Pawbo Life Pet Camera Review - Fun for All The FamilyA pet camera that is versatile and has decent video quality, but also offers fun, simple-to-use features. This Pawbo Life Pet Camera delivers a lot for its price. The two-way chat and games were particularly helpful in keeping us connected with our pets while we are away.

Pawbo Life Pet Wi-Fi Camera

Pawbo Life Pet Camera

We like this

  • Easy-to-use, sleek design

  • Games with manual and automatic controls

  • Delivers treats remotely

The Things We Hate
  • Some game controls are a bit confusing

  • Low-light situations can make it difficult to use your camera.

  • Night vision is not possible

  • Fixed camera angle

Although the Pawbo Life Pet Camera can be expensive, its stylish design and built-in games as well as remote delivery and auto and manual controls make it a worthwhile investment.

Pawbo Life Pet Camera was purchased so that our reviewer could fully test it and evaluate its quality. Continue reading to see our complete product review.

If you are looking for the best camera to fit your pet's needs, look no further. Pawbo Life Pet Camera allows you to keep in touch with your furry friend while on-the-go. It has an attractive, small design and a variety of functions that can do much more than simply watch your pet. You can play games such as a laser pointer and a treat delivery system. There is also two-way communication. This is a wonderful way to keep the family connected with your pet when you are away.

Pawbo Life Pet Camera

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Design: A small and flexible

Clocking in at 4.4 inches in diameter and 7.9 inches tall, the Pawbo is small, about the size of a water bottle—and not much heavier, weighing in at 1.2 pounds. It can be placed on the floor or on an end table. You could even mount it to a wall, making it both a renter and homeowner's favorite device. Its glossy white exterior makes it easy to fit into any decor.

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Considerations for Placement: Fixed Angle

We were not able to change the camera angle and had to consider that when placing it. The 130-degree wide angle lens is a great choice for anyone, as it can be placed anywhere from a countertop to the ground. The Pawbo can be a bit feisty if you have a pet who is very active. It is lightweight and well balanced, making it easier for them to move around.

The Pawbo Life app does not automatically record the time it isn't in use and it doesn't send motion-based notifications directly to connected devices. This can be either a benefit or a drawback depending on your needs.

Gravitation was another consideration in setting up Pawbo. Pawbo uses gravity, not like other devices, such as Furbo Dog Cameras, that physically drop the treats. Pawbo is able to drop the treats directly from the rotating tray onto hungry pets, unlike competitors. To avoid disappointment of furry pals who might not be able to reach the treats otherwise, you should place it close to where it is placed.

Pawbo Life Pet Camera

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Installation Process: There are many options and it's easy

It was easy to set up the Pawbo pet camera. It arrived with two components—the Pawbo itself and a power cord. It was easy to follow the instructions. Connect the Pawbo directly to the power outlet and wait until the device blinks to indicate that it is ready for setup. We followed the directions and downloaded the Pawbo Life App from the Google Play Store. iOS devices can also be supported. Finally, the Pawbo Life app was paired with our Samsung Galaxy S8 over Wi-Fi. After the connection was established, we were able to create our account in seconds and complete our login process.

WPS setup is another great feature. It allows Pawbos to connect quickly and easily to Wi-Fi if they have difficulty. We followed the PawboLife app's instructions to establish the connection. First, press the WPS button at the Pawbo's back, then press the WPS buttons on our router.

It's important to keep the Pawbo near the router for this option. The connection window is very short. The remaining steps were then completed by the app. If this fails, Pawbo may also send its signal to a mobile device as a Wi Fi connection. This allows Pawbo access to local Wi-Fi networks that it might otherwise be having difficulty finding.

Pawbo Life Pet Camera

Treatment Dispensing: Let your pet's world revolve

Pet cameras and treats—they don't all have the option, which is one way that the Pawbo pet camera stands apart from the pack. Take out the tray and remove any packing material. Add your pet's favourite treats. You may have trouble fitting large treats into the rotating chamber that fits in your palm. Take a minute to either break them apart or pick smaller treats. It is very easy to clean the tray. You can simply lift the rotating wheel up and clean the chamber.

