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How to Fix ESPN Plus Not Working  [Full Guide]
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If your life revolves around sports and you are a great fan of watching all the sports programs you must have been aware of ESPN Plus.

There is nothing more annoying for a passionate ESPN lover than experiencing glitches and bugs during live streaming of their favorite sports content. 

If you have experienced something similar and are now looking for ways to fix your everyday ‘ESPN Plus not working’ issues, you have landed on the right page. 

In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about fixing those undesired and most annoying ESPN Plus error messages.

Everything you need to know about ESPN Plus

ESPN is one of the most popular American streaming services that broadcast mainly sports shows and videos. 

It’s a merger between Walt Disney and Hearst Communications.

You can also find ultimate fighting championships and top-rank boxing shows to keep yourself engaged if you’re into this type of sports content. Plus,  ESPN Plus also enables its viewers to enjoy college sports cricket rugby union soccer. 

It also allows you to add archived content like ESPN original documentaries. In a nutshell, ESPN Plus has a little something for every sports lover out there. 

Why is ESPN Plus not working – Hot to fix ‘ESPN Plus Not Working’ issues?

Some of the most common problems witnessed by ESPN Plus users include:

·         It stops working all of a sudden

·         Its outage has some problems

·         It becomes faulty

·         It faces some serious internet connection problems

·         It gets some malicious data and cache

Let’s discuss some of the quickest and easiest ways to fix these problems.

How do I fix ESPN Plus not working?

The first and most important problem is the slow internet connection that causes disturbance in the live streaming of the channels. 

Check if the other applications like YouTube, Google, or Facebook are working properly or not. To fix this problem you can bring your Wi-Fi closer to the streaming device, check your internet speed at fast.com and you can also call the cable internet provider to fix this issue.

Another thing you can do is check your ESPN outage by going to ESPN's server from the down detector. You can also go to the official Twitter page into your Twitter account and check the tweets of other people to confirm the widespread outage. 

Fix ESPN Plus not working on smart TV

Before doing anything else first check your ESPN Plus version and your smart TV version.

If any of this needs an update,  you can update it properly then try the following steps to fix this issue easily.

·         Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds after unplugging your smart TV power cord

·         Now unplug your router for 10 to 15 minutes

·         Restart your router after plugging it in

·         Now connect your smart TV to the network after turning it on if it has fully started

·         Now check if ESPN Plus is working properly by turning on your smart TV

If the problem keeps occurring then try to fix this issue by reinstalling your ESPN + app on your Roku or Samsung TV.

Roku TV:

You can try the simplest and easiest steps to reinstall your ESPN Plus app on your Roku TV

·         Go to your Roku TV's home screen.

·         Now go to the ESPN Plus app and pick it.

·         Then, on your Roku remote, tap the * button.

·         Select the channel that was previously disabled.

·         Restart Roku TV now.

·         Now go to your Roku and download the most recent version of ESPN Plus.

Samsung TV:

·         Go into the app after turning on your smart Samsung TV at home

·         Now, on the right side of your TV, select the gear-like symbol (settings)

·         find and uninstall the ESPN app in the available list of apps

·         Restart your Samsung TV after removing the ESPN Plus app

·         Restart your Samsung TV and reinstall the ESPN Plus app.

Hopefully, the problem gets fixed following the solutions listed above. However, if it still persists, you can try resetting the settings.

How to reset Samsung TV smart hub settings

The following steps will help you reset your Samsung TV smart hub settings very easily.

·         Search for the setting option

·         Go to the support tab

·         Choose the option of resetting the smart hub

·         Your Samsung TV is ready to reset

Clear ESPN plus Cache on FireTV/ Firestick:

Sometimes the malicious cache data stops your system to respond in an efficient way.

To fix this problem follow these simple steps so that your ESPN plus can work properly on your Firestick.

·         Select Settings from the Home screen

·         Select Manage installed applications from the drop-down menu

·         Select ESPN Plus from the drop-down menu

·         Force Stop is now selected, followed by Clear Cache and Clear Data

·         Now open the ESPN Plus app on your Firestick/Fire TV to check if it’s working properly

Fix ESPN Plus not working on your Android:

If the problem lies with the cache of the ESPN plus of your Android device then you can follow these basic steps to resolve this issue very easily.

·         Click Settings

·         Then navigate to Notifications and Apps

·         Select ESPN Plus from the drop-down menu

·         Now press the clear cache and clear data buttons

Now login to your ESPN Plus accounts to check if it's working properly.

Can you download ESPN Plus Videos for offline viewing?

Streaming is fun but wouldn’t it be better to download your all-time favorite ESPN Plus videos so that you can enjoy them when you’re on the go, traveling, or spending time at a location where there are no Wi-Fi signals.

You guessed that right. We’re talking about ESPN Plus downloaders that make downloading your favorite ESPN Plus videos super easy and fun. 

ESPN Plus application

ESPN also has its dedicated app that allows its users to watch live sports channels and other ESPN content, including live tournaments, game shows, and all the major associations like NHL, MLS, NFL events, and many more from the comfort of their homes. 

Not only this, but you would be surprised to know that it also allows its users to enjoy sports documentaries about all the past matches that happened before the NFL games.

