Streamfab Crack is dangerous! Use alternative, inexpensive software!

Updated on 2023-08-02
In this article, we warn you that cracking StreamFab is illegal and its dangers, and recommend legal and safe alternatives. If you want to know how to avoid illegal activities and download videos safely, please read this article.

Cracking paid software is illegal and strictly prohibited against the law. Some users, faced with high usage fees, may end up using cracked versions of software.

However, cracking paid software is a dangerous and illegal practice that must be avoided at all costs. In this article, we warn you that cracking StreamFab is illegal and its dangers, and recommend legal and safe alternatives.

If you want to know how to avoid illegal activities and download videos safely, please read this article.

What is Streamfab?


Streamfab is software that allows you to download and convert video content from Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs.

With this software, you can download videos from over 1000 streaming sites, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, U-NEXT, Tver, TELASA, ABEMA, GYAO, FOD, Pallavi, dTV, Rakuten, HBO, and more.

streamfab is a simple and fast video downloader and a versatile software for downloading all kinds of video files, including movies, music, TV shows, and more.

Streamfab Reputation

Streamfab has both good and bad reviews; Streamfab is not a perfect software, but we have compiled a list of good and bad reviews below.

Streamfab has a good reputation:.

  1. Supports many video sites.
  2. Easy to use, even for beginners.
  3. High quality images, 720P, 1080P, 4K, etc. can be selected.
  4. Various functions such as conversion from m3u8 to MP4 and saving live streaming.
  5. Subtitle files can be downloaded.
  6. You can purchase only the modules you need.
  7. Paid video streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+ are also supported.

Bad reviews of Streamfab:.

  1. Video parsing may take a long time.
  2. Downloads may fail.
  3. May have problems with sound lag.
  4. You may not be able to download videos from some sites.
  5. The free version can download only five videos.

About Streamfab Cracks

There may be websites on the Internet claiming that cracked versions of Streamfab exist. However, a cracked version of Streamfab does not actually exist. Therefore, these sites are pirated and should be treated with caution.

Using a cracked version of Streamfab may involve a number of risks.


For example,

  • Possible infection of your computer with a virus
  • Possibility of malware being installed
  • Possible identity theft or other damages.

In addition, you will no longer receive support or updates from Streamfab Officials, and the software may not work properly or be incompatible with other software programs.

To minimize these risks and protect your system and data from being compromised, it is important to use Streamfab under an authorized license from a reputable source.

Streamfab Pricing

Some of the reviews about StreamFab downloader are critical of its high fees. Because it is more expensive than other download tools, some consumers feel that the price is unfairly high. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce a recommended alternative cheap software for StreamFab downloader.

Downloader Name


All-in-One 30,679

StreamFab YouTube Downloader

6,900 Yen

StreamFab YouTube to MP3 Converter

5,520 Yen

StreamFab Netflix Downloader

12,420 Yen

StreamFab Amazon Downloader

12,420 Yen

StreamFab Disney Plus Downloader

11,250 Yen

StreamFab HBO Downloader

11,250 Yen

StreamFab Paramount Plus Downloader

10,000 yen

StreamFab U-NEXT Downloader


StreamFab Apple TV Plus Downloader


StreamFab AbemaTV Downloader


StreamFab Hulu Downloader

11,250 Yen

StreamFab ESPN Plus Downloader

10,000 yen

StreamFab FANZA Downloader


StreamFab Funimation Downloader


StreamFab Rakuten TV Downloader


StreamFab Discovery Plus Downloader


StreamFab FOD Downloader


StreamFab Paravi Downloader


StreamFab RTL Plus Downloader


StreamFab Joyn Downloader

11,250 yen

StreamFab Shahid Downloader


StreamFab Crunchyroll Downloader

10,000 yen

StreamFab Peacock Downloader


StreamFab DMM Downloader

13,750 Yen

StreamFab Twitch Downloader

11,250 Yen

StreamFab Tubi Downloader

11,250 Yen

StreamFab dTV Downloader


StreamFab Pluto TV Downloader

11,250 yen

StreamFab Roku Channel Downloader


StreamFab CW Downloader

11,250 yen

StreamFab Stan Downloader


StreamFab Canal Plus Downloader

12,500 yen

StreamFab DRM M3U8 Downloader


StreamFab Channel 4 Downloader


StreamFab Crackle Downloader

11,250 Yen

StreamFab Viki Downloader

11,250 Yen

StreamFab DRM MPD Downloader

15,000 Yen

StreamFab LIVENow Downloader


StreamFab TELASA Downloader


StreamFab MGS Video Downloader


StreamFab SkyShowtime Downloader

11,250 yen

Cheap alternative: We recommend Keepstream

As an alternative, we recommend Keepstream for downloading videos in a safe and legal way.

Here are the advantages of Keepstream

Compatible with a wide variety of websites

Keepstream supports a wide variety of websites; like Streamfab, there are products for each platform, but once you download one, you can download from any site by entering a single URL. Because it uses the built-in browser, it does not open a separate window like Streamfab.

High-Quality Video Downloading

Keepstream can directly store high quality videos (4k, 8k) regardless of the source quality, and automatically detects and downloads subtitles and secondary audio. These settings can be easily made on a single screen.

Easy to use

Operating Keepstream is also very easy. Simply click on the distribution service icon from the official website or copy and paste the video URL to start downloading automatically. You can also download while watching a full-length movie, for example, and save a lot of time by downloading multiple contents at once. You can see all the items you are downloading from the item management on the left side of the screen.

Three downloads are available in the free version.

Click here for a free trial!

Keepstream is currently offering a free trial campaign. The free version allows you to download up to three entire videos. This campaign is an attractive opportunity for users who want to try out Keepstream's high-quality video downloading capabilities. Please take this opportunity to download videos in a safe and legal way.

StreamFab vs Keepstream


StreamFab Keepstream

Supported Site Types

More than 1000

More than 1000

Download Formats

MP4, MP3, AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, etc.

MP4, MP3, AVI, WMV, FLV, etc.

Download Speed



Pricing Plans

Annual, perpetual license, MyCombo

Multiple plans including monthly, annual, lifetime, etc.


Perpetual license: 33,600 yen


Perpetual license: $129.9


High image quality support



Number of times limit

Up to 1080p (some 720p)

Up to 8K (depending on distributor)

User registration required


Free trial without registration


Using a cracked version of Streamfab is illegal and dangerous, and we recommend using Keepstream, a legal and secure alternative. cracked versions of Streamfab are subject to copyright laws, unfair competition laws, breach of contract, and possible criminal penalties, and carry risks of malware infection and functional instability, and lack of support and updates.

Keepstream, on the other hand, is a legal and secure video download software that provides high-quality video downloads and full support. In addition, regular updates and special offers are available. We recommend Keepstream to anyone seeking a safe and secure way to download videos and avoid illegal activities.