Can You Download Shahid VIP Shows?

Updated on 2023-06-30
Shahid VIP shows can be downloaded when you use the right 3rd-party tool. The offline download feature on the app is well-limited.

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Basically, you can download Shahid VIP shows if you’re an active subscriber. The simple process is to click the “Download” icon beside the show title you want to download and it’d be saved for offline viewing.

But, saving streaming videos for offline videos is not fun; the videos would expire someday, and there's a limit to the number of videos you can save for offline streaming.

Hence, the best option is to use 3rd-party streaming video downloaders, which provide you with several flexible settings for downloading TV shows, episodes, and classic titles from a wide range of streaming services.

Shahid Streaming

Shahid and Shahid VIP are both MBC’s streaming services, where subscribers can watch thousands of Arabic series and content. The service is provided in three (3) different languages: Arabic, English, and French; so, you can toggle the interface to your preferred language.

On the VIP platform, you can download shows and titles, and there are many shows out there. To stream Shahid Originals, you must sign up and have an account. New users are provided with a free trial before they can choose which plan to subscribe to. The Shahid streaming network is one of the best places to find classic Arabic titles and shows.

Can You Download Shahid VIP Shows?

Yes, you can download the shows right on the app, or using a 3rd-party video downloader. If you download via the app, there are several limitations that apply. But when you use a 3rd-party downloader, no limitations apply and ads would be removed from the downloaded videos.

Hence, this post reviews the best Shahid VIP show downloaders you can run on Windows computers and macOS computers. The downloaded videos will be saved in HD quality with high-quality audio tracks. Also, you can download multiple episodes simultaneously.

Top Best Shahid VIP Shows Downloader

1. Y2Mate Shahid VIP Downloader

Y2Mate Shahid VIP Downloader is a professional software tool every Shahid subscriber should get. It is equipped with a lot of features and flexible settings, and it goes on to support modern video/audio download technologies. With this downloader, your favorite Shahid shows would be saved in 1080p quality, MP4 format.

The Y2Mate Shahid VIP Downloader can download multiple episodes at the same time, at a fast speed. More so, it lets you choose between saving subtitles as SRT files, or having them integrated into the downloading videos/episodes. Using this downloader to grab Shahid videos removes commercials from the videos, so you can watch them ad-free. Overall, this is a great videos downloader.

2. MyStream Shahid VIP Downloader

MyStream downloader is compatible with all versions and editions of Windows OS, starting from Windows 7 to the newest Windows 11 OS. This downloader supports 20+ streaming services, including Shahid VIP. It lets you save any video or TV show you find on the Shahid streaming service, in MP4 format.

MyStream also provides the users with a couple of flexible settings options to customize their video download. You can Batch download multiple episodes and choose the best way to save the subtitles. With the help of cutting-edge technologies, MyStream runs at a decent speed while downloading streaming videos.

3. KeepStreams

KeepStreams Downloader is a premium streaming video downloader with support for quite a lot of sites. It allows you to save Shahid VIP shows in MP4 format, in 100p HD resolution, so you can play them on any device you’ve got, including your smartphone(s). This downloader features an intuitive interface and supports Batch Mode.

With the KeepStreams software, there’d be ads on the downloaded Shahid VIP shows. Also, as expected, it allows you to choose how to save the subtitles of the episodes and videos being downloaded. More so, you can run this program on any computer running Windows OS.

4. FlixPal


FlixPal is one of the few downloaders that supports grabbing videos from the Shahid streaming service. It is fast and easy to use, as well as offers different customizable parameters. This streaming video downloader can download videos from many other streaming services and it supports batch downloading.

With FlixPal downloader, there's no limit to what you can download. As with other similar downloaders, this Shahid downloader allows you to save the subtitle files differently, or "remux" them into the videos being downloaded. The outcome is a 1080p MP4 video with a 5.1 audio track, AAC.

5. BBFly Downloader

With the BBFly Downloader, you can grab videos from the Shahid VIP streaming network. This downloader is efficient and works perfectly for downloading online videos from a range of websites. It supports GPU boost technologies, flexible download settings, an intuitive interface, and 1080p resolution.

Furthermore, this downloader can download multiple episodes at the same time, at a fast speed. The outcome video and audio quality are decent and playable on any device. Practically any Shahid VIP subscriber can find his/her way around this app to download any video or show from the streaming service.

StreamFab Downloader is a popular streaming video downloader program. It stands out from the rest because it has a macOS version for Apple MacBook users. This downloader does everything other ones mentioned above do. It also integrates GPU acceleration technologies for fast-speed processing.

The StreamFab Downloader is super-intuitive, supports several websites, and runs with minimal resources, so your PC won't lag. So, regardless of whether you use a PC or MacBook, you can download your favorite Shahid shows now, thanks to StreamFab Downloader.


Summarily, these are the best video downloaders you can trust to grab videos from a wide range of streaming services. They are all premium utilities, so, after your free trial (as a new user) expires, you’d need to upgrade to any of the offered plans.

Either of these programs you choose would remove ads from your Shahid video so you can watch it ad-free. They all support HD quality (1080p) along with AAC audio tracks. The Y2Mate Downloader is practically the best here because it is faster.