But here’s the catch…

You won't be able to access the ESPN Plus application in the absence of a cable connection.

Another limitation that bothers its users is to pay extra fees for the service which is $59.99 yearly.

Even after spending all that money, you won't be able to watch all your desired live matches of NBA and UFC, which obviously is a major setback for all the viewers out there

That’s where different third-party downloaders step in…

Here’s the list of third-party downloaders you can depend on without doing any further research:

MyStream ESPN Plus Downloader:

The first and most impressive ESPN Plus video downloader is the MyStream ESPN Plus Downloader. With this downloader, you can easily get access to all your favorite sports shows, sports events, and games from countless other websites including Paramount Plus, Hulu. HBO, etc. 

Its high-definition picture quality of up to 1080p lets its users enjoy as if they are sitting in a huge stadium and witnessing their favorite sports match live.

Another most amazing feature of this downloader is the subtitles included in the downloaded videos of those matches. This allows its viewers to understand the foreign language of the commentaries happening in the matches.

Let’s have a look at some of the most wonderful features that make it unique among all the other video downloaders.


·         Downloads with subtitles

·         Ease of use and simplicity

·         High-definition picture quality of up to 1080p

·         Language selection for saving subtitles

·         Downloads with metadata information

·         Batch downloading enabled

BBFly ESPN Plus Downloader:

What we like the best about BBFly ESPN Downloader is its outstanding feature that allows its users to download all the matches or series of the same tournament to download at once. 

You can enjoy your videos in 1080p resolution, batch download sets of videos, and enjoy fast and supportive customer service right from the comfort of your home. 


·         Videos in 1080p quality

·         Customized subtitles and dubbing

·         Unrestricted offline viewing

·         High-speed downloads 

·         Batch downloading to help you download multiple  episodes at once

·         Supports over 100 streaming websites and social channels

FlixPal ESPN Plus Downloader:

Another worth mentioning ESPN Plus downloader is the FlixPal ESPN Plus downloader. This downloading solution will enable you to enjoy your all-time favorite sports tournaments, game shows, and documentaries offline. 


·         High-quality downloads of up to 1080p

·         Save your videos in MP4 format to be played on different devices

·         No ads to spoil your viewing experience

·         Save subtitles as SRT files (in your desired language)

·         Batch downloading to download sets of videos at once

·         High-Speed Downloading with GPU Acceleration

Y2Mate ESPN Plus Downloader:

The Y2mate ESPN plus Downloader is another well-known and fast downloader that allows its users to enjoy downloading all their favorite sports shows in one go. 

With its amazing auto-downloading capabilities, you can download and enjoy all the latest events of your most awaited matches. 


•        Download excellent quality Discovery Plus videos in HD

•        Quick downloading speed

•        Subtitled videos

•        Metadata

•        Ad-free downloads

•        Auto Downloading capabilities

•        Batch downloads

KeepStreams for ESPN Plus: 

 KeepStreams for ESPN Plus is an outstanding video downloader that promises a quick and seamless downloading experience for ESPN Plus viewers.

Thanks to its batch download option, you can easily download all of your favorite games at once. 

Its quick downloads are another factor that contributes to its success. Its subtitles addition is useful for converting any match to your choice of language 


  • Premium-quality video downloads in 1080p
  • Enjoy your content without ads
  • Anime-on-demand services
  • Subtitles in SRT files
  • Download the most recent episodes in bulk
  • Live-streaming apps such as Twitch and ESPN Plus, as well as others
  • Save social media playlists and videos to your computer


TubeMate YouTube downloader is another alternative that allows you to download all your favorite content from ESPN Plus and Other websites. It also allows you to store all your favorite sports shows on your phone so that you can enjoy them in your leisure time or on the go. 


  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Free video downloading software
  • Different picture resolutions
  • High compatibility

But, because it is a free downloader, get ready to be interrupted by tons of ads while playing your videos. 

iVideoMate Video Downloader:

iVideoMate video downloader allows you to download videos from more than 10,000 video-sharing sites and streaming platforms. 

With this downloading tool, you can download the entire playlist with one click. There’s Faster Turbo Mode to let you download your favorite videos within minutes. 


  • Accessibility of 10000 video sharing sites including ESPN Plus
  • Download videos in 4K FHD
  • Download MP3 with a single click
  • 3 times faster speed to download
  • Manage and play videos easily
  • Batch download option
  • Faster Turbo mode

FetchFile Downloader

The FetchFile Downloader is another free online application that helps its users download videos from various supported sites. 

All you need to do is copy the URL of your favorite ESPN Plus video and paste the URL link in the paste box available on the FetchFile Downloader homepage.


·         Free and fast service

·         Download videos in different formats, including Mp4, audio, 3gpp, x-FLV, etc)

·         Excellent picture quality 480 P HD full HD Ultra HD

Concluding thoughts:

ESPN Plus is an impressive broadcasting service that allows all the sports and game shows fans to watch their favorite sports and tournaments.

The ESPN Plus application has got some limitations that bother its users.

With downloaders like MyStream ESPN Plus Downloader, Y2Mate ESPN Downloader, and others, you can enjoy all that amazing ESPN Plus content available for live streaming. 

What could be better than this?