Free] Summary of how to download and watch videos from Vimeo!

By momoka

Vimeo is a video platform that began operating in the United States in 2004. It has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its advantages such as no advertisements when playing videos and detailed security settings.

In this article, we will show you how to download and watch videos from Vimeo for free.

Is it illegal to download Vimeo videos?

Downloading within the Vimeo application is not illegal. It is allowed within the app because of the official download feature. It is also safe to use the external downloaders we have introduced.

By law, it is recognized as illegal to download illegally uploaded videos, but there are not many such videos on Vimeo. Therefore, there are very few illegal downloads. However, secondary downloading and re-uploading are prohibited.

Downloading Vimeo videos on the official website (for a fee)

There are five official Vimeo plans. In order to download Vimeo videos, you must be a member of the "Free", "Starter", "Standard", "Advanced", or "Enterprise" plan. Starter" or higher paid plans must be upgraded. Otherwise, you will not see any video download options.

Steps to subscribe to an official Vimeo plan

  1. On the Plan Subscriptions page, click the Subscribe button for each plan.
  2. Enter your personal information (name, email address, password) to subscribe to Vimeo or register with a Google account.
  3. To make a payment, enter your credit card information.
  4. When all fields are complete, click the "Complete Purchase" button.

    Downloading Vimeo videos

Steps to download Vimeo videos

  1. Open the page of the video you wish to download on Vimeo and click the "Download" button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select the desired video quality and click "Download." Wait a few moments and the download will be complete.

Downloading Vimeo videos with the downloader (partially free)

Y2mate Downloader Free Version

Y2mate Netflix Downloader is a download module dedicated to Vimeo that allows you to download video files that remove content protection ( DRM ) and maintain the original quality without any wipes displayed during the end roll.

With Y2mate Downloader, you can download videos protected by DRM.

Moreover, there is no registration required, just download the software for a free trial.

If you want to download Vimeo videos, please give it a try.

How to use Y2mate Downloader

  1. Go to the official website, click the "Free Trial" button, and install the software.
  2. Go to "Home


  1. Paste the URL of the Vimeo video you want to download into the "URL" field.


  1. Once the video is loaded, select the format (audio or video) and quality of the Vimeo video you wish to download and click "Download Now". (You may need to log in).



No free version

  1. Open the page of the video you want to download on Vimeo and copy the URL.
  2. Start 5KPlayer, click the "YouTube" button on the main interface, and click "Paste URL & Analyze button".
  3. When the analysis is finished, click the "Download" button to save the Vimeo video to your PC.

5kplayer Vimeo動画をダウンロード

Wondershare Recording Software

While playing the video, record it, so it is recommended to

1. go to Vimeo and open the page of the video you want to record. 2.
Next, launch Wondershare DemoCreator and click [PC Screen Recording]. 3.

3. Select 【Specify Recording Area】 from the【Recording Area】 pull-down list in the Control Panel, and drag the recording area frame line on your PC to adjust the recording area to fit the playback screen of the Vimeo video.

4. turn off the microphone and camera from 【Microphone】and 【Web Camera】.


5. If you want to record Vimeo videos in high quality, select 120 fps from 【Frame Rate】.

Start Screen Recording

1. after completing the settings, click the red REC button or press F9 to start recording.
2. after the recording starts after a count of 3 seconds, playback the Vimeo video.
After the video has finished playing, press the End Recording button or F10 to stop recording. 4.
When recording stops, the recorded data will automatically move to the edit screen.

Online Tools and Chrome Extensions (Free)

Vimeo Video Downloader

If you want to download Vimeo videos quickly, you can use the Chrome extension - Vimeo Video Downloader.

Step 1, Install the Vimeo Video Downloader extension.

Step 2, Navigate to the Vimeo video you want to download and click the download button directly to save the video easily.


The operation is very simple. First, paste the URL to the designated location and press the "OFF" button.

Then, when the yellow button appears, right-click for Windows, or Control-click for Mac and press "Save As" to download the video.

Please note that left-clicking will not download.

If you are using your phone's browser, you can download the video by long-pressing the text and pressing "Download Link.