Epic Games Activate on Epic Games Launcher, Xbox, PS4, and More

Updated on 2023-06-29
In this Epic Games activate article, you can follow the instructions in this guide to link and activate your Epic Games account on any device.

A well-known firm that creates and markets video games is called Epic Games. Its headquarters are in North California, USA. The business was founded in 1991 by Tim Sweeney. Its previous name was Potomac Computer Systems. Commercial gaming engines like the Unreal Engine, created by Epic Games, are utilized in well-known titles like Fortnite, Gears of War, and the Blade series.

Before you may play Epic Games games on various devices, you must activate your account at https://www.epicgames.com/activate/. In this Epic Games activate article, you can follow the instructions in this guide to link and activate your Epic Games account on any device.


How to Use the Epic Game Launcher to Activate Epic Games

Before you can play games like Fortnite and others like it on your computer, you must download the Epic Games Launcher. It can be used to both begin the game and obtain your activation code. To activate Epic Games using the Epic Games Launcher, adhere to these steps:

  1. The Epic Games Launcher may be downloaded from their official website, which is the best place to do it. The program works on Windows and macOS.
  2. Open it and go into your Epic Games account.
  3. begin a game. After that, it will provide an activation code for you to enter in order to activate your account.
  4. Enter the eight-digit activation code at www.epicgames.com/activate in the default browser that is open on your computer.
  5. Wait a few seconds. Your Epic Games account and the game have now been connected.

Epic Games Activate: PS4

Another excellent platform for playing several Epic Titles games is the PS4. You need to have an active PlayStation Network account for this method to function. To connect your PS4 to your Epic Games account, follow these steps:

  1. On your PS4, visit the official Epic Games website and select Sign In.
  2. After selecting "Sign in with Epic Games," fill up your account details.
  3. Next, select Account by clicking on the account's image.
  4. Following Accounts, click Connections. Your Epic Games account can now be connected to a variety of platforms.
  5. Select the "Connect" button located below PlayStation Network.
  6. Click Link Account in a new window, and then sign in with your PlayStation Network credentials.
  7. When you're finished, your PSN account will be connected, and a "Disconnect" button will appear next to the PSN logo.

Epic Games Activate: Xbox

Like with the PS4, you can link your Xbox Live to your Epic Games account. This account will be used when you play Epic Games console games. To connect your Xbox to your Epic Games account, take the following steps:

  1. Go to the Epic Games website while your Xbox is active.
  2. then select Sign In With Epic Games under Sign In. Enter your login information.
  3. Go to Account > Connections by clicking on the account's image.
  4. On the Accounts tab, click the Connect button underneath Xbox.
  5. Click Link Account on the new window, and then sign in with your Xbox Live credentials.
  6. Your Xbox has now been connected to your Epic Games account.

On my Epic Games Account, How to Use a Code

To add a game you recently bought from Epic Games to your Launcher Library, you will need a product or retail code. There are two ways to add a retail coupon to your Epic Games account:

Epic Games

Use the Epic Games Launcher to Redeem

  1. On your PC, use the Epic Games Launcher and log in.
  2. Click the thumbnail of your account in the lower-left corner of the main page, then click Redeem Code.
  3. Input the letter-and-number code found on the DVD's back or the purchase receipt for the Epic Games item you purchased.
  4. You will now receive a message to inform you when the code has been successfully redeemed.
  5. Check your Library on the Home page to see if the game is there.

Utilize https://www.epicgames.com/store to Redeem

  1. Go to www.epicgames.com/store on your computer's default browser.
  2. After clicking Sign In, select Sign In with Epic Games.
  3. Once you've entered your login details, click on the account image. Choose Redeem.
  4. Write the store code in. You should receive a confirmation message and the game should appear in your Epic Games Launcher Library as soon as the code has been successfully redeemed.

Use the Website to Activate Epic Games

1. Activate your Epic Games account at epicgames.com or create a new one if this is your first game on this platform.

2. After logging in, click this link to activate your game.

3. After entering your key, click "Redeem."

Epic Games Activate Based on an Application

Your key can also be activated using the Epic Games app. What you should do is:

1. Launch the Epic Games app.

2. Click on Redeem Code after selecting Your Account in the top right corner.

3. Enter your key and click "Redeem" on the page that appears.

One-click Epic Keys

Some games allow you to redeem a key with only one click to your Epic account in addition to the regular methods. To utilize your Epic Games product keys, you must connect your Epic Games account to your Humble Bundle account. When you add an Epic Game to your cart and are prompted to link your account, you can do it on the Settings page.

After linking your Epic Games Account, go to your download page and select "Claim to your Epic Games Account" from the menu. Your Epic Games product key, which you'll need to create an account, will be created as a result.

A confirmation notice stating that your game is now linked will appear on your download page after you claim the key.