Marquee Sports Network Review

By Yvonne

The Chicago Cubs and Sinclair Broadcast Group are responsible for the launch of the regional sports network known as Marquee Sports Network on February 22, 2020. It took the place of three other stations as the sole broadcaster of Chicago Cubs games that were not televised on network television (cable channel NBC Sports Chicago and broadcast partners WLS-TV and WGN-TV). It is solely focused on the Chicago Cubs baseball team.

Marquee Sports Network: A Brief Overview of Its Past

Crane Kenney, president of business operations for the Chicago Cubs, gave an interview to WSCR radio on November 16, 2015, in which he revealed that the organization planned to launch its own internal regional sports network after its current broadcast agreements with NBC Sports Chicago, WGN Sports, and WLS-TV expire after the 2019 season.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported on the 18th of December, 2018, that the team was getting ready to launch their RSN, "Marquee," in 2020 and that Sinclair Broadcast Group was the front-runner to be the management partner. The report also stated that Sinclair Broadcast Group was getting ready to launch their RSN.

Although the White Sox's financial arm, Silver Chalice, manages the national sports network Stadium, Sinclair has made past attempts to buy out WGN's parent firm, Tribune Media. Tribune Media is currently owned by Sinclair. According to the official statement that was made in February 2019, the partnership won't make its public debut with Sinclair until the year 2020.

On May 22, 2019, Michael McCarthy was promoted to the position of general manager of the Marquee Sports Network after serving in the capacity of the channel's consultant. He previously served as the Chief Executive Officer of both the Milwaukee Bucks and the St. Louis Blues, in addition to serving as the President of the MSG Network (vice chairman).

After the acquisition of Fox Sports Networks on August 22, 2019, by a group led by Sinclair and Entertainment Studios for a total price of $10.6 billion, Marquee became a sister network to Fox Sports Networks (FSN had previously operated a Chicago network, but it ceased operations when Chicago's professional teams decided to work with a joint venture with Comcast, which is now known as NBC Sports Chicago).

Marquee Sports Network

In order for Disney to buy 21st Century Fox, the networks had to be sold, as 21st Century Fox had made the decision not to keep them under its successor company, Fox Corporation.

Fans voiced their disapproval with the introduction of Marquee by booing and heckling Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts after he presented information about the new network during the 2020 annual Cubs Convention.

The Marquee Sports Network made its debut on February 22, 2020, at one o'clock in the afternoon Central Time (CT), with a launch special hosted by actor and Cubs fan Bill Murray, immediately followed by a documentary on Ernie Banks. The game, originally scheduled to take place in the afternoon but rescheduled to the evening due to the possibility of rain, was the first live spring training game that the station broadcast, and it was played against the Oakland Athletics at Sloan Park.

However, the first game of the regular season for the team did not take place until July 24, 2020 because the season was postponed because of the COVID-19 epidemic. This caused the first game of the regular season to take place on July 24, 2020.

Updates have been made to Marquee's Cubs broadcasts in preparation for the 2021 season. The network will no longer mandate that commentators appear on air dressed in a suit and tie (this was a requirement imposed during the first season by executives who insisted that Marquee's broadcasts have "national network quality"), and it will move the scoreboard from the bottom center of the screen to the top left corner of the screen, which is the more traditional placement for such a display.

In addition, the network will debut Jon Sciambi as the new voice of its play-by-play broadcasts (a move which also differentiated Marquee from its newly-relaunched sister networks in the Bally Sports group, whose on-air branding was derived from that of Marquee, but with an equally-unorthodox integration of a scoreboard and ticker).

The catchphrase "We get it" would be used as part of a marketing campaign by the network to highlight the upcoming Cubs season as well as these developments.

The Marquee Sports Network is now available nationwide on DIRECTV

Today, Marquee Sports Network and DIRECTV made the announcement that the network will be available to subscribers of the satellite TV provider across the country on the Marquee Sports Network's network. No, this does not imply that you are now able to watch live Cubs games if you live outside of the local market that is specified by MLB for the Chicago Cubs. Simply said, it indicates that you will be able to watch any other network content that is not limited by programming restrictions.

There was no information supplied on whether or not purchasing Marquee will be a part of an upgrade to the standard programming bundle. In my opinion, in order to obtain the channel, an update will most likely be necessary.

WLS-Chicago (WLS) - Today, Marquee Sports Network and DIRECTV came to an agreement about the distribution of the network throughout the country. With the exception of live regular-season games for both the Cubs and Sky, as well as certain locally produced sports programming, the Marquee Sports Network will now be made available to subscribers across the country by DIRECTV.

In the television market served by the Cubs, DIRECTV broadcasts the network on channel 664. The year 2021 saw Marquee Sports Network take home three Chicago/Midwest Regional Emmy Awards, two of which were for extraordinary accomplishment in sports documentaries (Mayor of Rush Street) and sports interviews/discussions respectively (Class is in Session).

Those eligible DIRECTV subscribers who live within the Chicago Cubs television broadcast region will continue to have access to live broadcasts of Cubs games on the Marquee Sports Network, which can be found on Channel 664. To be able to watch live Cubs games on DIRECTV when they are played outside of the designated television market for the Chicago Cubs, users must purchase the MLB Extra Innings out-of-market package.

The premier sports television network. Marquee Sports Network provides unrivaled coverage of the Chicago Cubs as well as other regional live sporting events and original programming thanks to a partnership with the Chicago Cubs and Sinclair Broadcast Group (Nasdaq: SBGI). Other regional live sporting events covered by the network include Chicago Sky games. The Chicago Cubs are often regarded as one of the most famous sports teams in the United States.

The home television market for the Chicago Cubs is served by DIRECTV, U-verse TV, more than 50 cable providers, and the streaming services DIRECTV STREAM (formerly AT&T TV) and fuboTV. The home television market for the Cubs also includes portions of the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin. These service providers also carry Marquee Sports Network in their lineups. Visit the "about" section of for any further information.

Marquee Sports Network

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