20 Best Free Private Roku Channels In 2021

Updated on 2023-05-31
The private Roku channels are capturing attention in 2021. Want to watch more content online? Go for the free programs on Roku today.

The competition in streaming exciting shows online is cut-throat in today's market. However, among the available choices, the Roku channels are gaining prominence worldwide. The Roku Private channels will give you immense chances to enjoy the paid and free programs. With the quick installation of these channels, you will get access to more content for non-stop entertainment.

The channels are just like hidden gems. Therefore, you can now analyze the potential of Roku and view the exciting shows.

If you want to add a channel to your Roku, a specific code is necessary. So, go through the list of the Roku private channels and then decide which one to watch. The private channels will not make you upset.

What Do You Mean By The Private Channels?

In the Roku Channel Store, you will come across several exciting options. However, you will face specific challenges also in viewing these contents. Roku is not supportive of the launching of the channels. You will get a specific code for every such private channel.

Now, you may be wondering why these channels are called Private? Well, there is a valid answer to this.

Typically, this happens in case the channels are subject to beta testing. Furthermore, the developers always show interest in knowing about the feedback of the users. A prompt response will encourage them to improve their performance more.

On the other hand, private channels tend to remain hidden from the public as they contain adult content. Also, the target audience can be up to a specific limit.

To be precise, the private Roku channels will provide you with unlimited entertainment indeed. You can access all these channels through every kind of Roku device. Some of the options include;-

  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku Express
  • Roku Streaming Stick Plus

Therefore, your streaming experience will be more happening by opting for these fabulous alternatives.

Process To Add The Private Channels

Open the official website of Roku and log in to add the Private Roku channels. This is the primary requirement for the initial installation process. Now, we specify the exact steps to follow in this regard;-

  • After logging in, you have to navigate to the section for Manage Account
  • Choose the option 'Add channel with a code.'
  • Now, type the specific code in the space provided
  • Tap on Add Channel button
  • A pop-up will come stating that the channel is non-certified
  • You have to go for Ok option
  • Now click, ''Yes, add channel'' and confirm the same

The new channel will be added to the channel list on Roku.

According to the policies of Roku, many private channels are free. Here is a brief overview of the popular ones.

Best Private Channels On Roku

1. Home Movies

This channel is famous for displaying family shows. Therefore, you can consider it as a vintage private channel only on Roku. Moreover, it gives you the everyday flavor of the families and their lifestyles. The viewer can connect these shows with their personal lives.

If you want to get nostalgic, Home Movies is the best channel ever. It also provides you glimpses of the older times and makes you know more about the previous generations.

Applicable Code: HomeMovies

2. iTunes Podcasts

This is another prominent name among the best Roku private channels. Here, you can listen to different podcasts without spending any penny. The iTunes library is like a treasure chest for the listener. Furthermore, there is no need to open a separate account with iTunes.

The channel does not require you to install the same on your device. It streams all the podcasts from the directory of iTunes. But you will not get options to browse and select the podcasts every time you are willing to listen to them. Therefore, before tuning into iTunes Podcasts, make your choice minutely.

Applicable Code: ITPC

3.  StreamNow TV Beta

Are you a lover of Indie movies? StreamNow TV Beta is an ideal alternative to make you enjoy the masala movies on Roku. Get accessibility to different movies, irrespective of genres, without any cost. These storylines are original and come from various contributors. Some of the genres that can enjoy here include

  • Drama
  • Horror
  • Kids
  • Family
  • Action
  • Comedy

Applicable code: sntvdemo

4. Arirang TV and Radi

Now, get the chance to watch the South Korean shows live on your favorite Roku device. Moreover, Arirang TV also gives you opportunities for radio programming. The Korean culture will come up in front of you realistically.

This channel offers superb language programs, documentaries, and remarkable cultural features. Get the authentic taste of Korea in every layer.

Applicable Code: ArirangTV

5. RokuCast

It is now possible to stream exciting videos directly on your smartphone. This app is available from the Roku Channel Store. However, for viewing the content in HTML 5 on your computer, you can take the support of the RokuCast private channel.

This channel makes good use of the personal video player of Roku. You will be able to view it as a Chrome extension. Therefore, additional installation of a companion channel is not necessary.

Applicable Code: CL9D5D

6. The Space Opera Channel

You must go for adding The Space Opera channel to your Roku device for enjoying the Indie movies. It has an abundance of Sci-Fi series and other categories. You can view both on-demand and live content 24/7. Some iconic shows are also available here, such as Flash Gordon, Undersea Kingdom, and others.

Applicable Code: soctv

7. The Odeon Theater

The Odeon Theater is an excellent addition to the Roku private channels. Every Wednesday, you will get to see new titles of classic movies. Furthermore, the disturbance of commercial breaks is not there at all. Every stream begins with a brief channel introduction and gives you an overview of the upcoming program. Thus, for the cinephiles, it is a fantastic platform, indeed.

