StreamFab Review: Tested and Verified by Sothinkmedia 2024

Updated on 2024-03-13
Explore our in-depth review of StreamFab Video Downloader to see the pros and cons, ans why we highlight it as a recommend video downloader.


As we browse the internet for top video downloaders, we often come across a name: StreamFab Video Downloader, which was announced to earn the trust and praise of millions of users since its launch in 2019. But does it sound as outstanding as it promotes? What I see, what I get?

Adhering to the principle of fighting against falsehoods, the Sothinkmedia team conducted a week-long assessment of the software to debunk any misleading claims. Were the results truly as commendable as advertised by StreamFab? Let us delve into this review. 

streamfab review

Why my review is reliable
Sothinkmedia guarantees that StreamFab Video Downloader is reviewed by our test team to provide authentic insights. Every review content mentioned below has been thoroughly examined and confirmed to be effective. I refrain from using AI-generated content to ensure that users receive genuine and useful information.

Exclusive Features and Competitive Functions ✅

StreamFab Video Downloader boasts many impressive features that set it apart from its rivals. One standout feature is its integrated built-in browser to works seamlessly with various websites, encompassing over 40 popular platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+, and 1000 online websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and many more. 

  • Supported: 40+ OTT & 1000+ online video sites
  • OS: Windows/Mac/Android

streamfab review

sothinkmedia review: streamfab
All the pics applied in this StreamFab review post are screenshotted by the Sothinkmedia test team. We ensure that the review content about StreamFab is written based on our real test. 

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1. Free trial without registration

At the outset of my acquaintance with StreamFab, I immediately discerned a particularly appealing aspect: the ability to utilize its services during the complimentary trial period without the necessity of registering an account.

Unlike most other downloaders that require users to create a trial account and subsequently inundate them with incessant emails urging upgrades and purchases, StreamFab refrains from soliciting such information from trial users.

2. Auto-download newly released episodes at scheduled time

StreamFab Video Downloader features an exclusive 'scheduled download' function, enabling users to set a specific time (either weekly or daily) to ensure prompt downloading of newly released TV shows and movies.

This feature is highly appreciated by avid TV show enthusiasts, as it guarantees they will not miss any updates. Currently, Sothinkmedia has not identified any other downloaders with this capability.

streamfab review: auto mode

3. Outstand native lossless quality for video & audio

Using StreamFab Video Downloader, one can obtain videos and audio at the highest native quality possible. For online video websites, it supports downloading videos up to 8K resolution (depending on the highest quality of the video source). For OTT platform services, it offers support for downloading videos up to 4K (Max).

With regards to Netflix videos, one can even download 1080p videos with HDR 10 effects and Dolby Vision. In addition, other video downloaders in the market only allow users to download 720p videos from Disney+. However, StreamFab Video Downloader goes a step further by supporting the downloading of some Disney+ content in 1080P. This is truly a breakthrough.

streamfab review: video quality

4. Batch mode and fast speed

Multiple videos can be added to the StreamFab download queue, with a remarkably swift speed. Downloading a Netflix film of approximately 2 hours takes only about 10 minutes.

5. Separate the Adult column to protect your browsing history

The official StreamFab website does not heavily promote this feature, but I find it very user-friendly for adults. It includes a section dedicated to adult services, which encompasses various legitimate adult video websites. Additionally, due to StreamFab's built-in browser, your browsing data and history will not be exposed on your other browsers while downloading movies. This effectively safeguards our privacy.

streamfab review: video quality

The above five functions are simply the essence we have extracted from comparing them with other downloaders, and our team finds them very useful after voting. StreamFab also has many other selling points, such as supporting the download of subtitles in multiple languages, removing ads from free videos, and so on. For more details, you can download and try it for free by yourself.

Disadvantages and Limits 🤔

In terms of video quality, StreamFab can be said to surpass all its competitors in the industry. So far, I have not encountered any platforms that StreamFab does not support, while other platforms do support.

It is hard to deny that StreamFab occupies a leading position in the market. However, it is not flawless in all aspects. At least from our team's perspective, there are still some areas that can be improved:

1. Support for mobile needs improvement

StreamFab's PC functionality is exceptionally robust, with support for a multitude of sites and extremely high-quality downloads. But the supported sites on the Android version are limited to popular online platforms such as Amazon, Netflix, Disney, Unext, and Fanza, as well as YouTube, and Twitter.

However, some platforms like OnlyFans, and ITVX, have support for StreamFab's PC version, but StreamFab for Android lacks the relevant functionality. I hope that StreamFab can continue to optimize the functionality of its Android version. This will not only enhance user experience but also attract more attention and support from users.

2. 48-hour support response, not 24-hour

StreamFab's current customer service response time is approximately 48 hours or 2 business days. This may be further delayed during weekends or holidays. It would be even more optimal if the customer service response time could be within 24 hours.

However, it seems that Asian users are fortunate, as the customer service online chat hours coincide with Asian working hours. I speculate that StreamFab's support center may be located in Japan or Hong Kong.

sothinkmedia review: streamfab
You can also post questions on the StreamFab forum, where dedicated long-time users will address your inquiries. The forum ambiance is quite welcoming; I once posted a query about the product and the online community was remarkably enthusiastic in their responses.

Steps to Download Videos with StreamFab

If you have not yet utilized StreamFab, or are contemplating whether to give it a try, you may follow our review to examine the specific operational procedures and the successful outcomes of downloading.

Install StreamFab Video Downloader on your device, and launch it. 
Choose the streaming service you want, and log into your streaming account. Here we take Amazon as an example. 

 streamfab review: how to use

Find the video you want to download, and play it. StreamFab will analyze the video automatically.

 streamfab review: how to use

Customize the video quality, audio option, subtitle, etc. Click download now or add to the Queue for later downloading. 

streamfab review: how to use


Following our review, StreamFab did not disappoint us in terms of functionality, quality, and user experience. Sothinkmedia considers it a recommended downloader, hoping that every streamer can give it a try. Our team's internal rating for it is 4.8/5.0. We hope this StreamFab review will be helpful to you if you are hesitate about this tool or if you are looking for a feasible downloader.