StreamFab Amazon Downloader Review: Pros and Cons Uncovered 2024

Updated on 2024-05-17
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Looking for an efficient way to download your favorite movies and TV shows from Amazon Prime Video? StreamFab Amazon Downloader might just be the solution you’ve been searching for.

This user-friendly software allows you to easily download and save high-quality videos from Amazon Prime Video for offline viewing, making it ideal for use during travel or in situations where a stable internet connection is not available.

streamfab amazon downloader review

For those new to this program, you may wish to acquire more information before beginning. Therefore, this comprehensive review will guide you through all the detailed information about StreamFab AmazonDownloader. Now, please scroll down and continue reading.

Review: What Can StreamFab Amazon Downloader Do? 

Typically, videos downloaded in the Amazon Prime Video application will expire 48 hours after you start watching them. However, StreamFab Amazon Downloader can assist in circumventing this limitation by downloading Amazon videos in regular MP4/MKV format files, which can then be permanently stored on your device. Download videos in up to lossless 1080P quality.

1. User Experience and Interface

The StreamFab Amazon Downloader is user-friendly and its interface is easy to navigate. Even beginners can effortlessly utilize it. Below is a demonstration of how I downloaded Amazon Prime videos using StreamFab.

Install StreamFab Amazon Downloader by clicking the button below on your Win or Mac device. Launch it. 

streamfab amazon downloader review

Choose the 'Amazon' service, and log into your Amazon Prime video account. You can search for the prime video you want to download.

 streamfab amazon downloader review

When you find the video to be downloaded, play it, StreamFab will analyze it automatically and ask you to set the output resolution, subtitle, audio, etc. 

streamfab amazon downloader review

If you want to download TV seasons, you can select multiple episodes and add them to the task queue at once, what's more, you can also take advantage of the 'Auto-download' mode to let StreamFab save newly released videos automatically at a set time per day or per week.

streamfab amazon downloader review

2. Performance and Feasibility ✅

You may have concerns about the reliability of StreamFab Amazon Downloader, and whether it can truly download all the movies you love. You might worry that it could be advertised as capable of downloading, but in reality, it might not work at all. Sothink understands your apprehension, and in response, we have conducted tests with the following results:

StreamFab Amazon Downloader can download any type of Amazon Prime video, including DRM-protected Amazon videos, bonus videos, videos from Amazon channels, and rented movies from Amazon, among others. Additionally, videos from Amazon channels such as Eros Now, freeve, and others can also be downloaded.

Generally speaking, as long as the Amazon Prime video is playable in StreamFab, it should be downloadable.

Furthermore, StreamFab offers 3 free trials during which there are no limitations on video length, output quality, format, etc. (unlike most other competitors). These three trials are sufficient to provide you with a comprehensive understanding and experience of its functionality.

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3. Technology Updates and Improvements

In the latest update version of the Amazon Video Downloader released on December 28, 2023, I observed a series of enhanced features and new functionalities. This version introduces support for downloading Amazon's newly released videos with EAC3 5.1 audio using the download mode.

Furthermore, this update also addresses several significant issues I have encountered. For instance, it resolves the problem of episodes missing when downloading specific videos from, as well as the issue of TV series analysis results showing as season -1 when downloaded from Amazon. These improvements undoubtedly enrich my viewing experience.

Is StreamFab Amazon Downloader worth it? For Amazon Prime Video enthusiasts who want the convenience of offline viewing and have high quality demands for rip Amazon videos, the answer is a resounding yes.

4. Customer Support and Updates

Customer support and after-sales service are also important criteria for evaluating StreamFab Amazon Downloader. StreamFab Amazon Downloader offers 48-hour email customer support. Whatever issue you may encounter during the usage, you can seek solutions by contacting the customer service of StreamFab Amazon Downloader via email. Alternatively, you can post in the StreamFab forum to seek answers from enthusiastic users.

Furthermore, upon purchasing StreamFab Amazon Downloader, you will receive frequent free updates and enjoy various new features within the validity period of your purchase. If you opt for a lifetime subscription, you will permanently enjoy these benefits. Subsequent upgrades will not require any additional payment.

5. Price Plan Analysis: How to Buy StreamFab Amazon Downloader Cheaply?

As we mentioned before, StreamFab offers a free trial (3 videos), but requires payment for continued use. When considering the pricing options for StreamFab Amazon Downloader, it is important to weigh the features and advantages provided by each plan against the costs. 

Here we have compared StreamFab's various pricing schemes:

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  Price Support License Money Back Guarantee
Single Amazon Downloader $89.99/LFT 1 service 1 PC 30-day money-back guarantee
My Combo $149.99/LFT 2 services 1 PC
👍 All-in-One $279.99/LFT 40+ VIP services  & 1000+ online sites 5 PCs (only $55 for 1 PC)

A single Amazon downloader may seem like the lowest-priced option, but it is certainly not the most cost-effective. If you are a popular broadcaster who does more than just watch Prime videos, then the Combo plan would be more suitable. For those who share their account with friends, the All-in-One option would be a perfect choice, costing only $55 for a lifetime on a single PC.

If you are seeking a free Amazon downloader, the answer may unfortunately be unsatisfactory. There are no free software available in the market to download Amazon Prime videos. However, on the flip side, expecting a free tool to download Amazon videos is unreasonable. After all, it is Amazon!


1. What is the Difference between CVBR and CBR provided by StreamFab Amazon Downloader? 

Bitrate adaptation can be selected between CVBR and CBR when downloading Amazon Prime video with StreamFab. (Note: When downloading the latest released video, the picture quality of CBR video is higher than that of CVBR, but the sound quality is lower than that of CVBR. For example the same video, the audio of CVBR is EAC3 640 kb/s and the audio of CBR is EAC3 224 kb /s or AAC.). 

2. Is StreamFab Amazon Downloader Safe to Use?

StreamFab Amazon Downloader is completely clean and safe to use, free from malicious software or viruses. Its operation mode resembles that of a built-in browser, meaning that when you log in, you are actually accessing the official Amazon database, not any third-party website. Therefore, this program can be used safely.


StreamFab Amazon Downloader is a powerful tool designed specifically to acquire high-quality format of Amazon content. It is capable of storing movies and TV shows in lossless 1080p MP4 or MKV files, preserving all audio tracks and subtitles, ensuring the utmost offline viewing experience.

The content downloaded through StreamFab matches the quality settings of the original content on Amazon Prime Video. For anyone seeking a reliable way to offline enjoy Prime Video content, StreamFab Amazon Downloader comes highly recommended.