Top 20 Solar Movie Unblock Alternatives

Atish Ranjan
Updated on 2021-03-17
Solar Movie HD is a great site to watch movies, but some issues make you look for alternatives. Picking sites like Solar Movies can be a great option.

Solar Movies has been known to be one of the excellent options for watching your favorite movies. It has been one of the excellent options for watching your TV shows and movies without the need to pay any subscription fees. The site also lets you watch and download your movies without hassles. 

However, the site faces issues from time to time and at times, including a ban on the sites by ISPs or even the government authorities. In such cases, you need to check out the options for the best Solar Movies alternatives and here we have a list of the top 20 Solar Movie alternatives. 

What is SolarMovies? 

SolarMovies is a website that lets you enjoy your movies. It can be one of the excellent options for watching movies, TV shows, and videos without any payment for subscription and other charges. You can also get access to videos in HD format. 

The service is available in different regions that include India, China, France, and Hong Kong. However, in case the services have been restricted in your region or by your ISP, you would need to go with the right options for the best SolarMovies alternatives. 

The Best Solar Movies Alternatives 

Having understood the need for looking for the best SolarMovies alternatives, here are a few of the top-end streaming services you can check out. 


1. TubiTV

TubiTV is one of the prime options the sites like Solar Movies. It lets you watch your favorite content in HD quality without any subscription. It can be a great choice for the best Solar Movie unblock sites you can rely upon. 

It offers content in multiple genres that include action, animation, comedy, and romance to name a few. Lack of annoying ads may be one of the prime options you will find interesting enough on a free platform. Yet another prime factor includes the comprehensive synopsis of each of the shows. 

You can get it at this link


2. Popcornflix

If you are a fan of movies and other online content, Popcornflix should be one of the promising services that have remained a hot favorite since long. It can be a perfect replacement for Solar Movies. The service hosts movies, TV shows, and other content. 

Popcornflix is known well enough for movies and shows offered in a perfect HD quality. One of the strongest factors of service lies in the fact that it offers compatibility with a wide range of platforms including amazon prime, XBOX, iOS, Google Play, and Apple Tv. You can access a huge range of genres such as Action, Comedy, Drama, and Horror. 

You may check it out  here


3. Moviewatcher

Movewatcher is one of the high-end options for almost all your expectations in watching your favorite HD movies without hassles of any nature. In addition to movies, you can even download the movies to watch them later. 

The movie catalog is constantly updated. The movies are updated daily. The availability of the shows in HD is yet another prime factor. You can watch your videos in either 720p or 1080p. Note that the service does not host the shows on its website, but sources them from third party sources. 

Check it out here


4. CONtv

Earlier known as Viewster, CONtv is one of the strongest options for the best Solar movie unblock sites. It offers you a multiplatform performance. You can get access to classic movies and TV shows as per your preferences. 

It is available across a huge range of platforms and devices. You will, however, need to register on the site to get the best performance. You can even watch the latest movies. 

Here is the link for the site. 


5. XMovies 

XMovies is yet another best SolarMovies alternative that further enhances your experience. It is one of the excellent services with excellent quality with multiple genres of movies. 

The service provides you plenty of movies that you can explore. The ads are quite minimal thereby increasing your experience further ahead. Enjoy all your movies for free and get an exciting experience of how to enjoy your favorite movies that are close to your heart. 

You can get it here


6. Vudu

Vudu is yet another service for the best Solar Movie unblock alternatives that provides you access to a huge list of movies and TV shows. The service works on a freemium model and offers you some content for free, while the rest of the content is available at a payment. 

movie site like solar movies

You have a formidably good collection of movies and other shows that are constantly updated. You will find the collection formidable enough. Check them out at this link. 


7. ShareTV

ShareTV is a search engine and lets you watch your favorite movies and TV shows without registration. It sources content from different sources. None of the shows are hosted on its servers, but the site works only as a search engine for the content. 

It provides you both free and paid options. You can stream a huge range of content across different genres. It can even source the content from high-end services that include Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. 

You can get it at this link


8. 123Movies

123Movies is a great option for the best sites like Solar Movies and offers you access to a host of free movies and other content. The service has been banned several times and yet is made available with domain name changes. 

The simple and easy to follow categorization is yet another prime feature that would make it a good option. You may find the huge number of ads a huge issue. The shows are arranged alphabetically and updated at regular intervals. 

Brose it at this link


9. EMovies 

EMovies is yet another powerful option for watching your favorite movies. One of the perfect sites like Solar Movies, it provides you access to a wide range of shows across multiple genres. Some of the shows you would find have garnered absolute popularity. 

The service offers you registration, but it is only optional. The service offers you access to both Hollywood and other movies in HD quality. It can be your great source for high-end movies at its best. 

