How to Write a YouTube Video Script for High User Engagement Rate

Updated on 2023-06-30
The step-by-step instructions to write the best youtube video script with the guidance of how to write a youtube video script & the best video editing software.

If you think that making a perfect and presentable youtube video script needs proper assistance, guidance and support then you are heading in the right direction. But this is just the beginning, to travel through your perfect, flawless, professional-looking video script-making journey you have to pursue different systematic steps, techniques, and processes to reach your desired destination. Here, you would get the step-by-step instructions and guide in every single element of your YouTube video script preparation. It's going to target and cover the best possible ways and solutions to the most commonly asked questions on how to write a YouTube video script.

How to Prepare for Your YouTube Video Script?

Now before diving into the tricks, techniques, and steps of the YouTube video script-making process let's have a quick brief about the core concept of what youtube video script is all about. It is nothing but a prior diagram or a rough homework of the final executed version of the video. And for doing this successfully you have to make some systematic preparation in advance. So, the first thing that you have to do is just to follow the 5 given below steps to give a strong, stable, and systematic start to your YouTube video script preparation process.

1. Target the type of your video

First of all, you have to be very specific about what kind of video you are going to make. Whether it could be an interview, a scripted video, BTS, or a blog. Once you are sure about your content category then it will be easier for you to write your YouTube video script accordingly.

2. Fix the duration of your video

It is very essential to choose the most appropriate timing duration of any of your youtube videos on your specific content. Usually, in the YouTube platform videos between 2 to 15 minutes of watching time would be just perfect for the audience and any long video may have an adverse impact on the audience. Instead, you could break them into small separate multiple videos to convey your content. Now you do value addition and alteration in your YouTube video script according to your specifications.

3. Be sure of what and whom you are talking about

Now it's time to be specific about the topic of your video and you must be aware of who is going to be the audience of your video. Then you need to modify your youtube video script while keeping these aspects in mind.

4. An intense survey and research about your content is required

Once you know what and where to target then you better go through an intense market survey about the demand, reception, importance, limitations, and maximum inputs about your topic.The more information you gather the maximum input you can give in your YouTube video script.

5. You must give an outline to your video

You must give a very compact and concise outline at the start of any of your YouTube videos to grab the attention of the audience in the first place. While video scripting you have to focus on it.

How to write a YouTube video script?

Once you are prepared to make the most effective and appropriate YouTube video script then you just need to follow the given below 6 steps to have the best possible solution of how to write a YouTube video script.

1. Searching keyword

Before deciding the content of your youtube video you must do keyword research to have a better understanding of the problems and the solutions of your targeted audience so that they could find and relate to your video content immediately. So, write your script based on your keyword research.

2. Make your audience hooked to your video

While writing your YouTube video script you just make sure that the video must present the whole concept and content of your video in the first 15 to 20 seconds to catch the attention of the audience by partnering their problems along with their desired solutions. You could use readily available YouTube video script templates for it.

3. Highlighting content

Since content is the key of your video, so, while writing your YouTube video script you just need to highlight the major point of your content as bullet points to make sure that in the process of your scriptwriting you do not miss any point and the topic must go with the flow.

4. Storyboarding your script

Since different scripts need different structures, forms and lengths then you must use three simple structures given below to make your script distinct and specific.

  1. Set up: Introducing the specific problem that your targeted audience is dealing with.
  2. Climax: You need to highlight the consequences, effect, and impact of the issue that they are facing.
  3. Resolution: Provide the solution to the problem while citing the best example of it to make your video script more interesting and engaging.

5. Write your script as a story

You have to write the youtube video script in such a manner that it must convey a story through it. Your writing must include some real-life examples and personal touches in its execution. Write your story in small paragraphs to break the boredom of continuity. Writing should be conversational to make it more appealing to the audience.

6. Write a powerful climax

It is very important to draw a very natural but impactful conclusion in your scriptwriting to make your audience subscribe or purchase or sign up. So to have professional touch in the climax of your writing you can take help from the best YouTube video script generator.

Pro Tips: How to Make Your Videos Engaging?

The main motto of making any youtube video is to make it as engaging as possible to serve the specific purpose of your video. And to do it successfully you have to make a full-proof YouTube video script in advance for its best execution. Now, it's not that complicated to make a compact and engaging video with professional perfection if you just follow the 4 major points given below.

1. Use Card and Text

During your video, you must include cards, text, and a customizable template. For doing this you have to make a mark of these elements in the writing of your YouTube script so that you wouldn't miss it in its final execution. You can take inspiration from the available YouTube video script example to make the best use of ready-to-use YouTube video script templates available in the market. You must write every detail of using these props in your script, so that you can do addition, alteration, and required editing in the final footage.

2. Be flexible with editing

Remember one thing that the more crispy your script would be the more engaging the video would turn out to be. So, feel free to cut down the elaborating and irrelevant context of your script. While going through your YouTube video script multiple times, you would be able to make them more compact and engaging.

3. Detailed briefing of every single thing

While writing your youtube video script try to include as many details as possible regarding your content in a very organized way by using columns, bullet points, highlighting text and you can be as creative as you want. It would surely build up the interest of the audience to make them engaged in the video till the end.

4. Make room for improvisation

While making your YouTube video script you just keep some room for changes for the time of the execution of the video. While shooting the video you may have faced certain situations where you need to make a few changes according to the demand of real-time video shooting. But if you have already kept the place in your scriptwriting for spot extemporization then it would be more appealing, interesting, and engaging to its audience.

Use Excellent Video Editor to Save Time: Adobe Premier Pro

Now to make the youtube video-making job easiest and simplest there are various types of video editors available in the market. So, once you are done with your video scripting then all you need is the most effective video editor and you are simply sorted. And to talk about video editors the first name that comes to your mind is the Adobe Premiere Pro. I know this editor doesn't need any introduction to any YouTuber but you need to make yourself familiar with the most advanced and updated features of this software to make the most out of it.


  • The spell-check and find and replace feature would help you to search and replace the title and text of your content while using the new graphic tab of the text panel along with the spell-checking facility of the text of your video.
  • Universal text engine features make your job easier with various languages along with making after-effects faster and easier.
  • The modified shape tools having polygons and rounded corners help to control rectangle and ellipsis and it also helps to define rounded corners.
  • Modified own tools give you more flexibility in drawing straight lines, rotating existing lines, and adding control points.
  • Upgrade the legacy title of your video content to modern graphics with the upgraded features of legacy title on opening projects.
  • Text selection along with carat behavior has made text editing easier.
  • Program monitoring with gang button for source.
  • To move the poster frame use upgraded keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can select multi-cam thumbnails.
  • You can update captions with faster-importing features.
  • Maximum GPU accelerated effects with the faster color match.
  • Speech to text on the device, auto-tone, and remix features would give an outstanding impact on your video editing.
  • Hardware acceleration feature on Apple MI Pro/Max.

And this list could go on. Yes, you heard me right. Since every feature of this video editor has multiple applications in various directions, it is always advisable to go with this software to make the most attractive youtube video in a most hassle-free way.

From ways to make the best possible YouTube video scripts to the best video editing software, when you have everything in your hand in the most organized and systematic way then I am sure that you would make the most out of this article in your video-making process. But above all this technical and professional guidance, you have to keep one thing in mind that video making is creative work, and therefore while following all of these above-mentioned instructions and information you just don't get stuck in its stereotypical process. Instead, you explore your creative thoughts and imagination to the fullest while making your YouTube video script, so that, while executing it you don't get lost in its technicalities. Don't forget that the uniqueness of video is the foundation of your creation that would evolve with the supportive elements of scripting and video editor.