Download Top Rated Disney+ Movies to Watch Offline [2021]

Atish Ranjan
Updated on 2023-06-29
Downloading the best movies on Disney Plus can be much rewarding and you can use the right tools to some good movies on Disney Plus.

Disney+ has been one of the excellent options that have redefined the movie viewing experience ever. While you can stream and watch a great list of movies on Disney+ to your heart’s content, is there a way you can download Disney Plus movies? Well, there are several options you will find one of the excellent enough in downloading the Disney Plus movies. 

The Best Disney Plus Movies in 2021 -  Formidable List 

Disney+ is one of the most awaited Disney services and has been able to achieve the best standards ever. The huge volume of content available on the platform makes it an extremely rewarding experience ever. You will find access to hundreds of movies and thousands of TV shows on the Disney+ platform. 

Here are a few decent Disney Plus movies you would find extremely impressive and exciting to a greater degree of extent. 



Soul is one of the most favorite Disney Plus movies of 2020 on Disney+. Debuted on Christmas day on the platform, it offers a universal theme of life and death. Equipped with the best glimpses into the exciting efficiency, it is indeed one of the excellent options for the best movies on Disney Plus and should provide you a great degree of viewing pleasure. It was indeed one of the perfect Christmas movies on Disney Plus.


Muppets Most Wanted

Starring Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey, Ty Burrell, and Ray Liotta, the movie is directed by James Bobin. The movie is indeed designed to provide a rewarding movie viewing for fans across ages. It does offer a few of the best moments ever. We definitely treat it as one of the best movies on Disney Plus. 


The movie is also known as Zootropolis in certain countries and is a great addition to the best movies on Disney Plus. The movie explains the coexistence between herbivores and carnivores. It is a movie that focuses on letting us understand the essence of inclusivity. 

Hidden Figures

In case you are looking for a true story that uplifts your experience, this should be the best movie on Disney+ you can go with. A classic storytelling is what makes it a great choice by almost every count. 

Those apart, a few great movies you can watch on Disney+ can include: 

  • The Fault in Our Stars

  • Togo 

  • Rogue One – A star wars story

  • Monsters University 

  • Ant-man

  • Extras­–Beyond the Clouds: A Film Handshake

  • Marvel Studios: Legend

That was just a formidable list of the good movies on Disney Plus. You can simply subscribe to Disney Plus to get access to the best family movies on Disney Plus or even the other best movies on Disney Plus to provide you access to a far more exciting enjoyment across genres. You can even check out the best options to get access to the best experience with all movies on Disney Plus.

How to Download Disney Plus Movies to Watch Offline?

Well, if you loved a Disney Plus movies and looking to enjoy them offline, how about checking out the right options to download all movies on Disney Plus on your local device? You have plenty of services that would assist you to download the Disney Plus movies, and you can pick the right ones that can offer you one of the easiest options to download your favorite movies from Disney+. 

Can you download movies on the Disney+ app?

Yes, the Disney+ app does let you download your favorite movies. However, the download functions on the Disney+ app have a few limitations and that can be one of the reasons you would want to use a third-party tool to download Disney Plus movies. 

To download and access Disney Plus movies on your device, you need to sign in to your Disney+ account. Any of the movies you can download on the Disney+ app will expire in 30 days and they do not continue to be available even after that. However, you can re-download the movie as many times as you want to. Moreover, sharing your downloaded movie may not be easy and possible with the Disney+ app. 

Y2mate Downloader – A perfect Disney Plus Movies downloader

Y2mate Disney Plus Downloader is one of the excellent means to download Disney Plus movies. The software based solution is one of the popular video downloader tools that work with a host of video streaming services that include Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, Hulu, and HBO. The tool does let you download your movies and other content in up to 1080p and 5.1 audio efficiency. 

how to download disney plus movies offline

Some of the prime features that would make Y2mate Downloader a great option can include a few of the following: 

  • Ability to download videos in high quality: It can download videos from a host of renowned video streaming services and offers you access to 1080p video clarity and 5.1 channel audio performance. Your videos are downloaded in MP4 format making them compatible with most of your devices. 

