How to Get Twitch Stream Key?

By Kaya

Twitch, owned by Twitch Interactive (a subsidiary of Amazon. Inc), is an American live streaming platform. It serves as a dream come true for the fans of live streaming videos or live streamers themselves. You can find all sorts of live streaming content on Twitch, including video games live-streaming, esports competitions, music broadcasts, and much much more! 

How to Stream on Twitch and Where to Find Your Stream Key 

Now that you know about what twitch is, you must be wondering how to stream on twitch and where to find your stream key. Don’t worry because, in this article, we have covered all the nitty-gritty details on how you can do that conveniently with basic technical knowledge. 

The first and foremost thing that you need to know to stream live on Twitch is the requirement of an encoding app or software. Various software will allow you to stream directly from your twitch account, but others require a Twitch Stream Key. 

So what exactly is a Stream key? It is basically a code that you are supposed to copy and paste into your encoder or streaming software. This will enable you to start your live stream right away. 

Now comes the question of where to find your stream key. You need to follow the following steps. 

Step 1: Log in to your Twitch account. 

Step 2: Click on your Profile Avatar present on the top right of your screen. This will drop down a menu, and you have to select “Creator Dashboard.” 

Step 3: Now click on the “Settings,” which will further lead you to a “Stream” option. 

Step 4: The stream key is located under the section of “Primary Stream Key.” It will consist of a series of dots and symbols for extra security to prevent people from getting into your Twitch Stream. 

Step 5: You have to copy and paste the “Stream Key” into the broadcasting software. You are also provided with the option of resetting the Stream key. 

Should you share your Stream Key with others? 

Not at all! You should never share your stream key with others as it would give them access to your twitch account and run scams with your name and brand. 

If by any chance, anyone gets a hold of your stream key and even starts streaming, all you need to do is reset the stream key. This will automatically kick them out of your account. 

For extra security, you should definitely enable the 2-factor authentication on your Twitch account, in which you can connect the Twitch account with your phone or your email. This way, if someone tries to log in or hijack your account, you will immediately receive a notification on your connected device or email. 

How to Download Twitch Videos Offline? 

Do you want to watch your desired live streams without worrying about the fluctuating and weak internet connection? Then we have a solution for you. You can download all your favorite live streams through the following applications/software with premium quality and watch them later. 

KeepStreams Twitch Downloader 

Keepstreams for Twitch is one of the best offline video downloader tools you need to install on your computer. You can not only download the recorded streams but can also download the ones that are streaming live! Isn’t it cool? Let’s look further into the features of the Keepstreams Twitch Downloader. 


  • Downloads the videos in Top-Notch Quality at 1080p 
  • You can download your favorite live streams in batches all at once, saving you a lot of time and energy
  • Keepstreams for Twitch Downloader guarantees you a high-quality audio track such as EAC or AC 5.1
  • You can have an extraordinarily smooth and ad-free experience with the Keepstreams Twitch Downloader
  • KeepStreams Twitch Downloader also lets you transfer your data from one device to another with high-speed downloads in MP4 files
  • The metadata is saved automatically so you can manage your video library.
  • Keepstreams for twitch Downloader also has a built-in browser

Y2Mate DRM Downloader: 

Another worth-having application to download your videos is the Y2Mate DRM Downloader. It downloads not only live streaming videos from Twitch but also popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, Paramount Plus, etc. 


  • You can download videos in the premium quality resolution of 1080p, 4K, or even 8k
  • You can select subtitles and languages according to your preferences. The subtitles can be saved as SRT files or directly remuxed into your videos
  • With the batch download feature, you can install multiple videos instantly with lightning speed
  • The downloaded videos are all in MP4 format, making them compatible with all other devices
  • The audio of the downloaded videos is not distorted and can be downloaded with EAC3, AC3 5.1, or AAC 2.0, any of these sound channels
  • Watch your favorite Twitch Streams or Movies without interruptions of pop-up advertisements with Y2Mate DRM Downloader
  • Moreover, you get a built-in browser with Y2Mate DRM Downloader, which also saves the metadata along with the video to let you manage your video library

FlixPal Twitch Downloader 

FlixPal Twitch Downloader is a tool to download Twitch videos or any other desired content for offline viewing conveniently and efficiently. 


  • Download both live and recorded videos in high definition up to 1080p
  • Enjoy watching your favorite videos without unnecessary advertisements
  • Store your subtitles in your computer as SRT files
  • Batch download videos to save your time and energy
  • The downloaded videos are in MP4 format, making them compatible with various devices
  • Download the videos at lightning speed with FlixPal Twitch Downloader. 

Other Streaming Services and Ways To Download Music & Videos


Who doesn’t know about Netflix? The popular streaming site is famous for its engaging content that includes movies, seasons, documentaries, sitcoms, and more. Besides streaming your favorite content for online viewing, you can also use Netflix’s official app to download its videos, movies, and other content for offline viewing. There are certain restrictions, though. For example, you can’t keep your downloads forever unlike Y2Mate DRM Downloader that lets you keep your downloads for an unlimited amount of time and enjoy them whenever and wherever you want.

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Disney Plus

Disney Plus downloader software also enables you to download your favorite videos and music not just from Disney Plus but countless other social media and streaming sites as well. The best part? Both Windows and Mac users can use these downloaders with ease.

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HBO and binge-watcher’s interests go hand in hand. That’s because HBO and all its branches, including HBO Go, HBO Now, and HBO Max have tons of amazing content for binge-watchers and those who wish to spend most of their leisure time watching videos and movies.

But here’s the catch…

HBO doesn’t allow you to download its content for offline viewing. But thanks to different HBO downloaders available in the market, including Y2Mate DRM Download and FlixPal Downloader, you can download and save your all-time favorite HBO shows for offline viewing.

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Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is another premium streaming website that is famous for its range of unique and entertaining content. What sets amazon Prime apart from the rest of the available options is the availability of a one-time subscription for all amazon services, that too in a single payment.

But what if you can download your favorite Amazon Prime content for offline viewing so that you can enjoy it anytime you want? That’s where you have to invest in a dedicated Amazon Prime Downloader to cater to your downloading needs.

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When we talk about the best subbed and dubbed anime streaming platforms, the name of funimation always tops the list. The good news is Funimationnow apps have now included a download feature to improve offline playback. By using this function, the die-hard anime fans can download their favorite videos from Funimation on their devices without the hassle.

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Paramount Plus

Paramount+ is next on our list. It is an on-demand streaming service that is owned and administered by ViacomCBS Streaming. On Paramount+ you can find countless original content, including content available in the ViacomCBS archive.

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Are you a Hulu fan always looking to stream and watch your favorite Hulu content offline? Then Hulu’s built-in download feature is just for you. With this feature, you can easily download and save the thrilling Hulu videos so that you can enjoy them in your leisure time.

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All OTT Platforms Guide

We tried to list as many streaming and downloading options as possible in this list. But obviously, there are countless other OTT platforms that provide a way to download movies, sitcoms, live telecasts, reality shows, and steamy porn for offline viewing.

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From the software mentioned above, we have concluded that “KeepStreams Twitch Downloader” deserves the first place because of its unique features and user-friendly interface that lets anyone, even with basic technical knowledge, carry out the downloading process.