Cleverget vs. StreamFab: Which is a Better Video Downloader?

Updated on 2024-01-26
A side-by-side comparison of Cleverget vs Streamfab’s features. Know what each platform can offer. Click to learn more.

When it comes to video downloaders, there are two undisputed hot voters in the market: Cleverget vs Streamfab. Both platforms offer a range of features and cover a lot of sites. In this ultimate guide, we will compare these two giants and determine which one reigns supreme.

All the compare review content in the following parts are written by the real testers, and when writing the comparison between CleverGet vs StreamFab, the available functions, output quality, tech limits, user ratings will taken into consideration. 

streamfab vs cleverget

Cleverget vs. StreamFab: Overview Features





  • online site: 8K 
  • most OTT: 1080P
  • online site: 8K 
  • most OTT: 4K for MAX, and 1080P for others

Output format



Time to download
  • for 2h movie: 30 min
  • for 1 episode: 13 min
  • for 2h movie: 31 min
  • for 1 episode: 5 min

Ad Block Function

No Yes

Scheduled download new eipsodes

No, due to updated DRM protection Yes, update tech

Download subtitles in SRT file

Yes Yes
Meta info Writing application Collection, Season, Track name, Description, Writing application, Cover, Part_ID

Batch download function

Yes Yes
Free trial limits Slow speed to download 3 videos Access full features

Price Compare: Which One is Worth It?

When comparing the features of CleverGet vs StreamFab, we believe StreamFab is more powerful. Both claim to support over 1000 sites and 40+ OTT services, but in actual use, we found that parts of the single modules of CleverGet are supported in StreamFab DRM M3U8 Downloader or MPD Downloader.

[IMPORTANT‼️] For example, CTV, MyFans, ARTE, ZDF, Watcha, Raiplay, Twitcasting, Tver, Tving. At least 9 streaming sites are listed are single modules in CleverGet, which requires you to purchase for each. However, I tested those sites with StreamFab, which allows me to download via M3U8 Downloader or MPD downloader, without requiring extra money. 

cleverget review: cleverget vs streamfab

About the price, we mainly take the All-In-One version as a compare parameter: 

At first glance, you must think that CleverGet is more friendly because it provides cheaper price, but the prerequisite is that CleverGet only offers 1 license for a one-time order, while StreamFab offers 5 licenses and Amazon card as a bonus. 

Cleverget (lifetime)

StreamFab (lifetime)

Lifetime Price



License ONLY 1 5 Licenses 

Included modules


46 for Win, 42 for Mac
🎁 Additional bonus N/A $25 Amazon Gift Card

One more important issue that needs to be clarified is that, as stated before, at least 9 single modules of CleverGet are supported in one or two StreamFab modules, which means the 40 supported modules are not as attractive as expected. 

Perhaps this is the business mode of CleverGet. After all, CleverGet does not provide any integrated modules like 'M3U8 downloader' or 'MPD downloader', but StreamFab does. 

Is this the tech limits? Personally speaking, I don't think so. CleveGet is capable of unlocking OTT protection and it performs not bad, developing so many downloaders. Perhaps this is a business mode of CleverGet. As long as I don't offer m3u8/mpd downloaders, all the streaming services can be picked out as a single module for my earning. Who knows. 

UI Experience & Operation: Easy and Efficient?

The operation steps and downloading logic of CleverGet vs StreamFab are similar. Both require users to loginto the streaming service account, and analyze the video during playing.

Step1: Download the video downloader and launch it.

cleverget vs streamfab: operation steps

Step2: Choose the streaming services you want, log into your account, and find the video you want to download.

cleverget vs streamfab: operation steps

Step3: Customize the video format, resolution, subtitle options before you click "Download". After confirmed, just wait for the procedures. 

cleverget vs streamfab: operation steps


Deciding between Cleverget vs Streamfab can be a challenging task, as both video downloaders are similar in services. However, just needs to take some time to get in-depth, it is not hard to find out if StreamFab truly stands out. 

In terms of performance and speed, Streamfab outshines Cleverget with its powerful algorithms and optimized processing. CleverGet prefers to play 'cheating' games in their products and business mode. This is not a positive signal for the users.