For beginners] How to save abema videos easily by URL extraction!

Updated on 2023-08-07
In this article, we showed you how to save Abema videos on your PC forever by URL extraction. Considering the simplicity of operation, we still recommend download software.

Abema is a Japanese Internet television station that offers video content in a variety of genres. These videos are very appealing to viewers and can be enjoyed at their own pace, making it a favorite among many.

However, Abema is usually offered as an online viewing-only video streaming service, which may be inconvenient if you want to watch offline or save the videos for later playback.

In this article, we will explain in detail how to save Abema videos permanently using the "URL extraction method," which is easy even for beginners! Please try this economical method of preservation, which you can enjoy anytime and anywhere on your smartphone or computer.

What is URL extraction?

URL extraction refers to the technique or process of automatically retrieving a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) from a specific web page. URLs represent the addresses of resources on the Internet (web pages, images, videos, etc.) and are used to access them through a web browser URLs are used to access resources on the Internet (web pages, images, videos, etc.) through a web browser.

URL extraction involves analyzing the source code or structure of a Web page to find the address of a link or embedded resource. It is typically used for many automated tasks because it is faster and more efficient than manually locating URLs by humans.


The main purposes of URL extraction include the following

  • Link collection: collecting URLs of web pages related to a particular subject or keyword to provide information for indexing and search engines.
  • Web scraping: retrieve URLs linked to the desired content when extracting data from a website.
  • Web crawlers: Automatically patrol websites to extract page URLs and build indexes.
  • Downloading: When downloading resources such as online videos and images, the URLs are retrieved and used.


Why is url extraction for Abema Video so difficult?

There are several reasons why Abema Video URL extraction is difficult:

  • Security of the video stream: Abema has security measures in place for the delivery of its videos, and URL extraction tools need to analyze those security measures in order to obtain the URL of the video stream. For this reason, it is difficult to retrieve URLs of videos from Abema, a service with strict security measures.
  • Dynamic URL generation: Some video streaming services dynamically generate video playback URLs. This means that different URLs are generated each time they are accessed, making it sometimes difficult for URL extraction tools to always obtain accurate URLs.
  • Changes in Site Structure: Abema may periodically change the structure of the site. Updates and improvements to the site may cause the URL extraction tool to not work properly. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt the extraction tool to the latest specifications.

For these reasons, URL extraction for Abema Video is more difficult than URL extraction for general websites and requires the use of specific techniques and tools. However, if done properly, it is possible to save videos within the scope of personal use.

Method 1: Manual Abema Video URL Extraction (Failure Possible)

Step 1: Launch the developer tools

First, access the Abema video page and launch the Developer Tools. The Developer Tools is one of the useful features of a web browser and is very helpful in analyzing the structure of a website. Generally, it can be opened with the shortcut keys "Ctrl + Shift + I" (Windows) or "Cmd + Option + I" (Mac).

Step 2: Select the Network tab

Once the Developer Tools are launched, select the "Network" tab from the Tools menu. This will allow you to monitor network activity on the page.

Step 3: Click the Play button

Next, click the Play button to start the video. Note that as the video plays, a new entry will appear in the "Network" tab of the Developer Tools.

Step 4: Find the video URL

Examine the entry that appears in the "Network" tab of the Developer Tools to find the URL of the video stream. Usually, the entry contains an extension indicating the video file, such as ".m3u8".

Step 5: Copy and save the URL

Right-click on the URL of the video you found and select "Copy link address" to copy the URL. This copied URL will be used to save the video to your local device using an online video download tool, etc.

This manual Abema video URL extraction procedure is complicated, but it is an important step to effectively save videos.

Method 2: Use software to extract Abema video URLs (99% success rate)

Y2mate Abema Downloader is a useful tool specialized for Abema video URL extraction. This article details how to use y2mate abema downloader and its features. It extracts videos with a high success rate and saves them within legal limits, making it easy to enjoy Abema videos offline.

Features of Y2mate Abema Downloader

  • High success rate: Y2mate Abema Downloader has a high success rate in extracting URLs from Abema video pages. It supports security measures and dynamic URL generation, so you can get the exact video URL in most cases. The success rate is an astonishingly high 99%.
  • Simple operation: The user-friendly interface is very simple to use. There is no need to learn complicated procedures, as even beginners can easily operate it.
  • Speedy download: Y2mate Abema Downloader is equipped with a fast video download function. Using extracted URLs, you can save videos to your local device in a short time.

Steps to extract and save Abema video URL with Y2mate Abema Downloader

Step 1: Install Y2mate Abema Downloader

Y2Mate ABEMA Downloader

Download and install Y2mate Abema Downloader from the official website. Select the appropriate version for the supported platforms.

Step 2: Extract URLs of Abema videos

Go to the Abema video page and launch Y2mate Abema Downloader. Go to "VIP Services" and click on "ABEMA" to access it.

Play the ABEMA video you want to download. Y2Mate will then automatically extract the URL of the video. (You may need to log in to be able to play the video.) Set the format (audio or video) and quality you wish to download.

Step 3: Download the video

Click on "Download Now. You can check the video you are downloading under "Downloading".

Why Extract URLs and Save Abema Videos Forever?

Abema recordings or download and save them forever because of the advantage of being able to watch popular movies and dramas anytime and anywhere. Due to our daily busyness, we sometimes miss our favorite programs, but by saving Abema videos, we can watch them as many times as we want at any time.

Playback is possible even after the subscription plan has expired:

You pay a monthly fee for a subscription plan, but when it expires, you can no longer playback the videos. However, with the URL extraction method, you can playback your saved videos even after they expire, so you don't have to worry about missing your favorite shows.

OK even in places without Internet access:

Streaming services are not available in places without Internet access, such as when you are out of town. However, by playing back saved Abema videos, you can watch them anytime, anywhere.

Saved videos can be freely edited:

Once you save an Abema video, you can edit specific scenes to create your own personalized video. You can also transfer your saved videos to another device and watch them on a large screen TV.

Programs you want to watch can be downloaded in advance for comfortable viewing:

Streaming services may cause picture quality degradation depending on your connection speed, but with saved Abema videos, you can watch them comfortably if you download them.

As mentioned above, there are many advantages to permanently saving Abema videos. To ensure that you do not miss your favorite programs, please use the URL extraction method to save them.


By permanently saving Abema videos using the URL extraction method, you can enjoy popular movies, dramas, and other contents anytime, anywhere. In this article, we have shown you how to save Abema videos on your PC forever by URL extraction. Considering the simplicity of operation, we still recommend download software.

By saving Abema videos, you can play them whenever you want, even after your subscription plan expires or in places where there is no Internet connection. In addition, you can edit your saved videos or transfer them to another device to watch them on a large-screen TV.

This advantage is decisive.