How to Turn off Are You still Watching on Netflix?

Updated on 2023-08-14
By simply turning off the “Auto Play” setting on your Netflix account, you have stopped the “Are You still Watching” prompt.

When a service introduces a new feature, it’s because they believe it’d help to improve their platform, and in some cases, the features may have been requested by many users of the service/platform. For Netflix, the “Are You still Watching” notification that pops up while binge-watching is a way to confirm that you’re still actively streaming on Netflix.

The notification typically pops up after you've binged watched two to three episodes of a series without using any video player control. In essence, if you didn't touch your device's screen for a long time while streaming on Netflix, the prompt would appear. While this prompt is pretty useful and helps in data saving, some people see it as a disturbance. You can also check how to download Netflix videos.

What You Should Know About Netflix's "Are You Still Watching" Prompt

The prompt is meant for good. Yeah, it helps to save your bandwidth and preserve your data (if you're on a capped internet plan). Once the prompt appears, the ongoing movie would stop playing; you have to confirm by tapping/clicking the "Yes" option to continue streaming.

Actually, you can only get this prompt if you activated "Auto Play." With auto-play enabled on your account, it implies that you can binge-watch multiple episodes at a stretch. The prompt comes up after watching 3 episodes uninterruptedly, or after 90 minutes of uninterrupted streaming (whichever comes first).

Apparently, some people get dizzy and sleep off after the first 2 episodes, and because auto-play is enabled on their account, the episodes or titles in their watchlist would continue to play nonstop. With this new feature, you won't miss an episode even if you fall asleep amidst the stream.

Well, for people who didn’t enable auto-play, there’s no way they’re getting this prompt because they’d need to manually press “Play” to stream another episode at the end of the current playing one. So to say, if you want to disable Netflix’s “Are You still Watching” prompt, simply turn off “auto-play.”

How to Turn off Are You still Watching on Netflix?

Sadly, there is no official settings option that allows you to turn off this prompt. In essence, there's nowhere you can turn on/off the "Are You Still Watching" prompt. But then, there are workarounds you can try out to stop the prompt.

The first method is entirely safe as it does not require installing any third-party program, but the second method requires installing a third-party browser extension - which means that the second method only works if you’re streaming Netflix on PC.

1. Turn Off Auto-Play

This is the simplest way to deactivate this prompt on your Netflix account. If Netflix does not autoplay the next episodes, it won't show you the "Are You Still Watching" prompt. There are two ways to turn off auto-play on Netflix, you can do it from the "Edit Profile" page or from the account settings page.

- From Edit Profile Page

  • Log in to Netflix and click on your account profile icon
  • Go to Manage Profiles
  • Select your main profile and uncheck “Autoplay next episodes on all devices.”
  • Save the settings, and you're done.

- Settings Page

  • Sign in to Netflix
  • On the Settings page, go to Profiles and Parental Controls
  • Choose your profile and go to Playback Settings
  • Uncheck the “Autoplay” option.

2. Using Browser Add-ons

There are a few browser add-ons you can use to deactivate the “Continue Watching” prompt on Netflix. The add-ons are “Never Ending Netflix” (for Chrome users) and “Netflix Pause Removal” (Chrome and Mozilla Firefox supported).


  • Search for any of these add-ons on Google and install them on your browser
  • After installation, visit the Netflix site on your browser
  • Click on the extension you installed (in this case, Never Ending Netflix), and check the Don't prompt "Are you still watching?" option.
  • That’s all!

Download Netflix Movies?

To save yourself the stress, you can download the episodes of your favorite Netflix series and watch them at any time you wish without limitations or annoying online streaming features. However, for you to download Netflix movies and shows, you need a Netflix Downloader software; actually, there are pretty many of them.

With Netflix Downloader apps, you can grab movies off Netflix and save them on your PC's local drive. These downloaders typically save Netflix movies in MP4 format, with HD or FHD resolution and high-quality audio tracks. When you download Netflix movies to your PC, it gives you all the flexibility to share the videos with anyone. One of the best Netflix downloaders to use is Y2Mate Netflix Downloader.

Y2Mate Netflix Downloader

With Y2Mate Netflix Downloader, you can save any movie you find on Netflix. It works on only Windows computers and supports all versions of Windows OS. This downloader comes with a ton of cool features, including Batch Mode, 1080p resolution, EAC3 5.1 audio tracks, and it removes ads from downloaded Netflix videos.

Y2Mate Netflix Downloader saves Netflix movies in MP4 format, as well as allows save subtitles as separate SRT files. It also preserves the metadata info of all downloaded episodes. Apparently, this is the ideal solution for downloading Netflix movies; another good alternative downloader is MyStream Netflix Downloader.

How To Download Netflix Movies and Shows

Y2Mate Downloader

First Step

Download and install the Y2Mate Netflix Downloader software on your Windows PC. After the installation, launch the program and click on “VIP Services.” Select Netflix from the cards of supported services.

Second Step:

Sign in to your Netflix account using your correct credentials and search for the movie you want to download. When you find the movie, start playing it - a download button would pop up as the movie plays, click on the button to set your download preference, and the movie would be added to the download queue.

Third Step:

If you need to download multiple movies, simply play them, click on the download button and add them to the download queue. All ongoing downloads can be monitored in real-time by navigating to the "Downloading" tab on the left pane. You can pause, resume, or stop any ongoing download. Y2Mate Netflix Downloader is flexible and easy to use.

What More?

By simply turning off the “Auto Play” setting on your Netflix account, you have stopped the “Are You still Watching” prompt. For downloading Netflix videos without limitation, use Y2Mate Netflix Downloader.