Pawbo Life Pet Camera

App Support: Fun features for the whole family—with caveats

You can find Pawbo Life in the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. You can use it on iOS devices running Android 4.0 or later. Pawbo Life allows you to connect more than one person at a given time. This is unlike other apps that only support one user. Pawbo Life's great feature of connecting to their camera via the app is the Pawbo Chimes. This ensures that users don't get caught out when they share the credentials to their pet camera with family and friends.

Games—pets love them, and the Pawbo Life app has them. We love the built-in laser pointer, which has both manual and automated controls. However, we found that some manual controls can be somewhat clunky. Sometimes the camera experienced a slight delay which could make playing a bit difficult. The placement of the camera is another issue. The device can be placed too high on the surface. This causes the controls to drift a bit far beyond what our cat and dog are able to follow.

We love the built-in laser pointer, which has both manual and automated controls. However, we did notice that some manual controls can be somewhat clunky.

The Pawbo Life App also offers two-way communication. This feature is essential for pet owners who want to have a conversation with their pets. Not all pet cameras allow this. The sound quality is not great and can sometimes be a bit grainy.

The Pawbo Life app does not automatically record the time it is in use, nor sends motion-based notifications. This can be either a benefit or a drawback depending on your needs. However, it can capture and record video while the user watches the stream. These videos are saved to your smartphone. These can also be shared with friends and family or to social media, just like any other photo or video.

Video Quality is OK, But It's Nothing To Write Home About

The Pawbo's camera has a resolution of 720p, and it also features a 130 degree wide angle lens. This allows for a wider viewing area and is able to capture decent pictures in any space. However, images can become blurry or grainy after fast movements and in low light conditions it may struggle to capture sharp pictures. This device is not suitable for pet owners who want to monitor their pets over the night.

Cost: Mid-range, but worth it for all the extras

The Pawbo costs $199 and is an excellent device. Pet cameras can range in price from $100 to $400 depending on their features. The Pawbo is not an entry-level model. However, it's a middle-tier product. It includes two-way communication, treat dispenser, as well as the manual and automated laser games. These features are not perfect but they make it stand out from the rest.

Competition: It's a stiff competition, but Pawbo has its own

Many excellent options are available for pet cameras, and each one is different. Pawbo is not alone in its competition. The Petcube Play (MSRP $179), and Furbo Dog Camera (249 MSRP) are also great options.

The Pawbo and Petcube Play both have built-in laser games. Petcube Play has a better camera that streams 1080p HD video, unlike the Pawbo. Petcube Play also has night vision, which is a feature that the Pawbo does not have. Petcube Play can send messages to your mobile device based on sound or motion. This makes it an excellent choice for dog and cat owners. The Petcube Play does not include a treat dispenser. The Pawbo wins if pets must be rewarded with treats.

Petcube Play Review

Many of the features found in the Pawbo are also available with the Furbo Dog Camera. Furbo, like the Petcube Play has a high resolution camera that can stream 1080p HD video. The Pawbo, on the other hand, is more affordable and is designed for dogs. Furbo could be used for either, but the barking alarms notifications would not work for cats. Furbo physically gives treats to pets, which makes it more flexible in terms of placement.

Final Verdict

A solid mid-tier option.

If you're just looking for a fun way to spend time with a pet while away from home, the Pawbo Life Pet Camera is a great mid-tier product with fun features. It may not work well if your goal is to track the activity of your pet in real-time. You may be better served by more expensive options.


  • Life Pet Wi Fi Camera
  • Pawbo Product Brand
  • UPC 191114000113
  • Prices from $149.00
  • Weighing 1.2 pounds
  • Product dimensions 4.4x4.4x7.9in
  • App Pawbo Life
  • Power input: 5V2A
  • Power Adapter 100 240V
  • Mobile Device Compatibility iOS (8.0 or later) and Android (4.0 or later)
  • Wi-Fi Environment Requires 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz) connectivity, and router with WPA2-AES encryption
  • Upload speed at minimum 768Kbps (Best quality video at 1.2Mbps and above). Camera: 720P HD Live video
  • Lens 130° Wide-Angle with 4x digital zoom
  • Night vision
  • An audio built-in microphone and speaker

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