform. You will find many music videos, K-Dramas, Webtoons, web series, Naver originals, etc., have been aired on Naver tv. As I say, Naver tv is a video sharing and video streaming platform, and it's online; every video comes with a sharing button. You can create your account on Naver tv to watch the shows. But you must be a South Korean citizen. Otherwise, you cannot access the shows from Naver Tv. You cannot download Naver shows from Naver TV as the broadcast platform won't permit you to download shows from navertvcast. Instead, you can share your favorite content with your friends.

But if you install the Naver V live app and subscribe to the paid service, you will download content from the app.

How can I download the Naver video on my phone?

Naver TV belongs to South Korea, and South Korean people only view pop shows, concerts, k-dramas, webtoons, web series, etc., on Naver tv. Outside South Korea cannot get access to Naver cast. Even tvcast naver won't allow viewers to download content from the site.

For smartphone holders, if you have a Naver V live app, you can only download the content from the app. V live allows 5 devices simultaneously to watch K-dramas, pop shows, news, sports, webtoons, etc. You can watch a live session in the dressing room just before the concert, behind the scenes the celebrations of different occasions like birthdays or pre-launch shows, etc. Downloading options allow only the paid users but view options for all.

If you are a fond viewer of K shows and a regular watcher of Naver TV, you can install the V live app from the google play store. After the installation, you can select paid mode and non-paid mode. Paid users have access to the shows and can download them. Android and iOS users have the eligibility to access and download after paying the amount.

How to download from Naver on PC?

Naver tv won't allow you to download content on PC. Download Naver video on PC; therefore, not possible. However, there are two ways to download naver shows, first from V live app, and the second is to select a third-party downloader.

V live app is available in the Google play store; install it from the store, create an account, pay the subscription and start browsing and downloading.

The download process would become easy for the online third-party downloader tool, and you can watch whatever you want offline.

Consider the requirement of a third-party online Downloader or recording chrome extension here; we present you the best three options you can select.

The three best online Downloader you need

Analyzing the service, features, compatibility, and overall performance, here are the best three online downloader tools for your offline watch.

4K Video Downloader


The downloader tool was developed by a Russian firm Open Media LLC and accepted by the world due to its service. The tool can access even the geo-restricted content and can download for your offline watch.

The features of 4K Video Downloader

  • High-resolution picture downloading options give you HD and UHD resolution downloads based on the original content.
  • Separate the audio from the video while downloading with the help of just a few buttons
  • The tool support batch download through CSV file download and saving option
  • Compatible software with Windows, MacOS, and even Ubuntu


  • The bulk download is possible without clicking a single button
  • Can access locked content and download them


  • Lag issues are there from users' end



It is one of the best downloaders developed in Java and compatible with many hosting websites and services. It is the best tool for dealing with large numbers of files and downloading them for professional requirements.

The features of Jdownloader

  • The batch download option gives you bulk downloads that help you to download in large quantity
  • An in-built OCR module set up with the tool is available
  • Multi-language supportive the tool can work anywhere on this earth
  • You can set the download as per your prioritized option


  • The tool can easily access the downloadable link among all the other links, and its instrumental
  • The built-in extractor automatically go for the extraction of that files never get compressed


  • Java should be installed in the client machine; otherwise, it will not run.

aTube catcher 


aTube Catcher is the best option for those who frequently browse the internet and download videos from the internet. The tool will give you the flexibility to download anything online and save for them for a long time.

The features of aTube Catcher

  • Inbuilt MP3 Downloader ensures that you can download files in MP3 format
  • The inbuilt recorder records all kinds of available online items and saves them for you
  • The burning option offers your CD/DVD burn
  • Editor option provides video editing and trimming for you.


  • Screen recording options are available
  • Multi-language support


  • The video surfing option is sometimes lagging.

But the bestest PC downloader is yet to be explained from our end. The downloader tool has distinguished features to download almost all varieties of content from social media platforms, streaming apps and save them to the local storage.

Y2Mate Downloader

When you start thinking download video from Naver is almost impossible, Y2Mate Downloader shows you the silver line in the cloud. You need to install the Downloader on your PC, visit any site, and click the download button; later, you can enjoy the download content offline. Y2Mate Downloader can be the best naver video downloader tool with all its advanced features.