Applicable code: odeon

8. What's On

The listings for the local movies are available on this particular channel. Moreover, it gives you details about any new film hitting the nearby theatre. But you need to ensure that you provide the location correctly for accurate results.

You can enjoy the trailers of all the listings and even go through the show timings. Moreover, What's On is one of the perfect private Roku channels giving you details about your favorite TV shows and their schedules.

Applicable Code: WhatsOnChannel

9. The Silent Movie Channel

This free private channel will surpass your expectations in various ways. The 20th-century silent movies will become so lively as you watch them freshly on a Roku device. It covers multiple genres like action, drama, comedy, thriller, etc. Furthermore, a decent collection of numerous Sci-Fi stories and animated series also form part of the listings.

It is a fabulous choice for the cinephiles as you get new updates regularly from the channel developers.

Applicable Code: rollem

10. Wilderness Channel

Are you a fan of the National Geographic Channel? To watch the antics of the wildlife, here comes another alternative. Wilderness Channel is a free private channel on Roku showcasing various activities going on in this nature. Moreover, some of the incredible features include;-

  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Training for Survival

You will get to watch the unbelievable adventures covering many rare species. It is more than enough to keep you engrossed throughout.

Applicable Code: fl821095

11. Great Chefs

For cooking enthusiasts, Great Chefs is one of the best choices. Look at the fabulous recipes that will undoubtedly make your mouth water. There are various categories of cooking videos. Prepare interesting meals as per different segments, such as roasting, baking, and others.

It is really appreciable that you can come across so many ideas for free.

Applicable code: greatchefs

12. Roku Movies

Another classic movie private channel on the Roku device is Roku Movies. We can assure you that this channel hosts lots of classic vintage movies to make you feel nostalgic. However, you can enjoy various genres like comedy, drama, romance, and more. No separate subscription is necessary to watch this free channel.

Applicable Code: zb34ac

13. M3u Black

The Roku users will find this channel a great source of amusement. They can stream the end number of channels on this platform for free. Additionally, you can add your favorite channel to the playlist and browse through the same at any time. So, this app is a must if you possess a Roku device.

Applicable Code: m3ublack

14. Film On

It is one of the best private channels on Roku today for viewing live shows. It gives access to more than 45000 on-demand and 500 live HQ videos. However, you have to open an account on Film On to use the services. Some channels also come with a set of restrictions. Therefore, you have to access the content after acknowledging these conditions.

Film On offers you services for free as well as paid. Choose according to your preference.

Applicable Code: NMEVA

15. Lode Runner

This channel offers you opportunities of playing video games belonging to the 1980s. Lode Runner is a name of a vintage video game of that time period. However, to operate the same, an enhanced remote is necessary. You can customize the levels. The free services also present multiple levels with the option to customize the speed also.

Applicable Code: LodeRunnerPreview

16. Science Fiction and Beer

It is a perfect source for watching documentaries and various Sci-Fi movies. Thus, you can enjoy multiple types of science fiction movies on Roku without spending anything.

Applicable Code: TZG6P92

17. FreeJack TV

It is apt for the lovers of conspiracies. It offers multiple live streams, films, and chat shows based on the conspiracy theory.

Applicable Code: YQJ5B

18. Weather Radar

This private channel Roku is an immense help for the people residing in tornado-prone areas. As per the locations, it gives you the probability of tornadoes or hurricanes. Moreover, you can view the satellite loops as well as the local radar.

The free channel also gives you direct information from the National Hurricane Center. So, it is easy to analyze the weather conditions from the displayed disturbance maps.

Applicable Code: Radar

19. The Internet Archive

Watch out for the best classic TV shows, cartoons, and vintage movies on this private channel. Thus, relive your childhood by enjoying these shows. Therefore, you can view the past decades in fresh attire only on Roku.

Applicable Code: NMJS5

20. Nowhere TV

This is an all-pervasive package leading to multiple Roku private channels. It displays content from various sources like;-

  • TED Talks
  • BBC
  • Bloomberg
  • Universal Sports Network

Moreover, some additional apps are also there for the entertainment of the viewers. Get it for free without subscribing separately.


What is the other name for Roku Private Channels?

The Roku private channels are also popular by the name of Hidden Channels.

Why are the private channels on Roku called Hidden Channels?

The private Roku channels are not certified. Therefore, they are not publicly open. Hence, the user needs to add the channels manually and are typically called Hidden Channels.

Are all the private channels on Roku come for free?

You can watch several private channels on Roku for free. However, not all of them come without any cost. Many of these Roku private channels need a separate subscription and a monthly charge to enjoy streaming services.

Does Roku offer only private channels?

No, it is not necessary that you have to binge only the private channels on your Roku device. You can even enjoy the live TV shows for free from the Channel Store.


The audience will get to watch varieties of shows on the private Roku channels. Therefore, you are bound to get everything as per your preferred niche. Unlock several exciting options by using any Roku device. Some of the private channels like RokuCast even allow you to watch content from a browser on the Roku.

So, do not miss anything to explore and check which one is more compelling. Pick out the channel of your choice and add it immediately