How to cancel prime video: while having inputs of prime video charges & cancellation steps

Updated on 2022-02-25
Find the steps of how to cancel prime video with prime video charges and simple ways to manage prime video channels with a suitable subscription plan.

Being one of the largest streaming platforms, Amazon prime videos have become a household name. From multiple subscription plans to multiple Amazon prime video channels, are available on this Amazon prime video streaming platform. Even though this streaming platform has come up with unlimited exposure to the online entertainment world with different streaming services, being an audience we all have different choices and different priorities when it comes to exploring our favorite entertainment world and therefore we want service according to our specific need, choice, and preferences. However, being unaware of the specific information and techniques end up having some kind of services and subscription plans that may not serve the particular purpose of our entertainment satisfaction. Now, when it comes to Amazon prime video platform, it has become really difficult for you to pick out or leave out plans, channels, services from the ocean of this online streaming platform. So, here, from getting a brief on prime video charge to the steps of how to cancel prime video on different platforms, you will get all the detailed inputs to manage prime video channels or how to cancel prime video channels in a very systematic way.

Prime video charge

Now, when you know what Amazon prime video is and how far the exposure of this platform has been extended, it's time to know the prime video charge. If the Amazon prime video services are tied with the Amazon prime membership the prime video costs $12.99 per month and $119 per year. On the other hand, if you take only Amazon prime video subscription plan, the prime video charge is $8.99 per month and $107.88 per year. Along with this, you will get a 30-day free trial before selecting your subscription plan. In the membership subscription plan, you can have both access to prime video channels and shopping services. However, the independent prime video subscription plan would allow you to have access only to the prime videos. 

How to cancel prime video by canceling Amazon prime membership plan

If your Amazon Prime video service is attached to your Amazon Prime membership subscription plan then to cancel prime video subscription you have to get rid of the prime membership plan. Here, you go with the steps.


1. Sing to your official Amazon and click on the prime membership option shown on the top of the right corner.

2. Click on the update your setting option given below manage membership option right on the corner.

3. Click on the end membership option.

4. Click on the cancel my benefit option.

5. Cancelar Amazon prime is successful.

What are prime video channels?

Since Amazon prime video platform has come up with the widest option and opportunities of online entertainment therefore unless and until you have become aware of different Amazon prime channels, how would you choose them according to your need? So, here, Amazon prime offers a premium channel service where you can enjoy various online contents of different online streaming channels through one Amazon prime platform without taking the independent subscription plan of those channels such as Showtimes, HBO now, Starz, CBS all access, Boomerang, and the list goes up to more than 150 channels.

How to manage prime video channels?

Now when you know about Amazon prime video channel, you must know that Amazon prime video subscription manage option is a very easy thing to handle. All you have to do is just to go to the option to 'Your Account' through the prime video website and then you have to select 'Manage Your Channels'. Here, you can edit or delete any channel according to your requirement.

How to cancel prime video channels?

Now, after knowing what the prime video channels are all about and how to manage prime video channels, it's time to get out of them if you don't want to continue with the service anymore. Whether you want to know how to cancel Starz on amazon prime or any other channel, you just need to follow the given below steps of how to cancel prime video channels?


1. Login to your official Amazon prime video account.

2. Go to your account.

3. Find out the option 'Membership and Subscriptions'.

4. Choose ' Prime Video Channels'.

5. Go through your channel list to find out the specific subscribed channel that you like to cancel.

6. After selecting the channel just click on the 'Cancel Channel' option which is shown on the right side of the screen.

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Features and Functions

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Step 3

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Features and Functions

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Step 1

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Step 2

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Step 3

Finish your final downloading step by tapping on the ' Download Now' option.

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