Necessary list of items to download Y2Mate Downloader on your PC

  • The latest integrated Windows version
  • 40GB or above storage
  • Intel i3 core processor
  • A stable internet connection

The features of the Y2Mate Downloader

  • High-resolution picture quality starts from 1080p to 4k, and 8k streaming ensures you are enjoying a picture-perfect even in the downloaded content.
  • The batch download enables you to have an entire web series by auto-sensing the following episodes.
  • 5.1AAC soundtrack audio downloading capacity gives ear soothing music experience
  • Save subtitles and metadata information in your preferred language.
  • Save the downloaded files in the.SRT file format
  • The fastest speed ensures that you are getting your desired content with less time spent on it.

How to download content using the Y2Mate Downloader on your PC

With all the necessary items, you need to visit the official site, click on the download button, and wait for a few minutes to integrate the tool with your PC's configuration. Once installed, you can start doing the following steps.

Step 1: Open the interface of the tool and choose the streaming service

Step 2: Sign up for your streaming service account

Step 3: Start rolling down the shows and select which you want to watch offline.

Step 4: Tap on the subtitle and metadata language, click on the Download button and wait for a few minutes to get the downloaded video on your local storage.


  • There is no expiry date of the downloaded videos/movies
  • No commercial ads disturbing your offline watch


  • There are no such cons

Watch a few Naver web dramas we recommend you

Naver cast tv cast web drama is popular among all ages of people. Categorically we recommend you the best Naver entertainment show that you can watch.

The Sweet Blood


Directed by: Ha Han-Me

Written by: Hwang de-Seul

Star casts:

  • Song Chae-Yun-I
  • Kim Yo-jin
  • Ji-woong
  • Cho Eun-ho & others

Genre: Horror/ Suspense

Storyline: 21st-century vampires won't drink blood by attacking you and cutting your throat. Instead, they make wine with a small dose of blood. Vatican city signed an agreement that people will get punishment if found they are sucking human blood. And the story begins.

Nine +


Directed by: Kim Byung -geun

Written by: Glory Kim

Star casts:

  • Kim Hyung-jun
  • Keep
  • Ham Yeo-Ji
  • Bang Eun-hee & others

Genre: Social Drama

Storyline: Seung-hoon met with an accident while returning from a music award ceremony. Later Seung gave up his singing career and joined a school where 9 kids were on the wrong track. The protagonist helps them bring back to everyday life and teaches them the value of a worth living.

Weak Hero Season 1 ( Upcoming )


Painted by: Kim Jin-Seok

Written by: Surpass

Genre: webtoon action

Storyline: Yeon Sun, a high school student, becomes the best fighter among the wrong people and saves innocent students from their grip.

The webtoon is in news headlines now, and viewers of Naver TV are eagerly waiting for its airing.

I Don't Care


Directed by: Kim Ah-Young-ii

Written by: Choi Eun-Kang

Star casts:

  • Min Chan-Ji
  • Park Eun-woo
  • Song Young-Jae
  • Shin Young-kyu & others

Genre: Thriller/ Romance

Storyline: A groom to be Lee Ro-Woon throws himself into reckless life and challenges to get a new house for him. The story evolves with his struggle, choice, and wrong decision leading him to the world of crime.



Directed by: Kim Sang-yoon

Written by: Kim Sang-Yoon

Star casts:

  • Ha Ji-Hyo
  • Seo Sung-hyuk
  • Jung Joon-sung
  • Park Se-hyun-ii & others

Genre: Sports Drama

Storyline: The story is about a 19 years boy who cherishes becoming a good athlete in the future. The whole drama shows how his dream led him to struggle, practice, work hard, and focus on life to shape his career.

The above-stated naver dramas are placed into naver tv top 100, with different storylines and enough hooking elements to glue you in front of your device.

Concluded words

The K-film and media industry is growing with exclusive content, star cast, and amusing storylines. Tv.naver offers the best K-dramas that you can watch as per your favorite genre and preferences. If you are looking for how to download naver videos, you can switch to any online downloader as Naver cast will not allow you to download videos. If you search for an advanced online Downloader, you can select Y2Mate Downloader to download various online content from the internet. Download naver video directly is impossible, but you can still go for your offline watch with the online downloader tool.