TOP 10 Highlights for SKT Faker

Updated on 2023-06-29
Congratulation to SKT Faker back to the S series world game again, and the top 10 highlights from SkT Faker.

Yo, what's going on, guys? One of my favourite leagues of legend player SKT Faker and his SKT beat GEN in the LCK league yesterday. At the same time, SKT T1 become the seventh team to the S11 series games. Another six teams are RGE & MAD from LEC. DK & GEN from LCK. TL & 100T from LCS. As we know, it depends on the game's version, player's age, etc. SKT Faker cannot carry the game by himself like three or four years ago, but he is still one of the league's best functional mid lane players. So today, we list the ten best highlight moments from SKT Faker from his previous career, and let's go and have a look.

You know, there's a reason they call Faker the Unkillable Demon King. This guy goes beyond titles like "series MVP" or even "world champion." This guy is the League of Legends GOAT. From his incredible outplays to his surgical team fighting skills, the best plays from Faker's competitive League of Legends career are here. And more League of Legends highlights if you want to have a look you can click here.

TOP 10: Faker Escapes a Deadly Gank at Worlds

During the 2016 World Championship semifinals, the ROX Tigers took SKT to a climactic game5.

While they fell behind early, Gorilla, Smeb, and Peanut looked like they were going to catch the star mid laner out in the top lane. With an incredible dodge on Peanut's cocoon and only using his Ghost summoner spell, Faker manages to get away, denying ROX the kill on the way to his third World's title.

Top 9: A Clean Riven Outplay cs KT.Rolster

As one of the World's most dominant laner, Faker often finds the slimmest openings to kill his lane opponents solo. KT's Nagne was trapped under the turret by Faker's Riven, and with Wolf coming out of the jungle, Faker had all the support he was going to need. After a Flash to counter Nagne's own and an incredible sidestep to dodge the Cassiopeia ult, Faker managed to walk out with a kill.

Top 8: A Narrow Escape leads to Two Kills

After getting caught by the cocoon from KT's Score and getting dropped to less than a quarter health, Faker landed a defensive ultimate to push out Hachani's Alistar. After turning back onto Score, Faker used his Zhonya's Hourglass to give his team time to enter the fight. With a numbers advantage, Faker and SKT managed to turn the tide.

Top 7: "This is SKT Faker"

In another match against Korean rivals KT Rolster, the two teams were locked in a back-and-forth teamfight in the Baron side river. That is, until Faker blew the fight wide open. Catching an already weak Nagne and Arrow with his Syndra ultimate, Faker landed his E and Q on both players, killing Nagne before finishing off Arrow with an auto attack.

Top 6: Don't Rush Baron against SKT Faker

At the 2014 All-Star Paris tournament, SKT found themselves up against Fnatic. With two players down for SKT, Fnatic decided it was time to push Baron. Faker dove into the Baron pit, managing to find a quick kill onto the enemy jungler before jumping back across the wall. With the rest of SKT there to support him, Faker jumped back in and finished the Baron and xPeke to win the fight.

Top 5: You Gank Me? I Kill You!

During their first Worlds 2017 group stage match, SKT faced off against Cloud9. After a pretty passive nine minutes, Contractz decided that it was time to pressure Faker. But you don't do that to the Unkillable Demon King. Landing a quick ultimate and a perfectly timed Flash under his tower, Faker managed not only to get away but find a kill on Contractz.

Top 4: Not Even Your Turret can Save You

With Faker's dominant lane presence in this 2016 Summer Split matchup against CJ Entus, SKT had already taken two of the middle lane towers. With only the inhibitor turret left, three players attempted to hold off the siege from SKT, but Faker had other plans.

Top 3: The Shockwave Heard Around the World

Down 12 kills to one and facing a 4v5 situation with KT's fresh Baron buff, Faker managed to land an incredible shockwave with Oriana, getting a triple kill and helping SKT secure the ace.

Top 2: Faker: King of Shockwaves

SKT found themselves behind the eight ball early against EDward Gaming in their second group stage game at Worlds 2017. With Baron and dragon about to spawn, EDG was grouped up in the mid lane. That's when SKT initiated an explosive team fight. Faker landed his shockwave on four of EDG's players, killing Meiko. In the end, SKT managed to kill four players and regain control of the game for their second group stage win.

Top 1: The Historic Zed Outplay

Our number one entry on this list is one of the best known and most viewed plays in League of Legends history. Faker's Zed outplay against Ryu is arguably the moment that catapulted him to international fame. Now a lot has been said about this incredible play over the years, so let's let Faker's near-superhuman reactions speak for themselves. It kind of humbles you to see the play at that level, doesn't it?

Now it's got to be said, with a player as legendary as Faker is, there were a ton of awesome plays to choose from. And if you think we missed one on our list, please let us know.