  • Download extra information on your videos: You can download a lot of additional information and metadata along with your video. It can download the subtitles making it a formidable choice. That apart, the service can also download other metadata that include movie name, cast, genre, plot, and storyline. 

  • Batch download options: You can download multiple movies and titles in one go. The ability to auto-download in the background should be yet another plus point that the Y2mate DRM Video downloader offers you. Download best movies on Disney Plus in one go!

How to Download Disney+ Movies on Y2mate Downloader? 

The steps involved in downloading Disney+ movies on Y2mate Downloader are rather simple and easy to go with. The easy to use interface should definitely make it one of the perfect options for achieving the best results in how to download the best movies on Disney Plus. 

Here is how you can download Disney Plus movies on Y2mate Downloader: 

Step 1: Install and launch Y2mate Downloader 

Y2mate Downloader is part of the Y2mate Downloader. You can simply download it from the official website and install it on your computer. Once you have downloaded Y2mate Downloader, click on the Y2mate Downloader on the left side pane. 

Step 2: Access Disney+

You should now get access to the supported streaming services on the interface. Click on Disney+ to enter the Disney+ interface to get access to the collection of good movies on Disney Plus. 

Step 3: Login to your Disney+ account and play your video 

Simply log in to your Disney+ account. Pick the video or Disney+ movie that you want to download. 

best family movies on disney plus

Step 4: Download your video 

As soon as you begin watching your video on the Disney+, the software will begin downloading the video. 

That does it. You can simply download the video with ease. There is not much you need to do when downloading Disney Plus movies as the tool handles the task on its own. 

Once you have downloaded the video, you can easily share it with anyone you want to or transfer it to any of your multiple devices. You can even make use of the Y2mate Converter to download movies from other popular websites like YouTube as well.

Recommended Reading – Watch your Disney Plus movies on Offline

Now that you have downloaded your videos from Disney+ and Disney Plus movies, it is time to find a good option to watch those videos on. Or, you can even project the movies using the same WiFi wihtin your home to your 4k TV.

A few FAQs

How to get Disney+ for free? 

There is no way you can get Disney+ for free forever. Of course, there are a few tips that can let you get access to Disney+ for free for a limited time. You can go with a seven-day trial option. If you are in the US and a customer of Verizon wireless and internet, you can get a one-year free subscription. Some Chromebooks offer a three months subscription for Disney+. 

How to record Disney+ videos?

Disney+ does let you a legal video download option. However, the legal downloads are protected by DRM and you can only play them within the streaming app. Generally, the downloaded videos cannot be copied or transferred to other devices. Moreover, the downloaded videos will expire in 30 days. But you can re-download them as many times as you would want to. 

If you want a no-strings-attached download of Disney Plus movies, you can use a software solution such as Y2mate Disney downloader or a screen recorder software. 

How many movies can you download on Disney+?

You can download as many movies as you want and are only limited by the storage space available on your device. There is no limit either when it comes to how many times you can download a movie on Disney+. 

What is Disney+ (Disney Plus)?

Disney+ is an on-demand, ad-free streaming service offered by the Disney network. With Disney+, users can watch hundreds of movies, TV shows, and other content on a wide range of their devices. The list of devices is impressive with plenty of smart TVs, phones, laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles, and watch your favorite Disney Plus movies. You can be assured of good family movies on Disney Plus that can satisfy an entire family. 

Is Disney+ worth it?

Disney+ is definitely a great option for almost all your expectations if you want to be a part of the family that the service is targeted to. If you have been someone who has been a part of the best options available on the Disney family of channels and services, you will find that Disney+ to be one of the excellent options for your expectations. You can indeed have a great deal of good family movies on Disney Plus. 

What is not good with the Disney+ streaming service? 

There is not much wrong with Disney+ as such if you look at the quality and performance. However, you would find that the timing of the launch was not perfect. It appears to have been launched in a hurry and they are likely to be left with no major new releases available on the platform.