The service is available at this link


10. Soap2Day

Soap2Day is yet another powerful SolarMovies alternatives and provides you access to a good collection of movies and other videos. One of the prime factors offered by the service is that it does not need you to register on the site. 

The service lets you access plenty of content across different genres that include such as Action, Family, Fantasy, Film-Noir, History, Adventure, and Animation. The content on the site is in HD quality making it one of the reliable services. 

Get it from this link 


11. Cinema Mega

This is yet another movie streaming service and a great competitor to Solar Movies. It provides you access to plenty of options from a huge range of genres that include movies, TV shows, Drama, Anime, and Cartoons. The movies are categorized on the year of release, and country of origin. 

site like solar movie

You can also check out the new releases almost quickly. You can find the shows arranged in specific genres, while the latest releases are arranged separately. That would make finding the latest releases rather simple and easy and a good Solar movie unblock alternatives. 

You can find it here. 


12. WatchFree

The name WatchFree lets you understand that the service lets you watch the content for free, with a huge range of movies across genres. With an abundance of movies, it is a great option for the best sites like Solar Movies. 

The diverse content available on the site is exemplary. You can get both movies and TV shows and that explains why it comes with a huge number of users. The easy-to-use navigation and multiple sections on the site further make it a great option by almost every count. 

Get it from here


13. ClassicCinemaOnline

If you are fond of classic movies, ClassicCinemaOnline should be something you would find rather interesting. It is a dedicated site for classic movies.

There are not many ads which is an added advantage for a free site. They have a really good collection of silent movies, TV shows, and everything from the years gone by. Of course, you won’t find them in HD. 

Get it here


14. FreemoviesCinema

FreeMoviesCinema is a great option and provides you an enhanced experience as a perfect site like SolarMovies. A huge list of movies offered by the platform is a huge plus point. 

The site provides you access to a huge list of options in the form of new movies, short films, and series. The site hosts movies from all genres and a few of them include Horror, Adventure, Sci-fi, romance, and documentaries. 

You can find it here. 


15. AZMovies 

AZMovies is one of the prime options for the sites like Solar Movies. It lists movies from different genres. You can get access to movies right from classics to modern movies. The classic movies available on the site makes it a great choice. 

The ads may be a concern. That can be a little irritating. However, the site offers completely free access and that is something you should be ready to put up with. You can get it from this link



One of the prime options for the best Solar Movies alternatives, should be a great option to watch your favorite movies for free. You can get your movies across multiple genres, including the latest movies. 

Finding your movies is rather easy. You get access to the recommended movies. It also provides you access to several popular TV series as well for your needs. You may check out the best streaming service at this link.


17. YifyMovies

YifyMovies is yet another exciting choice for the best sites like Solar Movies and offers you access to the best TV shows and movies. The service does not need you to register on the site. 

One of the prime features we found interesting on the site is the great navigation option offered by the tool. The movies and other content is listed based on ratings. The service does offer you a freemium model where a few of the shows are available for free, while a few others are premium. 

Get it from here. 


18. AllMovie

AllMovie is a great Solar Movies alternative simply because of the different kinds of movies offered by the service. You can have access to movies from different countries and genres making the perfect Solar Movie unblock alternative. 

The categorization of the movies is exemplary. The site also offers you comprehensive reviews of the movies. The recommended movies section is a great choice. It can connect to Amazon directly. 

Check it out at this link. 


19. StreamOnHD

StreamOnHD is a powerful site like Solar Movies. The site offers you access to several movies in HD. The categorization offered by the service further makes it a great choice ever. The alphabetical arrangement of shows makes it a great choice. 

The attractive and neat interface of the site makes it a great choice. The multiple servers on the site make it easy to get access to an enhanced experience. You can opt for the site at this link


20. MovieStars

MovieStars is one of the prominent options for the best Solar Movies alternatives There are no pop-ups and ads and that should make it a great choice. The movies are arranged in a decent and easy to understand manner. 

You do not need to register on the site for watching your movies.  It offers a download option which is an added advantage. You can get access to the services on this link

Having gone through the list of the best Solar movie alternatives, you may also check out a few options to download the movies easily from these sites


1. Is watching SolarMovie illegal?

If you have stringent copyright laws in your region, watching movies or downloading them from Solar Movies and other sites like Solar Movies may be illegal. Make sure that you are streaming or downloading the movies for personal consumption only. 

2. Is 123Movies a safe site?

123Movies is safe if you look at it from the malware point of view. You should take care not to click on unwanted ads. Using a VPN may be a practical solution. 

3. Is Soap2Day a good site to watch movies?

Soap2Day offers you some decent movies to watch. It is a free movie watching website, but when downloading movies, you may be tempted to download unwanted content such as malware. Take care to use a VPN service.