Is CleverGet Safe?

Updated on 2024-05-17
Are you wondering whether CleverGet is safe to use, and would it be the best pick to download movies and TV shows? This article has your answer.

One primary reason you ended up on this article is that you were searching for a third-party downloader and came across CleverGet; however, given that the service is free and online, you may have questions about its safety.

If that is the case, and you are wondering whether is CleverGet safe, then you have landed on the right page. Hop on below to seek your answers and also to learn about an amazing CleverGet alternative that you should know about.

What is CleverGet?

CleverGet is a video download module. It is an all-inclusive video downloader toolkit containing Hulu Downloader, Amazon Downloader, CleverGet Twitch Downloader and Netflix Downloader, along with over forty other modules for downloading videos from various streaming services.


The service has an easy-to-use interface with a browser-based UI. It comes in two forms: the paid and free versions. The paid version is available with a wide variety of exceptional features; however, users can also find some amazing features in the free version.

Is CleverGet Safe to Use?

Given that it is a third-party downloader found online, many people often question about CleverGet's safety. If you are someone who is in the same boat and is thinking about whether CleverGet Video Downloader is safe to use or not, then let us answer it for you. CleverGet is moderately secure, and a few of its exceptional features can vouch for it. Want to know what these features are? We have them listed below for you:

Is CleverGet Safe

Friendly Audio and Subtitle Selection

When downloading content from any website, many people want to download it in the language they are more comfortable or efficient in understanding. CleverGet understands this and hence ensures that its users are provided with safe and friendly audio and subtitle selection.

The service has a wide range of available audio tracks and subtitles in many different languages, and users can freely select the desired subtitle(s) and audio track(s) based on their needs and wants. So, you can safely and easily download subtitle files in the language of your choice.

Doesn't Save your Log-in Information

When logging into any website online, many people are hesitant about the safety of their information. This is because several third-party applications not only save user information without their consent but also expose them to hackers online.

If you are worried about this aspect, let us assure you that with CleverGet, you can feel safe. The website protects its user information to the core and, hence, doesn't save any log-in information that may concern you.

Frequent Updates on Latest Security Protocol

Apart from not saving your personal and log-in information, CleverGet also ensures frequent service updates. The third-party application is quite prone to frequent updates on the latest security protocol.

This security protocol, therefore, works towards providing you with a safer and more convenient download from any trusted website from which you are trying to download content.

Saves Video from Trusted Video Sources

Another great feature about CleverGet that vouches for its safety is that the service only saves and downloads videos from trusted video sources. The trusted websites do not have malware or virus threats, so when downloading videos from these websites through CleverGet, you will not have to worry about downloading malware on your system.

No Playback Limits

The CleverGet video downloader allows users to download standalone MP4 and MKV files on their computers. This means that users can freely transfer the downloaded videos to any MP4 or MKV-compatible player for an unlimited playback experience without any expiration or device limit. How cool is that, right?

Limits of CleverGet Video Downloader

While CleverGet's features are amazing, the free version can only get you so far, and hence, to truly avail of the service, one has to subscribe to it. However, many users believe that the cost of downloading content with CleverGet is quite high compared to many other downloaders in the market that provide the same features.

So, this brings us to the question: Is using CleverGet worth it? Well, if you are inclined towards a negative response, then we are sure you'd want to know about another excellent video downloader, right? If that is the case, then read about one below.

Best CleverGet Alternative You Should Know About

If CleverGet didn't sit well with you, don't worry—there is one downloader even better than that. What are we talking about? Well, StreamFab Video Downloader, of course! This downloader is one of the best in the market and provides users with a bunch of exceptional features.

To start, the service allows users to download content from over 1000 different websites with ease. Not only this, but every download that you will make will be quick and high in quality as well. StreamFab ensures that all MP4 videos that it downloads to your system are 1080p quality so that you can avail yourself of a smooth streaming experience.

These are only a few exceptional features that StreamFab provides. If you truly want to experience its greatness, we suggest you check out the website yourself. Trust us, the service will not disappoint you.

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If you are seeking an answer to whether is CleverGet safe or not, we hope this article was helpful in finding your answer. If CleverGet didn't sit well with you and you now want to find an alternative video downloader, we suggest you check out StreamFab Video Downloader. The service is exceptional and will leave you amazed with its features.